Lives in Australia QLD, Australia
Works as a Retired
Has a website at http://www.ianperegian.com/
Joined on May 7, 2004
About me:

Panasonic ZS50, Panasonic ZS40, Panasonic ZS30, Panasonic SD800, Panasonic FZ38, plus add-on lenses: Nikon E17ED, Nikon E15ED, Olympus TCON17, Canon TL-55, Canon DC52B, Olympus C180, Olympus C210, Raynox DCR250, Canon 250D.
Previously owned Panasonic FZ2, FZ3, FZ7, FZ18, FZ28; Sony Mavica FD73, Sony Mavica FD88.

Author of the FZ3 FAQ on Yahoo FZ3 Group.


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P1160185adjP1160156adjTZ80,500mm vs TZ110,9MPTZ80,600mm,adj vs TZ100,648mm,adj,9MPTZ80,720mm,sm,adj vs TZ100,758mm,9MPP1160103rotlandcolcon3P1130046smadded noise (RHS)pn-SL+n250mm comparedP1000668,f5.6 (1.65)P1010140,f6.3TZ80,400mm vs TZ100TZ80,465mm vs TZ100,9MPcrops comparedP1100425P1100490P1100492chart cropsfabric cropsfeather cropsP1000204,TZ80edTZ60,RAWP1000204chart 800 cropsfabric 800 cropsfeather 800 cropsP1000232,800,RAWP1000232,800P1000747CommelinaTZ80,400mm vs TZ100DSCN4481adjsmDSCN4498adjsmDSCN4504adjDSCN4535adjDSCN4523adjcrDOF graph_1P1000119P1000126P1000142comparisonP1000435,dc off,f4.1,800 ISOP1000447,dc auto,f4.1,800 ISOP1000456,dc off,f8,800 ISOP1000466,dc auto,f8,800 ISOP1000490adjP1000499smP1200103P1000574P1000571