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Higuel: UAU! a camera that is LESS in almost every important thing then ALL the others!
And yes, ALL photographers were dying for wi-fi instead of a flash (that controls others!) or some 11 CROSS AF points!!!
Maybe in next model they will put an MP3 player and loose ISO manual control!!! X(

Canon user since my first lens in98. But they sure are making an effort to se me changing for nikon! ):(

Me too, I like the wifi actually, but the lck of a flash means I have no reason to change from my 5D. I'd like video but I don't need it. I NEED a popup flash every now and then, don't want to carry speedlites.

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On Nikon D600 Hands-on Preview preview (712 comments in total)
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ealvarez: Not a "strobist" friendly camera with 1/200th flash sync speed. I thought this is THE one for me. Why are you doing this to me, Nikon???

I am grateful to David Hobby of strobist site. The website he created taught me flash photography. I'm not a professional but we love taking studio type photos at home with small flashes, and a couple of umbrellas. I have a 5D with IIRC a 1/200th sec flash sync. It's fine for portraits.

I can't imagine many users seriously need a higher sync speed or needing to stop action with flash shots. Yes, if they're enthusiasts. No, if they're just taking photos of family / friends. I would personally love the 24MP for big prints, over the 12MP D700. Of course if it had 1/500th sync then great, but it doesn't. Just work around your gear, rather than thinking you need everything that a flash professional needs would be my 2 cents.

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jennajenna: a canon 5d2 and 24-105L lens for Less price then this.

are you all nuts?

Hmmm. I personally still prefer my 5dc with 35mm f2 to rangefinder style if it has poor battery and an add on viewfinder anyway. Unless I hear otherwise, it has superior battery life to this size camera class.

But the 24-105L is not a substitute because it is simply too large to be comfortable all the time for most people. Even the 5D with a pancake lens is a bit of a brute, and I'd definitely consider swapping it for a Fuji x100 style camera as soon as the battery life and focus are comparable.

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On Fujifilm X-E1 Preview preview (410 comments in total)

it's beautiful. If only they could have removed the lettering on the front, and limited the camera to a single logo.

Having said that, it's a big step in the right direction towards having mid-price cameras that look and feel like they're related to art creation and enjoyment as opposed to advertising.

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Goodmeme: relatively inefficient my ass. why don't dpreview review sanyo eneloops?! :)


i agree but its really not an excuse. I imagine most dpreview readers (or people generally) are willing to buy some rechargeable aa's to use in such a camera.

At the moment I think people just don't know about the advantages of low self-discharge eneloops and their ilk because they are so new.

I would love sites like dpreview to get the word out and then mfrs will start making devices that will have battery support for a lifetime (ie through aa).

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relatively inefficient my ass. why don't dpreview review sanyo eneloops?! :)

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transfer to android wifi or bluetooth is my must have feature, in my next slr / serious camera.

I'm sure its great in this compact too, and I'd recommend this camera if only for this feature. But what I really want is my 5D to be able to do this, or more specifically for me to be able to download at top speeds into my computer just be turning on the camera somewhere else in the house. All the wifi settings must be stored.

And another thing Canon if you're reading this. I don't want just 802.11g or even n. Make it 802.11g, n and ac compatible. i.e. future proof it to 1Gb speeds. Then standardise to the entire product line, and you have a feature people will use and love, much better than the direct print button :)

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On Updated: our Canon EOS M hands-on preview article (162 comments in total)
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SergeyMS: I see on Nicon and Cannon mirrorless cameras, and understand, that these companies are not competitive in this segment of market

oops I mean year approx 1800 not 100!

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On Updated: our Canon EOS M hands-on preview article (162 comments in total)
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SergeyMS: I see on Nicon and Cannon mirrorless cameras, and understand, that these companies are not competitive in this segment of market

Actually I think its you who has something to learn (!) about the fallibility of companies, about the huge potential for large company employees to ignore new trends and continue doing what they are doing regardless, and about the number of currently large companies who - if history of economics and business teaches us anything - will screw up within the next hundred years.

Canon and Nikon's future success is likely but not guaranteed and they are not immune to shortsightedness and a focus too much on reducing costs versus increasing revenue from growing markets.

I wanted to include a reference to a piece of recent research about the 100 top companies from around the year 100. Only a dozen or so remain. I'm sorry I couldn't find the reference after a few minutes, I don't ask you to take my word for it, so look instead at research on , for example, corporate governance.

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I use Picasa (free). There's a third party plugin for Lightroom so I can export my photos to privately held urls, and share links with friends easily.

As for accessing my own photos from the cloud, I've decided to simply set up my own ftp site using filezilla (free), which after setting up a few shares, means I can now watch my recorded tv, listen to my music and even stream my (personally ripped and privately owned dvd, see anydvd (commercial) and handbrake (free)) movie collection from any laptop, desktop, tablet or android phone (see es file explorer for a free ftp client combine with mx player to stream media, also free).

Cloud? Who needs it?!

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Doug Brown: I was supposed to shoot Ziggy Marley last night but backed out after being presented with a similiar contract to sign.

There is no sadder group of businesss execs on this planet than the misfits that run the music biz. They're like the 'cool kids' in High School who never grew up.

All the indicators in their business are down; album sales revenue, concert revenue, concert attendance, employment in the industry. Yet they are going to keep riding that old school arrogance right into the ground.

Having your name, your brand, in the forefront of public consciousness is like oxygen in the entertainment industry.
Photographers serve this purpose at every city on the tour. P*ssing them off with lazy old school thinking is counter-productive to such an obvious degree that you have to wonder if these people have any qualifications at all.

As usual, it's the artists who will suffer the consequences.

The interesting thing is that a few years ago - and maybe now I'm not sure - concert sales were increasing. People it seems don't mind paying to be entertained live.

Sensible musicians should be reducing album prices and working on getting as much publicity as possible so as to increase concert sales.

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Hugo808: Why is everyone so excited about this? Its only stand out feature is that it's thin. Big deal, how is that going to affect the handling of a big camera like any EOS? The concept might make sense on a mirrorless as it will slide into a pocket, here it's just a gimmick.

Actually I don't think its a gimmick. The smaller the lens, the more comfortable people feel when they're being photographed, at least in my experience. This translates into nice natural smiles.

As for size it's also helpful when you absolutely don't want to look conspicuous carrying around a large camera, or when you have children and not much room in the rucksack.

My two lenses are the 24-70L and the 35mm f2, both on a 5D. The 24-70 never leaves the house because its just too big for my non-studio shots.

I would love to swap my 35 for this pancake. I'm just a bit concerned that the price is ridiculous in the UK.

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On ISO 6400 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (14 comments in total)

iso 3200 looks great!

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just put this in an android phone pls someone. I'm looking at you Samsung. Give us the S3 Galaxy with a larger sensor pls!

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Paniko: O.T.:
the woman many of you define as "Queen" in reality is Mrs. Maria Montessori a woman that the NYT said in 1913 "“The most interesting woman in Europe”.
And probably she changed our life long time ago.

End O.T.

p.s. Nice camera :)

I read about Montessori on wikipedia. Interesting. But I have no idea why you posted this here, or why she is connected in your head to the concept of 'queen'?

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SimenO1: Nice camera line up - crap lens line up. Whats the point of having slim cameras and 24 Mp if the whole package delivers either crap sharpness? I hope the 2013 snap pancake can deliver the sharpness the other pancake can't. That would make one interessting lens for me. Though, whats the point of having a system camera if only one lens sits on there?

Talking of Sigma etc, I'd love to see Pentax offer some pancake lenses for other mounts.

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On Nikon D800 preview (1106 comments in total)
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Nknshooter23: Maybe this is a stupid question but there is still little out there to compare the D700 in low light vs the D800. What I'm wondering is if it is possible to reduce the resolution of the D800 to 12.1 (one third which happens to be the same res of the D700) and group the pixels together to produce 3x the light sensitivity? I know there are Dx & other crop modes which just use the center of the sensor but I want to know if it is possible to increase the light sensitivity and use the whole sensor? Basically run it at "low" res at night and full res when light is not an issue.

afaik that is practically the effect higher res has on noise. That is, at the same print sizes, noise is not worse on higher res cams, sensor tech being equal.
It only looks worse at 100% view, and it doesn't get so magnified as that in print, at least not at normal viewing distances. I bet the d800 high iso print will look sames as d4 most times.

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Dafffid: The 24-70 we expected, and no surprises, I'm sure it will be lovely.
But I've been waiting for a really good 28mm for years: a 28L would have been nice (although unlikely), a 28mm f1.4 would do, or even just an improved 28mm f1.8, one as relatively good as the 85mm f1.8... but no.

I started to agree with DPreview, who are those two primes for? I use my primes for photographing moving people in low light with as shallow DOF as possible, IS is of no use to me whatsoever. But then I read the other comments - of course, video, makes sense now. Still a bummer for an old stills man, but there we go, can't have everything you want in life!

They're also good for the hiker / landscape phtgr without a tripod. Plus C. has to respond to other small options with IS like micro four thirds kits.

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I'm slightly disappointed there's no 35mm equiv at launch given the clear success of the X100.

Without a 35mm I'm less interested, and why get the X100 now when we know they'll bring out a 35 equiv in a year or two? I suppose the 18mm would be okay as a stop gap.

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On Preview:canong1x (1032 comments in total)

I can't believe there's still no ETTL flash control in full manual. The only times I ever use manual with an SLR is when the flash is on ETTL.

I use the camera like this more than 50% of the time for portraits. i.e. set 1/100th to avoid subject motion blur. Set aperture to usually f8 or f11 if there's a group shot or perhaps wider if you think you can pull off the focus successfully. Make sure the iso (usually 200 or 400) means ambient expsoure would be -1 or lower. And like a god, the flash head with take care of the exposure for you. Just plug in +1 if you're bouncing off a ceiling or (prefereably) a corner wall diagonally behind and above you. OF course you always have the option to drag the shutter if subject movement is not an issue and / or using 2nd curtain.

With the G series, well... you'd better just leave it on P or A and 1/60th sec. Such behaviour was ok (although annoying) in the G9 etc because the smaller sensors mean large dof anyway, all the time. G1x = fail imo.

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