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Oleg Vinokurov: Seems most people here concerned only with sharpness and equivalence of dof on FF. Well, it's sure sharp and has more than enough dof control, but hey, don't miss this awesome bokeh. Saw other samples with rather busy background, but bokeh was still really smooth and soft, seems 9 aperture blades do help here.

pdelux, wider than full body shots are not appropriate for demonstrating subject separation...as is head and shoulder shots. 85mm is used quite often for half body portraits from waist level up. Wide open this lens should demonstrate a good degree of subject isolation with that composition.

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BBking83: I know! How ridiculous!! Check out this photo: http://i1266.photobucket.com/albums/jj524/picrumors/picrumors001/Bildschirmfoto2014-01-07um121412_zpsc083a830.png

Can you believe that the 5th skin pore on her nose is still slightly in focus!?!?! I mean, look at her cheeks and eyes! They could be WAY more blurred if you used a FF camera!

This lens is JUNK!

EDIT: Because a whole lot of people will argue against it, it's from here: http://www.quesabesde.com/noticias/leica-nocticron-42-5mm-f1-2-analisis-fotos_11255

Can't read Spanish? Google translate can help you. :)

It has a lot more to do than what is in focus and what is not. The more important thing is for things that are out of focus, how blurry they can become.

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ThorstenMUC: here is another gallery shot under controlled conditions (not mine):

Stand back! This and the cameralabs shots are too close to the subject.

This lens is designed as a 85mm equivalent - quite a few people would love to see compositions where half the subject (from waist up) is included and evaluate the bokeh for those shots wide open.

head and shoulder portraits and close distance shots are not enough. Almost any lens can throw the background OOF nicely when sufficiently close to the subject.

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Timmbits: I'm not on MFT, but MFT sure gets a nice lens.

Bring out a 20mm f1.2 (40mm equivalent) and I might just take a look at the MFTs.

MichaelJP, it is not just about how shallow the DOF is, it is also about the subject separation and bokeh. Even if the background is out of focus on both the f/1.4 and f/0.7, the f/0.7 background is creamier all else being equal.

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samhain: Nice price. But only 7 aperture blades? Hmmm....

If they are rounded even 6 can work...

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audiobomber: The K-3 is a better photographic tool than the EM-1, with higher resolution, lower noise, broader dynamic range, switchable blur filter, -3EV sensitivity, three f2.8 AF points, dual card slots, more capable AF-C and tracking.

The EM-5 beat the D800E in this same poll. That says more about the number of m4/3 fanboys around here than it does about the cameras.

E-M1 has tiny sensor that makes images full of moire, microscopic LCD screen, viewfinder unusable at night, confusing control, useless scene modes, limited video resolution choice, insufficient storage slots, snail-pace USB speed, inferior battery life.

It is a lot of fun to write like bluevellet when you exaggerate everything.

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audiobomber: The K-3 is a better photographic tool than the EM-1, with higher resolution, lower noise, broader dynamic range, switchable blur filter, -3EV sensitivity, three f2.8 AF points, dual card slots, more capable AF-C and tracking.

The EM-5 beat the D800E in this same poll. That says more about the number of m4/3 fanboys around here than it does about the cameras.

Let's see.


Instead of hyperbole, just let people do their own comparison.

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Anastigmat: I am partial to full frame, so I voted for the D610. It is a pretty lean year for new camera introductions. The Df is more a gimmick than real progress, and the other APS-C models is just a waste of money. You can get a used APS-C model on the market that takes good pictures, if you don't have a digital SLR camera, and if you already have an APS-C camera and want to upgrade, then consider a full frame, instead of wasting your money on something that isn't any better in terms of image quality.

In other words, according to almighty Anastigmat, anyone would be wasting their money if they buy anything but "FF". Not me I guess, having migrated from 35mm to greener pastures.

Cheap 35mm has already arrived for more than a year now. If it were really the only game worth playing, nobody would be making APS-C DSLR by now. That must be the reality. Oh wait...

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mpgxsvcd: Sony is so smart. They know that the average consumers only look at the specs list when making a camera buying decision. They want to see if it has the most megapixels(Check), has Full-HD video(Check although it is 1080i according to dpreview), and does it have a really high ISO limit(Check).

Give the people exactly what they want to see for next to nothing. They will take better pictures with this camera than their pocket camera or phone and they won’t have to break the bank to do it. Once you have them locked into Sony lenses you will have a customer for life even if there are better options out there.

Name a single significant recent Sony product (*recent = after the walkman)...yeah they make some good recorders - but it slips under the radar if one's interest is anything other than recording audio.

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Henrik Herranen: They lost me at the line where they said:
"Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM (equivalent to a 40mm f/2.8)"
(followed by many other lines of similar, ahem, data).

They really should know better. 40/2.8 on FF is _NOT_ the equivalent of 24 f/2.8 on crop. If it was, both systems would have the same DoF and blurring capabilities, but they don't.

Different images = no equivalence.

This image equivalence you're talking about only is only relevant for someone cross-shopping between the 2 different formats.

DXOMark should skip even mentioning it - just mention the format the lens is for should be sufficient. Anything more, it sparks off-topic discussions and becomes a distraction.

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Hugo808: So the lenses most people are going to use - 18-55, 18-135 - are the worst ones for the camera?

That makes it a tough sell, why can't we have a top performing standard zoom without having to carry around something heavy like the fast L series options?

Just once would be nice.....

the 18-55 and 18-135 ARE good-performing lenses if you stop them down about 2 stops or so. Don't use them wide-open.

So they already serve your purpose - light, slower, but performs well.

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On article DxOMark Mobile Report: Blackberry Z10 (15 comments in total)
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Peiasdf: While the market share says otherwise, I think BB is a distance 4th behind Apple, Android and Windows.

I think Windows phones still, rightfully, holds the distant last place.

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On article Hands-on with the HTC One (30 comments in total)
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Priaptor: This is what the iPhone 5 should have been

tile UI is a copy of Windows 8? LOL. Tile widgets existed on Android even before Windows Mobile 7.

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toni2: Microsoft and other companies are using patents because they have nothing to do in actual market, so they need the money of others to survive. It's an unfair play.

Unless Microsoft specifies which exact patents they believe are being violated, it's protection money plain and simple.

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On article Capture One Fujifilm X-Trans Raw support tested (211 comments in total)
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IrishhAndy: In my experience silkypix gives the most detail but is a pain to use. I found the fuji jpegs lacked detaill and had a lot of colour noise. It would seem that this sensor is almost impossible to proxess for optimum results.

I've heard about your bad experience but it seems many users and reputable reviews disagree with your one-person-opinion regarding the jpeg here Mr. IA.

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On article Apple and Google teaming up to buy Kodak patents (42 comments in total)
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FRANCISCO ARAGAO: Wow, Apple "buying" patents!
Now this is new!

Certainly not new: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=apple+nortel

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Olympus OM-D feature set, Fuji FF X-Trans sensor, Nikon D800 AF, Pentax K-5 ergonomics, Canon lens system, Fuji X-E1 size/weight.

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Geez. It's called "prime" lens, not "single focal length" lens. Stop the propaganda already.

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