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On article Just Posted: Olympus E-PM2 Review (164 comments in total)
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bluevellet: Is this... the highest rating for an entry-level, mirrorless camera at DPR? It looks like it.

What makes this camera slightly better than, say, the NEXF3 (closest rival reviewed at DPR)?

5) hotshoe
6) EVF option

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On article Just posted: Nikon D5200 in-depth review (233 comments in total)
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Mescalamba: - Slow AF in live view and video modes (compared to mirrorless APS-C cameras)

Suprising really. And as its supposedly big enough problem, are you aware of any dSLR that has fast AF in LV or video mode? I would be suprised if you know about one.

I have nothing agaisnt if you mention somewhere that it doesnt have fast AF in LV or video mode. For those who have no idea how AF works or they were under rock when mirrorless came. But it shouldnt be con for simple reason. LIVE VIEW CANT BE FAST WITH DSLR!

Unless you for that purpose put AF sensors directly on sensor (ala NEX-6 and others). Which Nikon didnt. Neither Canon, or Pentax. And I doubt they will.

I commonly see friends, family and other people who just got a DSLR or rarely shoot one use it like a P&S and get annoyed because of the slow LV. For the D5200, the problem is more of an issue as the articulated screen is a major selling point over other Nikon models.
Anyway, both Nikon and Canon are behind in this regard. What's funny is that a T5i, even with its on sensor PDAF and STM lens, is still slower in LV than Olympus/Panasonic with purely CDAF. Nikon and Canon need to work on their CDAF implementation since its not just the case of PDAF only lenses.

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Timmbits: f1.2 is impressive... until you consider it's for a small sensor nikon1 system. then the actual aperture becomes a f3.2 equivalent.
this is the sort of lens that could do lots for MFT. but the 1 system starts off so handicapped, one wonders what's the point, since it's target market is amateur enthusiasts getting their first IL system.

Not trying to be pedantic or anything but the "actual aperture" doesn't change; it's the DoF.

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For the price, you can get an E-PL5 kit + 45/1.8 with enough money left over for a nice SD card. Might be a better compact mirrorless set for portraits.

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On article Just Posted: Detailed hands-on Olympus PEN E-P5 preview (315 comments in total)
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Michael Jardine: I have a D800 and D7000 with 16-35, 50, 85, 70-200 and 300 lenses. I have used it for magazine photography and even some night sports. But I find that the M43 system is perfect for travel. At first I brought both camera systems along, but in the end I have dropped the DSLR in favor of M43.

I have also used it for my most recent magazine work (portraits), so I'm not the only one happy with the results. I just shoot with two simple and relatively inexpensive primes: 20 and 45.

Sony was an option but poor lens selection and the lenses you can get are much bigger. The entire reason for switching over to M43 was to have a camera that is, quite literally,pocketable. The Olympus E-PL5 with 20mm, is just that. I imagine the E-P5 will also be pocketable, with the added advantage of the two spin dials that most DSLR users are used to.

DPR finds the 20/1.7 to have "Impressive image quality at all apertures":

The lens is good and even almost 4 years later, there's not much option for bright (at least F/1.8), compact and affordable primes with similar FoV (35-40mm) on DSLR and mirrorless formats.

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Cane: One would think Canon would just buy out Magic lantern, or their engineers, and put this stuff into their camera's to begin with? I know, crazy thought to make a product to max out it's abilities, when someone else can just take your product and make it better for you. That doesn't make you look foolish, does it?

Canon has at least 2 reasons:
1. It doesn't cost Canon to have Magic Lantern right now
2. Canon has it's more expensive video cameras to protect

That said, I do wish these advanced features are supported by the default firmware if the hardware is capable of doing it.

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Was going to replace an E-PL2 with this since I prefer the shape of the PEN but the price is too high. Might as well get an E-M5.

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On article More pictures leak of purported Olympus PEN 'E-P5' (237 comments in total)

Nice camera. I think I'm finally going to upgrade my E-PL2 to this. The E-PL5 is a good body but I'd hate having to switch between a VF and flash, and the E-P3 had the old sensor. I'm not bothered by the lack of built-in VF as I have a VF-2.
That said, I wonder what the E-M6 is going to be like. Would Olympus put a pop-up flash in it?

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On article More pictures leak of purported Olympus PEN 'E-P5' (237 comments in total)
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Marty4650: This could be a Fuji X100s killer. Especially if the 17mm f/.8 lens is bundled with it.

Not only will it be cheaper, but you will have the ability to mount other primes, which is something that the Fuji can't do.

Of course, it may not matter much, since the Fuji X100s has something like a .0001% market share....

@zinedi: given the two choices, I'd pick the apple. Seriously though, I know someone who replace a X100 with a GX1+20/1.7. This is rumored to be $1000 with the 17/1.8. Add the VF2 and you're pretty much the same price as a X100s. Similar size, price and FL targeted intermediate users.

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zamorac: Is it a typo in specifications or this camera accepts only MICRO SD cards? Micro SD is way to small and fiddly for regular use.

Most Samsung Android devices accepts microSD also. So, some alignment there.

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Chiemaiy: Nope, that's not the world's first constant f/1.8 zoom. Now excuse me while I go back to shooting with my Fujinon 18-85mm f/1.8 (T2.0).

I have a Canon 12.5-75/1.8 C-mount that cost me only $20. Yea it's all manual and vignettes even on m43. Still, this lens is far from being "the world's first constant F1.8 zoom". Anyway, good effort from Sigma and hopefully they make this for other brands (Pentax, Sony).

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AngryCorgi: If you've seen the gallery for the 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D, EOS M, 7D, or 60D, then this is just more of the same. Canon has become an extremely boring company, IMO.

"Basically the same size" until you look a it from the top/side and realize the OM-D is much smaller while having a tilting screen and more buttons/dials. The Oly is also lighter while being mostly metal and fully sealed. Also, the Oly has better IQ from its sensor, which was actually new. Unlike this one that has pretty much the same sensor as the 7D I've used in 2010.
It's not even small and there's nothing really appealing about this camera compared to what's already out there.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 Hands-on Preview (204 comments in total)

This or the T5i? I mean, both have articulated touchscreens but this one has WiFi built-in, does 1080p60 and is cheaper. Wonder if IQ is similar.

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On article Just posted: Sony Alpha NEX-6 Review (330 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: Sony has caught the Canon and Nikon virus...

Relentless Upgrade Camera Model Syndrome.


This camera isn't an evidence of that. The NEX-6 occupies a space that hasn't been filled by Sony before. It is between the EVF-less, cheaper NEX5R and the more expensive, tri-navi, 24MP NEX7. It is nothing like the T5i in that sense.

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On article Just posted: Sony Alpha NEX-6 Review (330 comments in total)
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io_bg: Sony seem to be on the right direction.
On a personal tone: I'd love them to make a bigger body with a better hand grip. Coming from a mid-sized DSLR all these NEXes feel just too small.

Sony still makes mid-size DSLRs.

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ksec: It does Video, 1080p24 ( Most still dont offer p as a choice )
It does RAW,

Its Image IQ is very good or excellent. To the point where you should worry more about your photographic skills rather then the camera.

Apart from hotshoe ( Which i admit i rarely need or use )

Why would i need to buy a much more expensive camera?
Please dont Flame me, It is an honest questions.

For better ergonomics, higher performance (like faster burst, AF etc.), more physical dials/buttons, better build quality, more features like EVF, touchscreen, wireless and so on. If you don't need all, then great - save some money.

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Sonyshine: I cannot understand why Sony have already replaced the NEXF3 which has not been out for even a year with yet another similar camera? Do Sony really want us to think that their cameras have a life cycle of less than a year? If so they will lose a lot of customers very quickly. I hope it is more reliable than my very troublesome NEXF3 too.....maybe thats why it has been dropped already?

Maybe Sony think they made a mistake with the "ugly" F3 (see comments below), so they release this on that looks more like the previous 3N and C3 as well as the current 5R.

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JEROME NOLAS: This is for the first time I'd consider a Sony camera. Not too big and not too expensive.

What? The older NEX 3N and C3 were really small and cheap too. Actually, the NEX bodies are generally smaller than most mirrorless and are obviously smaller than any DSLR.

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yabokkie: > an f/2.8 lens is an f/2.8 lens, period.

so true, and it will give you no same result on different formats, nothing that's controlled by aperture will be the same.

but if you have the same aperture (diameter or area) for the same angle of view, you get everything the same with no exception.

the equivalent f-number is no f-number. it's aperture size (again, diameter or area) expressed in terms of/reference to 35mm-format.

"how slower is Pana 42.5mm f/1.2 compared to Nikon 85mm f/1.8? "

In terms of exposure speed, the 42.5/1.2 is faster than the 85/1.8, duh. lol.

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At that price, I expect something faster. At that speed, I expect lower price. Let's hope it's optically excellent. At least it's bloody tiny.

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