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On Just posted: Our Canon EOS 70D hands-on preview article (355 comments in total)
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Lanski: It's great to see Canon innovating again. However, before this release the main gripe being aired on these forums (regarding Canon) was the outdated noise/DR performance of the sensor. It was a fair point - although Canon excel in other areas, the 7D sensor just doesn't compete with the Exmor related offerings of the competition on DR & noise. This sensor just has to be better. I really hope this new focussing system isn't the sole improvement on this sensor. Innovative as it may be, IQ always comes first.

@howardroark do you work for Canon or do you just love them lots? It's just I can't help thinking you don't get it. Many people here have invested thousands in Canon equipment and don't want the transactional loss from swapping it, nevermind the time (and sometimes stress) it would take to deliberate, research, buy and get used to a new system.
What is upsetting is seeing how far Canon went in just a few years with the advent of DSLRs, how far the prices fell, and knowing how amazing a 1 series camera is, even after a couple of decades. But Canon have disappointed many older customers for a while now.

For example Nikon at least offers a serious small full frame camera with a built-in flash - what I and many others wanted for ages.

Canon were last to the table with their APS-C interchangeable. Its obvious to everyone else when a brand (and its customers) are being milked, and partly ignored. Short term its a profitable strategy for a cash cow division, but we don't have to like it.

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CFynn: With one of these the NSA, PRISM and GCHQ will be able to monitor the photographs you take along witl your email, internet browsing, forum posts, mobile and Skype calls which they are already tracking.

Don't worry, unless you're taking photographs they think you shouldn't be taking, this will make you more secure.

They may be able to remotly turn on the camara from time to time just to see what you are doing and make sure you are safe.

Who cares? Its certainly not the camera's fault. If security organisations want to see your data so much, they can just arrest you and / or confiscate it. I don't see why anyone would be bothered with them seeing photos of your cat.

Having said that I think Android is pretty solid, and doubt it would be hackable out of the box.

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HowaboutRAW: So I tried out the Samsung GC110 (the other Samsung camera running Android 4), it's really stupid. And has every problem one would expect.

Seems to shoot decent jpegs though.

I wouldn't expect any problems. Care to clarify?

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Vinc T: Just don't understand most of you guys. Why argue with the creator? If the creator said it was meant to be soft, it's soft.

because nobody gets to decide how what words people use to think and speak. Language is changing all the time. From old english to middle to modern to ten years after modern, and different by location also. Same with non English languages. Its like commanding the tides. Some standardisation is helpful but this example is just silly!

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snegron2: It's a shame Adobe is resorting to this. I have been using Photoshop in one version or another for over 10 years. They have lost me as a client thanks to their new marketing strategy. I will be searching for an alternate imaging program this week. Bye Adobe.

Make sure you pick an open source option. If it's commercially successful, then Adobe will just buy it, I'm thinking of you Rawshooter Pro.

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On iFixit tears into the Samsung Galaxy S4 post (55 comments in total)
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knize10: And why would one want to repair a landfill tossable piece of electronic?. Just get a new Made In China one.

Are you joking? This will retail at ~500 euros. Just being able to replace the battery easily means it might last 5 or more years versus just 2; typically rechargeables lose their charge after repeated use; they're not eneloops :).

Incidentally I had to have my Samsung screen replaced due to a defect - they automatically have a 2 year warranty - so I just took it to a Samsung registered service centre and got it done for free. They bill Samsung. They wouldn't have been able to do that if it had been hard to repair. They'd have had to send it to Samsung lab, like they have to do for motherboard replacement, meaning 2 weeks without the phone.

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On Zebophrenia in the "Only when I larf..." challenge (8 comments in total)
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pen araneae: Congratulations for this winner. It is very clever manipulation. Very good thinking and execution. IMHO to make it even more convincing perhaps the zebra's left side could be brightened and the shadow to the immediate left of the left rock could be stamped out, shadows of the hind legs should also be added on the right.

I agree hindleg shadow would hace 'enclosed' the zebra in a dark line 'cage', confusing the presentation; what you have done creates instead a nice spiral running from the bottom of the picture to the top.

Did you think about cropping the left area slightly to make the zebra central?

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Interesting review. As you can tell from previous posts I will - unless they change unexpectedly to be a much more open system - never buy Apple, yet the iphone appears to have much nicer noise characteristics than even the large sensor HTC.

I'm currently happy with my Samsung Note, and don't want to change. But I hope HTC continues to put pressure on competitors with larger sensors. Still they need to sort out the noise characteristics in my opinion. The only night shot I liked was Apple's though it pains me to admit it! :)

Edited to add: Scratch that, just looked at the actual photos and Apple's is way underexposed as you point out. The HTC is very good. It looks like my first digital camera Olympus C8080 would have at ISO 400!

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On Android was first designed for cameras post (11 comments in total)
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joe6pack: Am I missing something? My ICS phone's stock camera app still cannot upload to the cloud.

Yes you are indeed missing something!!! You need to just download an app and make it sync / back them up . e.g. dropbox.

As for storing them directly to the cloud from the stock camera app, I don't know.

Google's own equivalent of Dropbox is called Google Drive.

Edited to add: If you set up shared network folders e.g. on a windows pc, then you can use an app called Sweet Home to backup photos and videos when you plug your phone in and when it is connected to the home wifi. ES file explorer will let you copy paste swap and drop files between pc and phone using wifi or ftp as well. I've been using sweet home and es file explorer for months and haven't had to wire the phone to a computer at all.

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On Samsung Galaxy Note II camera review post (83 comments in total)

Nevermind shutter speed indication ffs. How about Shutter speed priority mode, and optional EV indications?

There are times shooting toddlers and such that one needs to guarantee a fast shutter speed, e.g. 1/200th

With my original Galaxy Note, even with the sport mode enabled, it often fails to deliver more than 1/30th due to some auto iso nonsense thinking the IS can handle it.

I just want semi-manual control. I don't need Aperture priority unless they increase the size of the sensor dramatically (Which wouldn't hurt), but shutter priority is essential.

Dpreview seemed to help drive development in dslrs by mentioning the major negatives in every camera review, and generally expecting more.

Incidentally good review, and I didn't know that about the volume button. An app called CameraPro does the same thing.

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Most companies seem to think that what features counted as premium or nice to have last year can still be premium this year. In a competitive market, most such features if cheap to implement ought to be considered essential by consumers a few seasons after they are developed.

An example of this is wifi connectivity. Within a couple of years, most camera market segments will consider this a necessity and not a 'nice-to-have', forcing the manufacturers to include the feature in order to compete in that marketplace.

Most consumers are daft when it comes to camera specs so the market has fed us non-usm lenses for example for decades when they should have been standard even on budget models years ago.

But stuff like wifi and connectivity, I think more people understand, or I hope so. I think Canon is looking like its asleep.

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JavierDiaz: A recent ruling by the Supreme Court of France states that a photo lacking an element of "originality" nor having any "artistic creativity" does not allow the photographer to claim copyright protection.

(in French) http://www.legavox.fr/blog/maitre-anthony-bem/abandon-droit-auteur-lors-mise-10488.htm

Actually this sounds sensible to me. The photog took a boring shot at the right time. He was compensated for being there already. Now, years after the event, he wants more money for a snapshot where lets face it all the star quality comes from the star in the shot, not the photog behind the lens. The law needs to catch up like it seems to have done in France. Most (not all) photojournalism is not artwork. A machine could do it, and it seems more and more sports photogs use clever devices to machine gun the photos from a distance.

Note I think they should get paid for doing this arguably skilled job, but I don't think they should have a right not to sell at a fair, pre-set price and image of a celebrity which many stakeholders - the players, the teams, the newspapers, the fans - arranged /willed to be taken.

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On Samsung launches Galaxy S4 superphone post (108 comments in total)
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knize10: What will be the life expectancy of this new Made In China gadget., 3 months, 6 months.....
What another waste.

Enough with the racism and prejudice already. My Galaxy Note N7000 is about 18 months old and as new, my original Galaxy S now works as a upnp music streamer so I can push music to my hifi over wireless with Bubble UPNP; you know, like Apple Airplay but much cheaper. The Galaxy S is also great condition. And unlike many other options, with Android you can usually flash a new firmware to keep your device up to date after the manufacturer eventually disowns it.

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On Samsung launches Galaxy S4 superphone post (108 comments in total)
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sammy_j: make the image sensor larger. thats the obvious step here. I don't care about megapixels.

But I'm sure samsung knows the general public does.

Yawn. Go buy a camera that stays in your pocket 24/7 and can be used for reading, browsing, music, upnp, movies, tv, old console games roms, children's games and instruments, email, text and phone.

It's feasible for Samsung to make a variant with double depth and battery life and in doing so, also have more room for a bigger lens.

I cannot fit a 5D or G series in my pocket; and in 2013, why would I?

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tazmac: Big brother? :)

it will watch you when you get up and insist you do a few press-ups before letting you use it...1984 style.

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HopeSpringsEternal: Stupid LCD monitor manufacturers like Panasonic will put 1080P on 5 inch cellphones,1200P on a 10" tablet and 4K on a 20" "tablet" but refuse to produce and sell affordable 4K monitors for use by normal people.

I find this quite amusing. People are buying 'retina' tablets but there's still no affordable 24 or 27" monitor with anything like the pixel density offered by smartphones and tablets.

If I were Microsoft I would be pushing demand for / commissioning and / or investing in the development of higher resolution 'Everyman' monitors so that Windows desktops recover their viewing size advantage over 'retina' tablets.

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On CP+ 2013: Interview with Canon's Masaya Maeda article (490 comments in total)
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rpensotti: I agree with mpgxsvcd, Masaya Maeda should be fired now!
The statement about the doubtful future of the APS-C is irresponsible.
With the improvements in sensor technology, this format is still the best compromise for quality, bokeh and low light.
What about the hundred of thousands EF-S lenses out there?
The EOS-7D should have been ready before Xmas.
His comments about the Sony RX-100 are ridiculous
An RX-100 lookalike with a better hand grip and a little longer, wide zoom made by Canon will conquer a large share of the serious enthusiast market as the ideal take anywhere, or second camera.
Let's keep in mind that with a good in-camera panorama feature, a really short wide angle is not a must anymore.
Shame on you Canon, you are letting your constituency down!

Oh dear. I'm guessing you have some ef-s lenses :) There's nothing quite like schadenfreude when it has to do with non- life and death matters...so cruel though this may be...

...hahahahahah! You should have bought full frame lenses like me. :)

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On Nokia Lumia 920 Camera Review post (66 comments in total)

Come on dpreview. Every phone review should include more negatives about the sensor size and the usual presets favouring slower shutter speeds which mess up lots of photos.

Not to mention the lack of manual modes?

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On CameraMator connects your mobile devices and DSLR post (56 comments in total)

Shame theres no support for 5d classic. Also its a shame about the size!

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JordanAT: First off...the small menus are a feature, not a bug. If you're going to be using a pixel-accurate stylus, a 24x24 pixel (which is photoshop) is more than enough. I want every tool available, and I want it to take up as little screen space as possible so I don't have to constantly pan and zoom. Now, for touch interaction...that will need bigger icons. I can see how a touch optimized icon set which allows you to manipulate the tools with one hand and the photo (via a pen) with the other could be pretty sweet.

It's gonna need a bigger SSD, no doubt, but this is a rare case where I think 2 hours on battery is okay, as you're probably going to be near some sort of power source if you're doing more work than that. You'll get a big battery and an external drive to go with this if you're going to be doing large volume on the road and don't have a local wifi network or portable power to use.

I do architecture, too, so I can't wait to mark up drawings on this thing.

2 hr battery and it might as well be a desktop pc as far as I'm concerned. But with a light and long power
supply, I can see this might work as a desktop replacement while also being great to show photos/plans to clients.

Aren't there any lower power cpus that might be suitable?

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