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Chiemaiy: Nope, that's not the world's first constant f/1.8 zoom. Now excuse me while I go back to shooting with my Fujinon 18-85mm f/1.8 (T2.0).

I have a Canon 12.5-75/1.8 C-mount that cost me only $20. Yea it's all manual and vignettes even on m43. Still, this lens is far from being "the world's first constant F1.8 zoom". Anyway, good effort from Sigma and hopefully they make this for other brands (Pentax, Sony).

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AngryCorgi: If you've seen the gallery for the 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D, EOS M, 7D, or 60D, then this is just more of the same. Canon has become an extremely boring company, IMO.

"Basically the same size" until you look a it from the top/side and realize the OM-D is much smaller while having a tilting screen and more buttons/dials. The Oly is also lighter while being mostly metal and fully sealed. Also, the Oly has better IQ from its sensor, which was actually new. Unlike this one that has pretty much the same sensor as the 7D I've used in 2010.
It's not even small and there's nothing really appealing about this camera compared to what's already out there.

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On Panasonic DMC G6 preview (199 comments in total)

This or the T5i? I mean, both have articulated touchscreens but this one has WiFi built-in, does 1080p60 and is cheaper. Wonder if IQ is similar.

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On Just posted: Sony Alpha NEX-6 Review article (330 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: Sony has caught the Canon and Nikon virus...

Relentless Upgrade Camera Model Syndrome.


This camera isn't an evidence of that. The NEX-6 occupies a space that hasn't been filled by Sony before. It is between the EVF-less, cheaper NEX5R and the more expensive, tri-navi, 24MP NEX7. It is nothing like the T5i in that sense.

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On Just posted: Sony Alpha NEX-6 Review article (330 comments in total)
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io_bg: Sony seem to be on the right direction.
On a personal tone: I'd love them to make a bigger body with a better hand grip. Coming from a mid-sized DSLR all these NEXes feel just too small.

Sony still makes mid-size DSLRs.

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ksec: It does Video, 1080p24 ( Most still dont offer p as a choice )
It does RAW,

Its Image IQ is very good or excellent. To the point where you should worry more about your photographic skills rather then the camera.

Apart from hotshoe ( Which i admit i rarely need or use )

Why would i need to buy a much more expensive camera?
Please dont Flame me, It is an honest questions.

For better ergonomics, higher performance (like faster burst, AF etc.), more physical dials/buttons, better build quality, more features like EVF, touchscreen, wireless and so on. If you don't need all, then great - save some money.

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Sonyshine: I cannot understand why Sony have already replaced the NEXF3 which has not been out for even a year with yet another similar camera? Do Sony really want us to think that their cameras have a life cycle of less than a year? If so they will lose a lot of customers very quickly. I hope it is more reliable than my very troublesome NEXF3 too.....maybe thats why it has been dropped already?

Maybe Sony think they made a mistake with the "ugly" F3 (see comments below), so they release this on that looks more like the previous 3N and C3 as well as the current 5R.

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JEROME NOLAS: This is for the first time I'd consider a Sony camera. Not too big and not too expensive.

What? The older NEX 3N and C3 were really small and cheap too. Actually, the NEX bodies are generally smaller than most mirrorless and are obviously smaller than any DSLR.

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yabokkie: > an f/2.8 lens is an f/2.8 lens, period.

so true, and it will give you no same result on different formats, nothing that's controlled by aperture will be the same.

but if you have the same aperture (diameter or area) for the same angle of view, you get everything the same with no exception.

the equivalent f-number is no f-number. it's aperture size (again, diameter or area) expressed in terms of/reference to 35mm-format.

"how slower is Pana 42.5mm f/1.2 compared to Nikon 85mm f/1.8? "

In terms of exposure speed, the 42.5/1.2 is faster than the 85/1.8, duh. lol.

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At that price, I expect something faster. At that speed, I expect lower price. Let's hope it's optically excellent. At least it's bloody tiny.

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io_bg: For this price it should've been f/2... And I hope it won't be as soft as the 16mm f/2.8.

@pureaxis: With the same focal length, the Panasonic 20/1.7 is brighter than the Sony because the Pany has a larger aperture diameter and glass elements, not smaller image circle. I'm sure you know that f-stop is a ratio between focal length and aperture diameter.

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How come there couldn't be a shared standard for APS-C mirror less too? I mean, there is no technical reason for Fuji and Canon to not use the E-mount, especially that the flange distance and sensor size is pretty much or is the same. Obviously and unfortunately, business/legal reasons (and pride) won't allow it. Still, one could wish.
Anyway, as someone who has some m43 gear, I'm excited about this.

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On Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... article (1412 comments in total)
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naththo: Just Posted: Read my lips: Who use the most mirrorless camera available today to date: Panasonic and Olympus 4/3. Who has the most available lens for the mirrorless: Olympus 4/3. Who has built in IS in mirrorless camera: Olympus 4/3. Nex did not meet all specific requirement in competition to beat others and failed. Nex con is: No built in IS, less lens available, to get more lens available separated adapter must be purchased first and to have IS available lens must be purchased that has built in IS. That will make Nex hobby more expensive than Olympus overall for example. Olympus is still the most affordable mirrorless camera to date. Do you get the picture? Everyone can have entitle to have opinion on brand but remember these above are the reason why. Sony starts mirrorless a lot later than Panasonic and Olympus first made it way back then. And finally now Canon is first time make one mirrorless camera this time but only first time ever. While Pentax started a lot later too.

@Josh152 I don't own an EM5 but planning to buy one after trying it out. Found it to have better IQ than my old T2i. Also, looking at DxO, it has a better score than any Canon APS-C and close to NEX. So, what you say regarding it's IQ is baseless. As for DOF, having more is not an "issue". There are certainly enough fast primes for m4/3, more than Canon EF-S lenses. I use a 45/1.8 on a PEN and it has good bokeh while being really sharp. Even though I have an older PEN (the EPL2), it was good enough to make me sell the T2i and its lenses. The EM5 has much better IQ than the previous PENs, but the current crop of Canon APS-C is no better in IQ than the old T2i.

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On Just Posted: Nikon 1 V2 Preview Samples article (226 comments in total)
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Monty71: I find it funny that the same people that bash this camera's small sensor and own m43 cameras usually insist that m43 are just as good as cameras with larger sensors.

@Tord S Eriksson

Anepo was referring to a Canon APS-C, not Nikon FF. If you look at DxO, the E-M5 (and by extension E-PM2/E-PL5) have better IQ than any Canon APS-C, such as 600D, 60D, 7D, etc. With a score of 71, the E-M5 is also not that far from NEX-6 (which has a score of 78).


The new V2 has a DxO score of 50, not even close to current m4/3 and APS-C. Coupled with a limited selection of (native) lenses, it's no surprise some bash it while at the same time they praise m4/3. To make matter worse, the Nikon 1 bodies and lenses are not even that small compared to other mirrorless, particularly m4/3.


m4/3 is better than FF if the criteria is size/weight, budget, 5-axis IBIS, touchscreen, etc. I don't think anyone would actually state m4/3 is better than FF in terms of absolute IQ.

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On Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... article (1412 comments in total)

Want some cheese with your whine? Lighten up and stop complaining about…

* cheating - can't accuse one group with "ballot stuffing" without accusing all of them. It's not hard to do and there are many fanbois on all camps.

* this popularity contest means nothing - of course it does. The sample size if big enough, and the result is inline with other sites. You don't have to agree with it but there's no need to slam it.

* tired of reading about the E-M5 - a lot of reviewers and most of its owners praise it for being a surprisingly good and well rounded camera that can appeal to a lot of people. It is also somewhat of an underdog, making the users champion it even more. Why not give it a try instead of hating?

* m4/3 users are annoying - many m4/3 are still using or have used other formats and are wiling to share their positive experience compared to other formats. Also, how would you react when others call you "delusional" and your camera a "toy"?

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hammerheadfistpunch: Its not that the IQ is bad, its just that the lens system and the proprietary hotshoe are dragging the whole concept down. CX is just too far left of MFT to be taken seriously. MFT i think is the line in the sand between "semi-professional/high end" and "consumer/toy"

I have to agree with he hotshoe issue. Why make a new one? Even Sony started using a 'real' hotshoe on their NEX. Canon, Olympus/Panaonsic, and Fuji use fairly standard hotshoe on their mirrorless. Nikon could've easily used their existing hotshoe and release small flash appropriate for the V1/2 then call it a day.

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On Just Posted: Nikon 1 V2 Preview Samples article (226 comments in total)
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ybizzle: Bought a new Pentax Q for $250 that has about the same IQ as this at a fraction of the size and price. What a little gem and it gets compliments whenever people see it. :)

Gotta love London Drugs; for a grocery/drug store, they have a huge computer camera dept. It was there that I was able try E-M5, NEX-7/6, X-Pro1, XE1, etc. before any of the electronics/camera store I frequent have them (Bestbuy, Futureshop, Broadway camera, Kerrisdale camera, Lens and Shutter, etc.).

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On Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... article (1412 comments in total)
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mgblack74: FF & m 4/3's have their place. Just like MF pros of the past used 35mm or 110 film cameras for personal shooting/travel/reportage. Polaroid was the Instagram of it's day. Bigger the image capture media size the better for ultimate IQ. Smaller formats are great for portability and fun, but creative flexibility is still limited.

So, larger sensor (hence, larger body, lenses, bag, etc.), more creativity? LOL.

I couldn't bring my DSLR in certain arenas, clubs, and a bunch of other places. Haven't experienced such restriction w/ m4/3.

I brought my DSLR only once in a backpack while mountain biking and never wanted to do that ever again. I store my m4/3 in a saddle/frame bag on my MTB all the time when I hit the trail.

I can travel with an m4/3 body + 4 lenses without drastically increasing my luggage weight.

The wife never wanted to bring the DSLR so only manage to capture (family) events with a cheap P&S or phone camera.

The underwater housing for the E-M5 is small and affordable; can't say the same for the ones that are for D800 and other DSLR.

The list goes on. It seems that what's limited is your imagination.

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On Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... article (1412 comments in total)
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James O'Neill: Best anything polls are mostly for fun, and from the comments we can see they generate more heat than light. Interesting that the winner of this one is not from the big two, is not a huge seller, and it carries a price tag close to that of FF models - which simply by the laws of physics will get better dynamic range, better high ISO performance and more recorded detail.

So it seems DPR readers voted for something they respected rather than bought. My own bias is against small sensors, and for true SLRs, but this gives me pause. 2 of the top three were FF - which is getting cheaper. The winner was a small sensor mirrorless which is plenty good enough for many. Is then end in sight for the APS-C sensor true SLR ?

The E-M5 is less than $1k, almost as low as 1/3 the price of the 5DIII and D800. How are they close on price?

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On Nikon D5200 Hands-on Preview preview (213 comments in total)
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matthiasbasler: I had hoped the D5200 would replace my D5000 camera, but alas, it disqualifies itself by the set of resolutions offered.
12MP were more than enough for me - I had great 75x50cm prints from them. Why do I need 24 MP? But the real problem is that the "lowest" resolution offered is now 6 MP. Unfortunately I used the D5000 (among others) for photographing house facades in order to texture models - 2MP is all I need for this. Sure, I can downsize the images afterwards, but isn't this ridiculous, having to by a larger SD card and spending extra work just because the camera cannot shoot small images?
Plus, the D5200 is still not able to record images in other aspect ratios, such as 16:9 or 4:3, a feature offered by almost every other camera nowadays.
Maybe Nikon thinks this would make it hard to switch through the options? Not if the user could choose a few preferred combinations of size, quality and aspect ratio, and just cycle through these. It would require only one button!

Maybe you should try other brands. It is easy to change resolution and aspect ratio on my Panasonic and Olympus m4/3 cameras; I can have 4 presets of resolutions/compression on my PEN and can access them as well as change aspect ratios it with out diving into the menu system. So, take a look at a Panasonic G5 or Olympus E-PL5, either one has a more practical 16MP sensor, articulated and touch sensitive screen, and cheaper/smaller/lighter. If you want "real" multi-apect, take a look at a GH2.

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