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Peter62: Just used the image comparison tool. Set to ISO 12800 I compared the

Fuji X-E2
Nikon D7200
Canon EOS 760D
Canon EOS 750D

Even with it's "smaller" 16 MP-sensor, the X-E2 has a higher resolution than ALL(!) APS-C Nikons and ALL APS-C Canons!

Just look at the small coloured concentric circles.

For that 1 time that you actually use 12800.

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Pandimonium: Sigma should just make an e-mount body with a foveon sensor in it.

Yeah, makes no sense buying a new camera for every lens.
The difference in size or optimization can't be that big.

Direct link | Posted on May 20, 2015 at 14:16 UTC

What would be interesting to see is how it handles a teleconverter.

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On Canon issues product advisory for Rebel T6i/T6s article (139 comments in total)
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SirSeth: Wow, I'm used to the first step being denial. This is refreshing. Thanks DPR for reporting on the problem and solution.

Nikon user ?

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drh681: So it's actually a 700$ lens system?

It's pretty awesome if you have M glass to use on it.

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meanwhile: How does this compare to an adapted Voigtländer 40mm f/2 Ultron?

Not at all. (Ultron will perform much better, and it's a completely different experience of course. Plus that huge F-mount adapter.)

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PhotoKhan: Given how visually obvious the problem seems to be, I have only one question:
Are there ANY quality control checks at Canon?

It's not visually obvious, as is explained in the full story.

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Biological_Viewfinder: I'm gonna give this camera to my little kid. I mean non-stop continuous shooting????? Even a 5yr old can get the shot now!!!

"Here kid, take this"
"It's very heavy."
"Yeah, but that's not important. Do you hear it working?"
"Yes daddy."
"It's taking pictures."
"It is?"
"Yep. Point it at those birds."
"Thanks dad."
"No problem. You're a real photographer now. Those mean know-it-alls who frequent DPR were right; all it takes is equipment."

^ This is really weird ..

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kierenlon: Good news.

I can only hope for a firmware update for the coolpix A to do the following if you are reading this Nikon...

1. Add CLS commander mode
2. Remember focus distance on wake (useful for pre-focusing with af-on)
3. Screen off (to save some battery in the absence of #2)
4. One touch zoom for image review

I'm sure it's good, but then there is the Ricoh GR.

Direct link | Posted on Apr 22, 2015 at 11:46 UTC
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Snapper2013: Is there a DPR review of this camera?

Does that improve the performance as well?

Direct link | Posted on Apr 22, 2015 at 11:43 UTC
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Mister Roboto: Vaseline on the lens!

You crazy? Put it on a filter!

Direct link | Posted on Apr 12, 2015 at 09:24 UTC
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groucher: Buy an old metal bodied 50mm f1.8 Nikkor (far better for a minute fraction of the price of this lens) and use Colour Efex Glamour Glow if you really need to smear the highlights.

Just googled it,
That is the most vomit inducing software effect i've ever seen.

Direct link | Posted on Apr 12, 2015 at 09:21 UTC
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drsonic: Would a Voigtlander Nokton 42.5mm f/0.95 give similar look on m43?

A nice screw-on optical effect filter will 'fix' the sharpness of the Nokton wide open. :)

Direct link | Posted on Apr 12, 2015 at 09:12 UTC
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ThatCamFan: "We learned from the D600 episode." If that were true they would NOT have screwed up the D750 as well. They would of tested several bodys and tested the heck out of them. They learned how to react to problems, not how to PREVENT them with GOOD quality testing.

Thousands though .. i mean really ? Come on. Thousands of 'parts' sure who knows, but a lot less of them moving.

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BeaverTerror: "We don’t consider that we manufacture more FX than DX lenses; we’ll focus on both." "We don’t feel we have more FX than DX products now; we have a full line-up in DX as well."

Stopped taking this interview seriously after the second answer. What a joke.

It's actually 1.55

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bronxbombers4: The real question is does the 5D4 get this new sensor technology? (awesome if so, but man the 5Ds will look like an orphan quickly! other than for the MUST have MP and nothing else matter crowd). I guess Canon marketing wants to milk maximally so they hold back a new sensor and better body features for a 5Ds2 in a couple years. They give the better body features and new sensor to the 5D4 but hold back the resolution. They have to make sure to never give all they can at once so they can milk out an extra generation or two.

All that said, the sensor in this does potentially signal that Canon may not be entirely lost. It remains to be seen though. It will be interesting to find out how and if it really manages to deliver the 15 stops ad if Canon cares to ever bother using that tech for, you know, their DSLRs.

Wow, you really have no idea what you're looking at do you.

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JackM: The people who click "I own it" or "I had it" really need to grow up.

They have a right to be rebels.

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On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (810 comments in total)
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LFPCPH: Maybe it's just me - but I find that the words "sound" and "audio" is missing in this article.

But then again - most video shot with cameras like this is shown on TV-sets with mediocre sound technology.

It’s just that this camera is called a “multimedia” device.

That is if the image is in focus to begin with, the word "autofocus" is missing as well. Or even Manual focus for that matter, which is surely going to be horrible. No way out if the AF proves unreliable.

*Supposedly there is no phase-detect or 'Dual Pixel AF', just the CDAF.

Direct link | Posted on Apr 8, 2015 at 18:18 UTC
On Datacolor offers Spyder5 with redesigned calibrator article (114 comments in total)

55% improvement in tonal response.

In other words, they finally admit that the Spyder4 was sh*t.
(and yes i have one, regretfully)

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DominicVII: Price too high. Why bother with this lens when the excellent Tamron 90mm with autofocus can be had for around €350? Working distance of around 30 cm (if true) sounds good though.

Comparing 'can be had for' prices with MSRP are we ..

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