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GX1, E-PM2, M10


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Fisheye 3@ 14mm = 98 deg view AngleFisheye 14mmX3=160deg-Sunrise at Trout Lake, CA (DPR)-1600Olympus 9-18 lens designsGH2-514-42 -Nod-242 vs 451-4KeMc's photo SM-8M10 menu for Button settingzUpdater ScreezUpdater ScreeLittle Church, Mt Shasta Valley-1020729INTO THE SUNRISEE-5 vs A580 at ISO 800GH2-6GH2-7GH2(for Clossy Gold paper 9000MKII)-1My Version-Tree-1Martyr- Fragment The Gates of Hell Rodin (1050)Histograms (E-5 + GH2)DR 2012-2010 process D7000DR 2012-2010 process GH2LR CAT 7-23 5-43 PMLR Library -1LR Backups and CatalogsM5 vs D90 (1)M5 vs D90 (2)M5 vs D90 (3)42-45 TreeE-5 vs A580 ISO 1600DIWA LabsGH2-1GH2-2GH2-3GH2-4