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On Fujifilm X100S preview (218 comments in total)
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Viramati: If only it had a FF sensor

Given the expected sensor quality and the fact the fixed lens is so bright, I'd rather keep the size and weight down to keep the 35mm equiv field of view.

If the sensor were larger the lens would need to be bigger or less bright. The latter would negate most of the benefit from the larger sensor, and the former would increase the size and weight to the point where you'd probably be better served with a 5d and 35mm f2.

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On Just Posted: Pentax MX-1 hands-on preview article (173 comments in total)
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offertonhatter: I want one!
There said it. I have waited for Pentax to bring out a prosumer compact for years. Now they have and it is gorgeous!
Who cares about lack of hotshoe. I want one!

I care! :) But most won't :(

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mpetersson: Samsung does almost everything right (excluding offering an EVF), but still their cameras don't do it for me. Being a NEX-user I would love to have their lens line-up for the NEX-system. They have covered most bases with fast primes, pancakes, zoom-lenses etc. And now also the phase detect-pixels on the sensor. Honestly this looks like a great camera, but I wouldn't switch my NEX-7 for this.

My dream would be if Samsung stopped making their own mount and just went ahead and joined the E-mount instead, but that would never happen. In the end I think the whole mirrorless manufacturers need to build consortiums like m4/3 has done. Pooling knowledge about lens-design and electronics could mean a lot.

I bought lightroom already. Why would I chose to buy it again with a camera? I'd rather take a discount on the camera. Still its easy to recommend to those who don't own lr.

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mikespcr: Perhaps antipathy is to be expected - Samsung is not a traditional camera company... nor did it buy one (like Sony). It's not easy to separate marketing from product (Samsung is not the only one), but I would not write them off, this one looks promising.

I spent several weeks with a Samsung NX20 last summer with stock zoom lens and pancake wide, and was astonished at the IQ of both stills and videos right out the box, in either daylight or low light. I took many 100s of shots; very few bad ones could be blamed on the camera. For reference, I've been a dedicated Nikon SLR user for years -- latest being the D7000, with several previous models before, and 35mm SLRs going back many decades. The Samsung's innate IQ is high, the EVR quite good (tho too cool color cast and not as good as the Sony NEX-7), the LCD stunning, and focus/shutter response was very quick. It was let down by a menu/control system not well designed for more experienced shooters, and kludgy (not smooth) lenses.

@ the jakal what nonsense and rudeness. The guy states sony are better in major aspects of camera user experience and you think he's a samsung plant?! Poppycock. Look up cognitive dissonnance. Really is your opinon of Samsung so low (or of your preferred brand so high) that you don't believe when someone thinks product a or b is okay?!

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JEROME NOLAS: So who will buy Nikon 1 now???

Its not that simple; distribution chains cannot easily be won over by new or smaller players than Nikon and Canon who have a long reputation of making sales for retailers.

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AngryCorgi: Same sensor, same failure awaiting. Samsung doesn't get it. Stop playing with stupid gimmicks, like ridiculous LCD screens and put a decent sensor in your camera for once. And fix he ergonomics while you're at it, the nx200 is terrible and this looks to be equally uncomfortable.

Really who needs a best in market sensor to take photos these days?!!!

I expect it will be capable of taking better than or equal photos to any large but not 35mm sensor. I don't know is it better than my 5D classic with L lens? Probably not, but what member of my family would notice the difference in prints? Probably just me!

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Digital Suicide: Any good from company that makes everything? I mean EVERYTHING: from cr@ppy smartphones to power plants..

actually that is sometimes stated as a reason why the products are reliable especially in ssds (e.g. the 830 and 840 series); because Samsung controls the entire production line of every component, they can put the good stuff in the top end and you (and they) know its probably going to last.

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andycs1: Samsung is global leader in many things: smartphones, TV's, hard-disks, flash-memories, sensors and ... and ... (like Sony and many others)

Unfortunately the UI sometimes falls short (my first Samsung phone S1 vibrated loudly in the middle of the night when fully charged without simple solution for many months!), but they seem to be learning and listening in some departments. For example, the smartphone range has progressively got better and better S1 to S2 and Note to S3 and Note 2; people complained about the lack of Wolfson audio DAC in S2 and Note (claiming worse audio quality), it's back in the new S3 and Note 2. Samsung is listening to customers for top end products. It's been a bit slow with the mirrorless market, but the products seem solid.

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andycs1: Samsung is global leader in many things: smartphones, TV's, hard-disks, flash-memories, sensors and ... and ... (like Sony and many others)

I wonder how many people appreciate how big and important Samsung is; these guys make parts for lots of other products besides what is badged Samsung. They are leading the field in many technologies, which means they will lead the markets eventually.

E.g. with TVs they along with LG are the only ones with OLED tech about to arrive - and LG staff have been prosecuted for stealing Samsung OLED research!. As far as I know most of the tv panels sony uses are originally samsung.

Also they will lead in SSDs I think. Intel is the only other reliably mfr in my opinoin and Intel are more expensive.

They release so many products per year. They are typically the ones seeming to have the new ideas these days, simply because they are so good at launching test products with new features, some make it to the next model, others die due to low sales. Its a dynamic business model, where they seem to try it out on the market rather than evaluate and predict. This also gets a lot of press attention!

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bikinchris: They could hang a battery pack where the motor drive went. They could even include a motor drive inside. But that would raise the price a lot. If they made it modular, they could include a back for the different models, a sensor would clip into the back and the whole thing would plug into the electronics and battery hung off the tripod mount.
I might want to start looking for another F3 or Fm2 body.

Good point, how about solar power topping up a new-fangled small battery, eneloop style? Or wireless charging device on the strap?

I think one of the biggest problems today is portable power. Our batteries simply aren't good enough yet for lots of stuff that could otherwise be feasible.

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I hope this becomes a reality.

But it will probably not come from Nikon or Canon I expect we'll wait until patents wear off. This is daft because I'm sure it would mainly be an additional toy for enthusiasts, not an alternative to real digital camera.

I hope someone will bring out a basic sensor in the same size as a roll of film, so it is universal. I would presume, rather than the fun ideas Marcuz posits, that such a device might work if you just adjust the iso on it itself and just tell the camera what speed ASA film (or rather, ISO) is in it.

In all honesty, unless it only cost a few hundred, yet was at least APS-C and preferably full 35mm, I doubt it would sell. But for novelty value, it would be priceless. Great for those who don't like chimping, or who want something they can repair/upgrade more easily.

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Some nice photos and thought provoking comments. For anyone with a normal android phone who wants a shutter button, I recommend Camera Pro app which lets you use the volume buttons to lock focus and capture. I love it, and the developer seems to be listening to comments and making customisable options.

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I admit I haven't read the whole thread, but Boho's recent comment is just seems to be his honest opinion, I don't see why you have been rude about him. People are allowed differnent opinoins about art. In this case I agree with him with a few exceptions.

Having photographed the afghan girl -in my opinion probably a finer, more fierce feminine portrait than the mona lisa - most if not all photographers or artists generally would find it difficult to beat or even come close to again.

You cannot blame a man for living in his own shadow. Neither can you take away his artistic merit for having taken the shot.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 Hands-on Preview preview (624 comments in total)
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JackM: Price - you would have to buy a 5DII for $1800 (while they last) and the new 35/2 for $850 to match the performance of the RX1. And then you have a bulky, conspicuous camera that you can't fit into *any* pocket. The RX1 will at least slip into a large coat pocket, and can be used more discretely.

Still though, I agree that if I were actually about to put down my credit card on a camera like this, I would probably wait for the Fuji XE-1 and a 23/1.4 just for the option of changing lenses. Or I would wait for the Fuji X200. I think you have to really crave FF to go for this Sony.

why not a 5d classic with the old 35mm f2? That is my set up. It's not as small as this, but it certainly does the same job, and with a nice viewfinder built in, and money in the bank :)

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This is too big and heavy for my liking, I'd sooner keep my 24-70L. I used to have a 28-75 Tamron f2.8, and the size, weight and quality were great. The only reason I got the 24-70L instead was the focus was much faster.

I really hope Tamron remake the 28-75 with ultra sonic motor (USD / USM) and leave off the IS. That will make it into a true competitor to the 24-70 f4 IS L, size wise. And it would probably be lighter and less thick. :)

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On Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM preview article (149 comments in total)
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Josh152: Seriously why didn't Canon just make an updated 24-105 if they were going to charge this much. A new 24-105 with similar optics and preformance to go along with the new 24-70 would make much more sense IMO.

because the 24-105 compromises too much for the 70-105. You don't need the extra zoom for a standard lens, especially with high MP cameras. Instead you gain the effect of not looking weird, so if you're taking portraits people will smile freely rather than looking worried you're zooming in on their nostril hair. :) Most subjects think big lens = super telephoto. And lets not forget about bokeh quality.

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On Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM preview article (149 comments in total)
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viking79: Nice lens, but $1500 US for an f/4 lens? Might as well shoot APS-C and use an f/2.8 lens for those prices (equivalent but the body is about $1000 cheaper).


The camera sensor will be better ff, not to mention the enormous viewfinder that improves the experience. Also it should last better than a non-L.

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On Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM preview article (149 comments in total)
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Donnie G: The only gripe I've heard so far is about price, but I think this lens will be well worth it's $1500 price tag if you consider all of the gear you won't have to buy or lug with you. Wide angle to portrait length to true macro plus top draw IS are all present in this one weather sealed, durable, light weight and compact optic. For photographers who only want to carry one body/lens combo (and there are a lot of us), full frame or APS-C, this is it. Even at $1500, this lens could easily become one of the most popular standard zooms that Canon has ever made.

@ m jesper. Are you kidding? :) What happened to flash for indoor shots. Most shots at lower than f4 are too difficult to pull off anyway without a low keeper rate.

Plus with 20-40MP, who needs a long tele in the future. Donnie G is right. This will be THE lens to own for everyone who wants light weight but can't cope with a single prime. 24-70 covers normal eyesight v well imo. With IS, high MP and great ISO, who cares about long range or high speed? They'd just better not screw up the bokeh. Nicer bokeh quality was why I and many others avoided the 24-105 in favour of 24-70.

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On Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM preview article (149 comments in total)
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Azfar: What was wrong with 24-105 ?

It's too big. Just like the 24-70 f2.8 which I own. The trend is now towards small cameras i.e. like micro four thirds. Canon need to protect themselves as much as possible, hence this f4 zoom and a standard prime with IS.

These days high ISO quality is amazing, apart from faster af, amateurs - some pros - don't want / need an f2.8 zoom lens, I'd personally prefer one small zoom, and a small fast prime. Or just this lightweight lens. This is a dream lens. I LOVE it. If I used zooms much anymore, I ought to sell my f2.8, but I'm not sure I can be bothered. I certainly wouldn't buy the 2.8 again with this thing available. This will be brilliant.

edit: assuming it sells used in a few years for what I can get for my f2.8, then I may swap. My big lens just doesn't get used anymore which is a shame as it kicks my other lens' (35mm f2) butt image quality wise.

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Michael Ma: I'm reminded every day by this rover just how fortunate we are to live on a planet like Earth. Blue skies and oceans, green landscapes, and every hue, saturation, and luminosity available to us from nature. Imagine if we lived on Mars and we put on probe on Earth. Every cell of my being would have an endless yearning to be at such a beautiful world one day, even if it was just for a second. But we are already here. Wow, what a incredible gift!

this is a photography forum and website. While I agree that humans find the earth pleasing to look at sometimes - especially shades of blue and green indicating fertile land - shall we try to leave religion out of it please. You think one thing, you 'know' you're right, thank cognitive dissonance for that. But saying it here is essentially spam.

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