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DP Review might like to warn visitors above.

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drummercam: As a brand, my sense is that a chief Pentax characteristic has been the willingness to try novel things in cameras, with the occasional home run as a result (e.g., off-the-film-plane metering on the LX). Another is the ability to produce really top-notch glass when they want to (part of which was optics in the medical industry, and eyeglass lenses, I think -- I don't know if they still do that. Did Hoya strip that away?), and some world class lenses (e.g., 31mm). Another characteristic has been steadfastness to K-mount. Another has been really good form factors (MZ-S and especially K-7/K-5, which is deservedly a long-lived flagship as a result). My hope has been for one more home-run out of the park camera body. If it happens, they have declared that it will still say Pentax on the front. But the bottom ID plate will now say just Ricoh, apparently. I just hate to see "Pentax" disappear from that location, and it makes me wonder what remains of the Pentax / Asahi Optical "old guard."

I had an LX. The off the film plane metering was a fabulous innovation, especially with their Pentax shift lens, which on all other cameras has be be metered manually before shifting.
However, since they never offered a full frame camera, I switched to Canon and haven't regretted it.

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On Finding macro wildlife article (35 comments in total)

Yes, useful, but we're still waiting for the big secret of the series - how do you get them to stay still while you focus stack?

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On Composition Basics in Macro Photography article (73 comments in total)

Great photos and useful tips - but I'm still waiting for the killer (if that is the right word, maybe stunning instead?) post on how you get insects in the wild to stay still long enough to photograph them.

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On Depth of Field in Macro Photography article (159 comments in total)

the number one question is: how do you get the insects to remain still in the field while you take, not just one photo, but enough for focus stacking?

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