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On Sample Gallery: LG G2 smartphone images post (48 comments in total)
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cmvsm: Looks great. Smart phones are getting very close to regular digital camera quality for travel photography. I see more and more people wondering why they are lugging their DSLR's around. You may not get the same DOF or low light performance that you get with a DSLR, but the compact trade off can be worth it.

photography is about light....subtracting stuffs and other factors. DSLR with its bigger sensors, produces better shallow DOF, which helps in isolating subjects. This pleasant property would be impossible to match with smaller sensors. While i love using my iphone 5s, but when some important moments are expected, i always wished i brought the dslr along.

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KonstantinosK: What a stupid idea. I don't think this will ever catch on with the general public. Who on their right mind would want to put something on their face without good reason? Most people would get rid of their optical spectacles if they could. It's funny that a company like Google would invest into something that's bound to be a sales flop. Are there any sales figures for this?

its ok, just tell me where to buy one.

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On The Q Camera wants you to 'shut up and shoot' post (27 comments in total)

unless that ring flash does something impressive to the lighting....i am afraid its DOA.

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mcshan: It doesn't matter if it was faked or not...the important thing is the weak bokeh.

while hilarious...this has to be the epic comment of the year

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beautiful :-)

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having used android phones in my sony Acro S and also the Nokia 808. i still went and preferred the iphone.

The reason is that the overall usage is rock solid. Fast to shoot and supports shooting with the headset volume buttons, tons of 3rd party casing and tripod mounting and apps like Hipstamatic/Oggl.

Overall, for mobile photography, its the overall availability of it.
Other phones often lags for no apparent reasons when invoking the camera apps lacks 3rd party accessories like mcam lens etc.

If i wanted the best quality, well, the e-p5 and the nikon d4 would fulfill my needs, but for an everyday "camera with me". Its the iphone.

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if the room reflects the mind....

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On Nokia rumors bring hope for new camera hardware post (26 comments in total)

i doubt the multi focus like lytro is possible here....small sensor cant give much shallow depth of field anyway. perhaps the aim is to be super edof?

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hmm nikon. my best camera is a nikon, the d4. my worst camera is also a nikon, the nikon 1, v1. love them , hate them. is this their latest innovation...

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why not build it in malaysia?

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On Confessions of a camera snob post (90 comments in total)
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Ivan Lietaert: I have the same feeling expressed by others: in this 'subtle', devient, fiendish way, this article suggests the iPhone is the only portable device that allows to take decent pictures - which is clearly untrue.

In your article all words with possitive connotation are about the iPhone, while all words with negative connotation (eg 'lacked'; 'high light clipping' etc) are in the paragraphs about smartphones.

Funny how you don't realise that in the long rung your biased apprauch undermines the credibility of the author AND of Connect and dpreview...

maybe its because u cannot find hipstamatic in other smart phones? i use the ipod 5th gen for the same reason....

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George 53: I forgot to mention that one could use "Lensbaby" and create similar and even more interesting images at that time.

lensbaby is manual isnt it...that would be way too slow to focus in a wedding...

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the images are real and touching.

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Neodp: You don't get it. Get sued by Microsoft, and *win*, and you still lose. The financial position of Microsoft is beyond layman comprehension. It's sad we allow he who has the gold, to make the rules.

We, yes we, are responsible for this, and not just the corrupted system. Every time you go buy a computer, you put-up with Microsoft, as the only option, to get the price you want. As if the OS was really not a tax!

You Apple users are in the same boat, with Apple, who is likely owned, by Bill Gates. Does anyone really think, that Microsoft does not know how bad their products are? This is all about planned obsolescence.

Nikon, grow some. The IP extortion is a house of cards. You are going to lose it all.

We need to stand together; against Microsoft. If enough people wake up, large, threatened companies, and our representatives will (supposedly) act.Yet we will have to put down the corruption. However, their track record is post-dumb stupid. Tell them about it.

It's Harder to recover.

MS hire people and creates solutions and sells them.
Some companies makes things open source, harvest from it and points finger at MS for charging. These same companies later produces commercial versions based on harvested works and charges for it.

Bill gates is doing mankind much better favour than fragmented 1000 linux's each wanting its own name . At least now he is fighting real viruses and ridding diseases while we sit down here and fight over which company is "do no evil"

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Combatmedic870: Common Samsung..... make a move. You need to release the first FF mirrorless like you did with the aps-c

hello, The Sony X1 is FF and mirrorless. next..

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“Going back, I would have no hesitation just bringing an iPhone,” he said. “I would just want a second iPhone as well. And a wrist strap. I wanted a wrist strap so bad!”

LO and behold, the wrist strap is already available for sometime, its called the Loop. It comes with the IPOD, yup, since Ipod Touch already have a 5mp camera that best the iphone4, one could have used the IPOD instead of iphone to such event .

But we call it Ipod photography or would that still be mobile photography? ipod dont make calls the last time i check...

Direct link | Posted on Feb 26, 2013 at 11:15 UTC as 2nd comment

browsed thru the images, very interesting images no doubt. but makes me wonders if editing heavily is the only way to make mobile photography stand out since its inherent low quality images would not stand a chance.

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ok ok don't fret, i found this posted by one of the user , it has Kodak Chrome 64
emulation for LightRoom....

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Cy Cheze: 4k video will be available in $300 consumer models, soon enough. People will shout, "Hey, must have!" But then they will discover that 4k video demands perfect lighting, oceans of memory, 250mpbs bitrates, a $20k viewing screen, and dermatological enhancements--all for the sake of an image that looks the same at usual viewing distance. 4k video also demands a tripod, or super-duper stabilization, or any advantage is lost. The ability to crop 4k video might be attractive, except that the CPU and rendering time requirements are substantial. Easier to shoot with two mere HD cameras: one long, the other wide.

not if they use the 4k for current HD, everyone will have access to the best hd videos in sharpness and details

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brianj: Interesting, it has the same size and type of sensor at the canon SX260HS, yet has not got as wide angle nor anywhere near as much zoom. Ah, I see, its called enthusiast because it sports a f1.8 aperture lens.

I wondered what the name 'enthusiast' meant!

i dont see the point of using manual control on a 1/2.3 sensor. seriously...sensor size matters....all these talk about pocketing the camera is probably referring to a jacket which could easily hold a 4/3 cam. else it would be fighting with the wallet, car keys for space.

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