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On Ricoh GR II: What's new and what does it mean? article (206 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: On the one hand, its an excellent, no frills wide angle camera. On the other, perhaps Ricoh took note of the fate of the Coolpix A (which expert Steve Huff said was a great buy at $1098.) and decided not to put a lot more into the GR.

Steve offers good educational videos in his post processing. hats off to him for doing that. However his way of writing and enthusiasm of each new camera only means "buy" . while he gets to do that with free/provided gears/loan unit, u will end up buying and collecting dust.

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On Ricoh GR II: What's new and what does it mean? article (206 comments in total)
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Meuh: For this market segment I wonder why more people don't look into the Sigma DP series?

My Dp1 Merrill and Dp3 Merrill are now my main cameras in and out of the studio and the Image Quality is way beyond my Pentax k5 (16mp sony apcs sensor) at base iso.

Sure the Sigma isn't as good at higher ISO and a slower camera all round (including work flow) but you also have several focal length options.

one word. DNG. Ricoh uses DNG format (so does Leica). It works perfectly in the PS/LR workflow.
Sigma uses a terrorizing X3F format which makes you wonder if Adobe is not helping them or they refused help. The latter seems more likely.

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On Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge camera review post (98 comments in total)

overall...still crap quality vs any camera today...gee...when is the mobile gonna catch up

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My father has it, my sister has it, i have it and now you have it too.
Leica lens handed down from generations.

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speculatrix: Leica should do a tie-in with Apple to produce a camera with Leica hardware and Apple iOS software.

they did that, its the Leica T and its sinking. Ppl didnt buy leica because they want the computer buttons all over it like canon and nikon or iphone touch screen and virtual buttons. They buy it because they wanted a digital rangefinder and whose quality and simplicity that inspires.

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It takes a thousand steps to build a reputation and one step to tear it down. Before you undergo any new project, pls repay ur Ada clients.

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enuf already, lets just go buy it.

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jimread: I'll stick to my Panny G2 with its tilt and swivel screen. As usual Leitz is not thinking about the user.

This is what you find, such is life, ah well, there we go


panny g2.......bwahahahahahhaha . ok sorry.

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cowboybebop: The reality of Leica's Q is to only find a way to create a RX1R or Rx100 or X100T that is double to 4 times the cost. Or a Leica CL Digital that can not change lenses ! OR you can look at this fact that Leica cold have mated a manual zoom like the 16-18-21 or 21-35-50 mm that have been around and produce excellent quality. A 24MP sensor is not a big deal either.

I have been a long time M & R shooter for several years. But in reality I can fit a Leica Lens on almost any other digital camera full frame or APSC body. SO..in reality...the is again another case of "less" and not equal to any of the other full frame mirrorless cameras. Just look at the release yesterday of the Sony A7R Mk2...even with out a lens the cost is dramatically less and with the 5 axis IS.

Leica will see some sales but it is not serious contender. So now what happens when Sony releases a new RX1R Mk2 with a 36mp or 43mp sensor...Still shooting film with M & R lenses and bodies. Leica Digital NOT!

MMS u obviously never owned the RX1 nor leica M. There is nothing similar about it. One feels like a computer, the other feel like an inspirational tool.

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Richard Murdey: I'm going to posit that dpreview is going to love the Leica Q for more-or-less exactly the same set of reasons dpreview loved the Fuji X100.

The Q is a Fuji X100. Bigger, better, and more expensive, but in essence it's the same camera, for the same purpose, aimed at the same kind of person.

Not me. I'm done with this faux-rangefinder, film-camera-nostalgia, slow-photography shtick. Give me modern controls, a lens mount, and an on-axis viewfinder any day of the week!

the Fuji x100 started out as leica wannabe, and now its a reference for existing. cool.

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tkbslc: The X100 series has delivered on this camera's exact goal for several years now. Not sure what the fuss is about.

X100 started out being a copy of M9 but with everything crippled when it comes to actual quality and being the M system.
now its a reference for existing?

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Digital Imaging Technician: Whyyyyyy 28mm? This is nothing but a strange focal length for a non-ILC (yes, I'm looking at you too Ricoh GR) that Leica has not historically embraced. If there was a 35mm version I would buy this. Please Leica, it's a dream come true, but 7mm to wide... :-(

because iphone is using 35

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bluevellet: My only two issues with this camera is the price and the 28mm focal lenght (a bit too wide for general photography). But aside from that, it looks like a more desirable camera than the RX1. It can't focus as bad as the Sony one, that's for sure.

28 is the new 35. get over it.

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have to give it to leica. finally they did it. congrats. actually this camera proposition and package have exceed their own M system itself.
If the next GR have a 1.8 lens well....

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On DPReview recommends: Best smartphone cameras post (359 comments in total)
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cdembrey: The lack of 4K, on the iPhone, is a plus. 4K, like 3D video, is nothing but marketing hype. Big numbers sell, wether you need them or not.

iphone6+ is a better camera phone than samsung s6 or current note4. just accept reality and let it go. the whole point is, iphone invented the mobile photography genre and its still the class leader in responsiveness, ease of use of that camera while Android continues to evolve into silly UIs changes and still lags when activating the camera except when its out of the box.
Specs are just silly measurement of how good a mobile phone camera is.

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i thought kickstarter is meant to help new ideas by ppl who have no existing companies and wanted to bring that idea with public's help.

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On Samsung working on slimmer RBW camera sensors post (82 comments in total)

while we are at it, why not just use WWW.

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On Samsung working on slimmer RBW camera sensors post (82 comments in total)

sony's RGBW on the xperia Z and Z3 is a failure. looks great on paper, fail big time on actual use.
Give me that 1" sensor in the next samsung or sony. i dont mind the bulk, give me a f1.4 to go with that.

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it would be easier if dprreview's comment allows posting images. i have many 1.4 and f1.0 images taken on a leica lens to show. that would probably cut down whiners and complains by 50%.

You see, the real leica, as in the M system, is made for shooting...people, whether on the street or on portrait. 1.4 is a much needed aperture to provide significant subject isolation and 28 wideness will preserve some background drama.

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RichRMA: In 10 years this Leica will sell for as much or more than it cost now. Your electronic Chinese 50mm? You'll be lucky if it still works or is compatible with anything and it'll sell for $40.00.

last check noctilux f1 is still selling around USD 5-7k while chinese dark knight, mitakon etc can only go down in prices. - cheers

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