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On Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... article (1412 comments in total)
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James O'Neill: Best anything polls are mostly for fun, and from the comments we can see they generate more heat than light. Interesting that the winner of this one is not from the big two, is not a huge seller, and it carries a price tag close to that of FF models - which simply by the laws of physics will get better dynamic range, better high ISO performance and more recorded detail.

So it seems DPR readers voted for something they respected rather than bought. My own bias is against small sensors, and for true SLRs, but this gives me pause. 2 of the top three were FF - which is getting cheaper. The winner was a small sensor mirrorless which is plenty good enough for many. Is then end in sight for the APS-C sensor true SLR ?

The E-M5 is less than $1k, almost as low as 1/3 the price of the 5DIII and D800. How are they close on price?

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On Nikon D5200 Hands-on Preview preview (213 comments in total)
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matthiasbasler: I had hoped the D5200 would replace my D5000 camera, but alas, it disqualifies itself by the set of resolutions offered.
12MP were more than enough for me - I had great 75x50cm prints from them. Why do I need 24 MP? But the real problem is that the "lowest" resolution offered is now 6 MP. Unfortunately I used the D5000 (among others) for photographing house facades in order to texture models - 2MP is all I need for this. Sure, I can downsize the images afterwards, but isn't this ridiculous, having to by a larger SD card and spending extra work just because the camera cannot shoot small images?
Plus, the D5200 is still not able to record images in other aspect ratios, such as 16:9 or 4:3, a feature offered by almost every other camera nowadays.
Maybe Nikon thinks this would make it hard to switch through the options? Not if the user could choose a few preferred combinations of size, quality and aspect ratio, and just cycle through these. It would require only one button!

Maybe you should try other brands. It is easy to change resolution and aspect ratio on my Panasonic and Olympus m4/3 cameras; I can have 4 presets of resolutions/compression on my PEN and can access them as well as change aspect ratios it with out diving into the menu system. So, take a look at a Panasonic G5 or Olympus E-PL5, either one has a more practical 16MP sensor, articulated and touch sensitive screen, and cheaper/smaller/lighter. If you want "real" multi-apect, take a look at a GH2.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 preview extended article (280 comments in total)
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Marvol: A lot of 'glass half empty' people here on the forums, blimey :S.

One point to note, if you include a grip, flipout tilt swivel rotating screen, EVF and OVF and hybrid VF... wouldn't you just end up with a small DSLR without interchangeable lenses? Yes, you would. And would the camera be even more expensive? Of course it would. And then all of you lot would be complaining about that. Get over yourselves.

As it is, Sony (of course) left all these things off to keep the camera as small as possible while still carrying a FF sensor. It is a statement of intent. Judge it as that. It's like looking at the McLaren road car and going "there's no boot" "my kids don't fit in the back" "the suspension is too hard" "for 1M I would expect adjustable seats". Apples, oranges.

What I want is a NEX-9. That is, NEX-7 with a FF sensor and that new hotshoe. It should also have IBIS like the Alpha bodies so the lenses wouldn't have to be bigger to accommodate IS. The NEX-9 shouldn't be a whole lot bigger than the NEX-7 or anywhere near the size of an A99. It should also cost less as it wouldn't have weather sealing, top LCD, translucet mirror, separate PDAF sensor, etc. Actually, Sony should be able to price the NEX-9 as low as or even below the D600/6D.

I can see why the RX1 is that expensive: new FF Zeiss lens (probaly at least 1/2 the camera's price considering how much Zeiss lenses go for), very niche product, and so on.

Then, adapt small Leica lenses and the whole package will be small, just like a Leica but with IBIS, high res EVF, tilting LCD, etc. for less money.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 preview extended article (280 comments in total)
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startowa13: I like the direction Sony is going. I have to say that if Sony would made a FF body with m-mount it would kill Leica. Well, maybe not kill it but a lot of photographers would jump in. That FF 24MP sensor is very good, I have A99 and there is nothing I can complain about. I also have extensive m-mount lens collection and if Sony would make that FF m-mount native body for $2000... sales would goo off the roof and I think it would be a good directions to go.

It doesn't even need an m-mount. Sony just need to put that FF sensor in a rangefinder style body with an E-Mount and EVF of course. Then you can get an m-mount adapter and have your Leica "replacement". Sony is not that far away as they already have an FF NEX, the VG900. Sony should also put IS in the NEX bodies like they do in Alpha bodies. It just make sense as they already have the technology, the new (FF) NEX lenses wouldn't need IS, which would have made the lenses bigger than they ought to be, and any lens, native or adapted, is stabilized. Actually, I dont even know why they launched the NEX system w/o IBIS.

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On DPReview Recommends: Top 5 Compact Cameras article (554 comments in total)
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Rachotilko: To DPR team:

to reduce the confusion, would you not consider an article about the f-number equivalence ?

The question "does the need to apply f-number equvalence apply to DOF calculation only or to shutter speed calculation as well" has been hotly debated here for quite a long time.

Some basic lesson in photooptics would silence this, I hope.

@Beach Bum:
You were wrong too at times, particularly when you wrote that "you have to factor in both the sensor size and the F-number, to know which camera is faster at a given focal length". Sensor size affects angle/field of view and depth of field for a given focal length and f-number but it doesn't change speed, as in shutter. Sensitivity, as in ISO, is somewhat dependent on sensor size, but sensor technology is a bigger factor. That said, ISO/aperture/shutter need not change on caneras with different sensors to properly expose the same scene albeit some may be noisier than others.

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On DPReview Recommends: Top 5 Compact Cameras article (554 comments in total)
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fmian: Personally I think these should have been:
in no order

Sony rx100
Canon G1x
Fuji X10
Olympus Xz2
Ricoh GRd4

I wouldn't add the G1X to the list. It is too expensive, too bulky, not bright enough (f/2.8-5.6), and slow operationally.

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What is it with m4/3 lens announcements that get people buzzing? Previous 2 lens news (from Sigma, Canon) didn't get as much comments. Don't tell me talk of equivalence, lens color, price, performance assumptions, etc. is more exciting than praising Canon for their ground-breaking center pinch lens cap. Crazy!

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Matz03: Wow is it annoying reading about all of the FF lenses and how cheap they are, all of those FF lenses are 10-20 years old and even from film days, of course you can sell it cheap when your tooling for glass has been around for so long. All of canikon glass are dinosaurs compared to the m4/3 stuff. And why would you feel the need to comment when you have no interest in this system and its product releases.

Totally agree. The new 35/2 IS USM is $850. Add to that the cost of a new FF body, which is no less tha $2100, like the 6D. Not to mention, more money on larger bags, tripods, filters, etc. Oh and, you gotta carry all that weight around.

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SunnyFlorida: The Nikkor 35mm F/1.8 sells for $180, the 35mm F/2.0d sells for $270 and can be used in 2 formats, Oly is asking $500 for this???

"(Fair= same angle, same DOF, same number of photons captured per time)"

On 4x the area with 25% brightness. Do you care more about counting photons than having proper exposure?

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Retzius: I wish Nikon cared about their DX lens lineup as much as Olympus has done to complete m43 as a system. sigh.

I feel the same for Canon EF-S len lineup; it's worse than DX even.

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D1N0: 500 for a standard prime... Nikkor 35mm F1.8 Under 200.

The Nikon 35/1.8 is for DX with different FoV. Tell me the price of the Nikon lens if you want this FoV (equivalent to 35mm on FF) and speed (f/1.8) on a DX body. Now tell me if it has full metal construction and internally/silently focusing.

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Absolutic: The summary of first reviews, per mu-43 forum is
Premium construction and snapshot focus like the M. Zuiko 12mm f/2 lens
Very similar MTF curves to M. Zuiko 12mm f/2 lens
Fast and essentially silent AF
Good but not superior sharpness across the frame - slightly behind the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 in terms of center sharpness
Very well controlled axial CA - meaning very little purple fringing compared to most fast wides (including the Panasonic 14mm and 20mm primes) and minimal green bokeh fringing
Very pleasing bokeh character (subjective/opinion)
Probably field curvature, optimized for medium-far working distances, thus giving poorer edge sharpness at close range with flat targets
Significant barrel distortion which will be a non-issue for most people since it is automatically addressed in camera and by leading RAW processing apps

I am personally concerned that first reviews suggest it is soft wide open unlike 45/1.8, 75/1.8 and 12/2.0, and needs to be stopped down a little

Look at the photos on Robin Wong's review. It doesn't look "soft" to me.

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tkbslc: I want to be the first knucklehead to mention 34mm f3.6!

Really, though, it sounds awesome, but we do already have 20mm f1.7 which is not all that different.

Good to have options. Besides, this one focuses much faster and quiter. Also, the barrel is metal and has a DoF/distance scale.

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Kodachrome200: I dont get these crazy expensive m43 lenses. Small formats should not be a premium format. These lenses cost more than FF lenses. thats nuts

It's half the price of the Sony Zeiss 24/1.8 E.

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gl2k: Perky price.
Nikon DX 35mm f1.8 and FX 50mm f1.8 are about €170

FoV are not even close.

There aren't really any Nikon lens equivalent to 35mm for DX bodies, so here are real options:

Nikon 24/2.8D, $360 - much slower.

Nikon 28/1.8G, $700 - not as wide.

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parkmcgraw: Having buildt my own digital devices and many lens systems in some cases making the element groups, do not from the specifications, understand why this lens, a minimalist design composed mostly of plastic should retail for so much money.

A lens with less manual control, more dependent on power and with the removal of the aperture ring, less of a professional tool.

■One “F” Low Dispersion (FLD) glass lens...

All the elements are small in diameter, easy to work, not too hard to polish.

■A floating inner focus...

The lens has some close focus capacity, nothing new.

■Super Multi-Layer Coating...

Nothing new.

■A HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor)...

Nothing new, or expensive.

■Rubber incorporated...

Compensation for using low stacking tolerance plastic.

■Thermally Stable Composite (TSC)...

Better plastic, but still plastic.

■A rounded 9 blade diaphragm...

No pats for doing what you should.

■A newly developed USB dock...

Marketing gizmo, no value to optics. Additional $10 to the BOM?

"Canon and Nikon are regarded in some circles as a professional camera, yet the entire lens lineup is devoid of aperture rings"

That's not entirely true. Nikon still sells D lenses, which do have aperture ring. Also, the focus motor is not in those lenses. Their price is also cheaper, e.g. 50/1.4D vs 50/1.4G. That said, the newer G lenses seem to have better IQ because of the optical redesign or just better coatings.

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RubberDials: Every other camera manufacturer has centre pinch caps - Sony, Pentax, Nikon, Olympus - even Minolta had them.

There's me thinking it's finally time for Canon to come clean with it's users and give them in-body IS and they roll out centre-pinch caps. Simply amazing.

IBIS is the way. Olympus has shown us that a 5-axis IBIS can be as good as any lens IS. There are users turning off the Power OIS on their 100-300mm lens to use the E-M5's IS, so saying that IBIS sucks on telephoto don't know what they're talking about.
Having IS in a lens makes it more optically and machanically complicated resulting in a bigger and pricier lens. Also, you pay for it every single time you buy a lens with IS. The engineering is wasted by adding IS to each new lens; it's far more efficient to design bodies with sensor shift as different multiple models can share the same IS design, unless the company improved the IS itself.
That said, I doubt Canon or any other company will switch an existing system from lens IS to IBIS.

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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 review article (187 comments in total)
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peevee1: What is the point of showing empty weights of the cameras? Does somebody want to take pictures without battery and memory card? And there are CIPA numbers, with battery and memory card available for all but Koreans. But if you do a review, why not to measure yourself, with the same card? If anything, the weight should be in a set with a spare battery and a bag.

The point is to know exactly how heavy the camera is compared to others while minimizing variables. Some SD cards are heavier than others. Care to specify which one they should use? And don't get me started with bags. That's just ridiculous.

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On Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5 & PEN Mini E-PM2 preview (152 comments in total)
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Pavel Sokolov: I have E-PL2 and have no idea why I should upgrade to E-pl5. No killer features at all.

I have the E-PL2 too and it's tempting to upgrade because of the ...
- better IQ (iso, dr, resolution)
- tilting screen
- touch screen
- faster burst rate and AF
- better video (1080p30)

Sure, I'm trading away the built-in flash but it's still much better.

That said, I'm in no rush to replace my E-PL2 and I've already started saving up for the E-M5. Who knows, maybe Oly may release a PEN w/ built-in EVF later on.

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WhiteBeard: About pricing... A long time ago, lenses were made with a lot of metal and glass - not polycarbonate - and 70-200mm zooms (35mm eq.) were the most popular and mostly least expensive zooms available. Now, Panasonic wants to make us believe that putting an O-ring, less glass (polished by much more precise and efficient automated means than before) and putting back some aluminum instead of the usual polycarbonate is sufficient to warrant a 1500$ price tag... Anybody out there familiar about Marketing Theory and the expression "Whatever the Market can bear"?

A long time ago, TVs/CRT monitors had a lot of glass, were big and heavy. Then a few years ago, LCD TVs/monitors came out, which were a lot slimmer/smaller while being more expensive (at first)...

So what if this lens has less metal/glass than old lenses. It has AF, OIS, better coatings, better sharpness/contrast, and exotic elements (ED and ultra ED).

Anyways, MSRP are always high and the street price would be lower especially after a few months, just like the 12-35/2.8.

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