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Danny: Say NO(!) to CC software. You know why.

+2. This is my hobby and Photoshop is the product I like best. The reality is, I've been paying pretty much the same thing since Photoshop CS with each 18 month Photoshop upgrade at $180-$195. Whether it's $180-$195 once every 18 months or $10.81 per month, I care not.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2143 comments in total)
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vaclav1: There is something missing in the review about auto focus and shutter lag in the real life:

Good follow-up to add to this review of the E-M1 from several months ago. It's still an excellent mirrorless performer relative to newer cameras, like the GH4.

If I was still using a DSLR I'd never be in a position to afford a camera like the Nikon D4s, much less the better lenses you really need to add to the D4s to get the best possible performance out of it.

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On Sony a6000 Review preview (717 comments in total)
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midimid: Wait - 'there's no real portrait prime' on E-mount? Isn't there a 50mm 1.8 from the original lineup? And a 55mm 1.8 on FE?

Sony is just short on NEX system lenses, period. At this point, they've probably created more NEX/A6000 body models than dedicated lenses to fit them. In that respect, even Samsung has done a better job.

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On Olympus PEN E-P5 Review preview (494 comments in total)

It is ideal to just leave the -0- antishock on all the time. It only engages at 1/320 second and below. At higher speeds it's not used, even if turned on.

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On Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' article (332 comments in total)


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Zoran Krnjajic: Still without X-trans support.
Still hard to believe.
Therefore still not interested.

Especially DXO. I own DXO Pro 9 and have tried to like it for a while now and it's just not all that impressive.

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On Chinese government orders Nikon to stop selling D600 article (230 comments in total)

No wonder full frame DSLR's are getting so "affordable" LOL....

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On Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent article (325 comments in total)

Certainly makes it an easy decision to eliminate that country from any list of places I'd be interested in visiting. Photography is always a big part of anywhere I travel. I am no street or people photograher so there's no style-cramping here, but the thought of not being able to capture a town square or such just because some unknown person who is a dot in the background might object? Scratch Hungary off the list.

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Jogger: The 12-40 was shown to be all plastic inside with a thin metal casing... pretty sneaky if you ask me. The best built m43 lens so far is the Sigma made 75/1.8.. amazing internals.

Jogger, once a Micro forum troll, always a troll....

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On Using third-party lenses on Sony Cyber-shot a7 / a7R article (490 comments in total)
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Jogger: This is the type of review that I would expect DigitalRev to put out.. the purposely, out of left field, hipster, trying too hard to be different approach to a non-review.. in order to mask lack of competence and indifference to the camera under review.

+2. Some things never change.

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On Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan article (619 comments in total)

All THREE lenses of the system. Wow.....what a "committment" ;)

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On Camera roundups 2013: What to buy and why article (265 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: First, I look for a camera with a gold award. That doesn't narrow things down much so then I see what Ken Rockwell recommends and buy something else.


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Great stuff. Problem is, what's he going to come up with 6 months from now, and will they get bored with the A7 as fast as they have the NEX system?

They start and drop camera systems faster than Johnny Carson and Richard Pryor did wives.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2143 comments in total)
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Docmartin: No doubt, the EM-1 is a great camera! However, for those (like me) who want to continue working with the gorgeous FT Pro lenses, the EM-1 will still no replacement for the outdated E-5. I truly believe that FT lenses cannot be used on ANY MFT body without serious IQ loss until a better adapter than the current MMF2/3 is available. The material/build-quality of the MMF3 will for sure cause misalignment, flex and movement. Just have a look at Roger Cicala's findings and their discussion here:

Enjoy your E-5....forever, literally. You might want to buy 2-3 more.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2143 comments in total)
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StevenMajor: Why the square lens hood (on the camera on the DPR opening page)?

That not the E-M1. Look again.

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On Adobe hack affects 38 million users, not 2.9 million article (158 comments in total)
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l_d_allan: I got an official-looking warning email from, which seems suspicious. Phishing?

I would have expected that the email would have come from

If you are affected, you'll get a real letter in the mail like i did.

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Glad he liked the experience. I would not.

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Don't use Facebook....ever. Why anyone would waste their life spilling their thoughts, lives and pictures on Facebook is a mystery to me.

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David Dahlstrom: They still don't get it. I'm fine with a renting *option*; its actually a nice and cost-effective option to have; but I cannot rent. It has nothing to do with price. It has to do with the fact that this is a revokable license.

When I create images, I need to be able to edit them later. If at some point in the future I need to switch to another product (because Adobe went away, or another product now suits my needs better), I am bound to continue to pay Adobe for the continued right to edit my own images made while I was renting. This is because the moment I stop paying, my license to use the Photoshop version to create those images is revoked. And, of course, if Adobe goes away nobody gets to edit their images anymore--especially if your saved images include any proprietary features of the Photoshop version you created the images in. Pros beware--and don't say you weren't warned.

Wake up. Lightroom is in this new $9.99 model. You really think Lightroom 6 is going to remain stand alone? Going, going, gone.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 5, 2013 at 13:54 UTC

So, I guess those of us who bit at CC as a standalone app for 12 months at $9.99 cannot take advantage of this and will be raised in price after a year?

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