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Richard Murdey: I'm going to posit that dpreview is going to love the Leica Q for more-or-less exactly the same set of reasons dpreview loved the Fuji X100.

The Q is a Fuji X100. Bigger, better, and more expensive, but in essence it's the same camera, for the same purpose, aimed at the same kind of person.

Not me. I'm done with this faux-rangefinder, film-camera-nostalgia, slow-photography shtick. Give me modern controls, a lens mount, and an on-axis viewfinder any day of the week!

the Fuji x100 started out as leica wannabe, and now its a reference for existing. cool.

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tkbslc: The X100 series has delivered on this camera's exact goal for several years now. Not sure what the fuss is about.

X100 started out being a copy of M9 but with everything crippled when it comes to actual quality and being the M system.
now its a reference for existing?

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Digital Imaging Technician: Whyyyyyy 28mm? This is nothing but a strange focal length for a non-ILC (yes, I'm looking at you too Ricoh GR) that Leica has not historically embraced. If there was a 35mm version I would buy this. Please Leica, it's a dream come true, but 7mm to wide... :-(

because iphone is using 35

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bluevellet: My only two issues with this camera is the price and the 28mm focal lenght (a bit too wide for general photography). But aside from that, it looks like a more desirable camera than the RX1. It can't focus as bad as the Sony one, that's for sure.

28 is the new 35. get over it.

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have to give it to leica. finally they did it. congrats. actually this camera proposition and package have exceed their own M system itself.
If the next GR have a 1.8 lens well....

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On DPReview recommends: Best smartphone cameras post (352 comments in total)
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cdembrey: The lack of 4K, on the iPhone, is a plus. 4K, like 3D video, is nothing but marketing hype. Big numbers sell, wether you need them or not.

iphone6+ is a better camera phone than samsung s6 or current note4. just accept reality and let it go. the whole point is, iphone invented the mobile photography genre and its still the class leader in responsiveness, ease of use of that camera while Android continues to evolve into silly UIs changes and still lags when activating the camera except when its out of the box.
Specs are just silly measurement of how good a mobile phone camera is.

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i thought kickstarter is meant to help new ideas by ppl who have no existing companies and wanted to bring that idea with public's help.

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On Samsung working on slimmer RBW camera sensors post (82 comments in total)

while we are at it, why not just use WWW.

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On Samsung working on slimmer RBW camera sensors post (82 comments in total)

sony's RGBW on the xperia Z and Z3 is a failure. looks great on paper, fail big time on actual use.
Give me that 1" sensor in the next samsung or sony. i dont mind the bulk, give me a f1.4 to go with that.

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it would be easier if dprreview's comment allows posting images. i have many 1.4 and f1.0 images taken on a leica lens to show. that would probably cut down whiners and complains by 50%.

You see, the real leica, as in the M system, is made for shooting...people, whether on the street or on portrait. 1.4 is a much needed aperture to provide significant subject isolation and 28 wideness will preserve some background drama.

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RichRMA: In 10 years this Leica will sell for as much or more than it cost now. Your electronic Chinese 50mm? You'll be lucky if it still works or is compatible with anything and it'll sell for $40.00.

last check noctilux f1 is still selling around USD 5-7k while chinese dark knight, mitakon etc can only go down in prices. - cheers

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RichRMA: Think of a Leica lens like a medical grade sensor. It costs 10x as much as a commercial grade sensor because it is about 10% better in-terms of uniformity of pixel output. But that is what is required. The Leica is required by some people who value quality above everything, including price. But Leica is not alone. Nikon and Canon put a similar effort into the optics of their long, fast lenses, and they cost what it does for such optics. A Nikon 200mm f/2.0 is $5000 because it is a superior lens. No one whines about that. It is nice that those lenses are available for people who want that quality just as it is nice that Samyang primes can be had for $500 that have excellent optical quality for the price as well.

we take it that any links showed must be an authority on image quality and real world usage.

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photominion: I'm still looking for someone to lend me an old 50mm Summilux or Summicron (or Nokton, for that matter) lens to make my comparison with Nikon's and Canon's and company.

no worries, forget the summilux and summicron. let me just give u the heads up on the 50s. There are big differences between Noctilux 50 and any canikon 50 out there by just look at it's output.
there u have it...

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adengappasami: Interesting lens. Sony 28mm F2 makes more sense for the price but for leica users, this is a great addition for those who have a 50/75 combo to even skip the 35mm FL for good.

24 vs 28 would be a better debate in the future with respect to combination of leica lenses.

Sony 28 for me though for its darn cheap pricing.

28 f2 has been around for a long time that is what leandros mean. it makes no diff if anyone else releases a 28 f2. have u seen any 28 f1.4?

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On Sony launches Z3+ with 20MP camera post (35 comments in total)

this article failed to mention that the sensor is the new 1/2.33 sensor and not the same one in the prev generation. Its the new sensor in the KW11 which is selling at over usd 900.

if the new Exmor RS 1/2.33 sensor is in this z3+. we have something here.

Or do we? I am pretty sure current Z3 sucks when compared to almost anything else, including the de facto iphone 6 at 8mp.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 camera review post (233 comments in total)
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Papi61: This is definitely not the FZ1000 sensor. Or if it is, then the lens makes it visibly softer and less contrasty. I drew this conclusions after carefully analyzing the studio scene test shots provided by DPR right here:

Not only the FZ1000 shots have substantially more detail, but they seem to have better color balance and a punchier contrast. The Canon Powershot G7 X also shows considerably better IQ.

maybe they did but they didn't use the same processor to process the image. its strange to use another 1". The FZ1000 1" is one of the best sensor ever period.

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On DPReview recommends: Best smartphone cameras post (352 comments in total)
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magneto shot: panasonic cm1. the rest is history. sensor size rules, everything else is just cheap gimmicks or the 80% where it doesnt matter much.

1/1.7 sensor should be the next min requirement for all mobile phones. its at least 8 years old in sensor size usage.

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Photato: Chipworks opened the S6 and they found a Sony Exmor IMX240. However the S6 Front facing camera are from Samsung.

The Same Sony was also found on the Note 4.

Apparently there is a way to invoke the Camera Firmware in the S6 and it will show the Hardware (sensor).

There have to be rules to let consumers know exctly what they are buying.
Apple apparently does the same and diversify suppliers, so not all iPhones are the same even if it is the same model number.

I am wonder if they switch to lower/cheaper grade components after all reviews are out.

hahahahah Papi61 ...keep up the trolling, samsung needs it hahahahahahahha
"Yeah, Apple sold 74.5 million iPhone from October-December 2014. That more iPhone 6/6+ sold in one quarter than the entire Galaxy S6, S6 active, S6 mini line up will ever sold in its life."

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On sunset in Tralia in the Lens flare challenge (1 comment in total)

those flares are real, coming from a vintage Vivitar 28mm f2.0

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ThatCamFan: Samsung are being fools again, selling you a different product from what you were expecting, I believe the term SCAMMING fits samsung right now.

Papi61 hahahahhahaaha love ur jokes

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