Cyril Catt

Lives in Australia Newcastle, Australia
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Retired agricultural research scientist


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08. Vasa starboard quarter. P1070273. min.pp.jpg07.  Vasa lower stern. P1070271. min.pp.jpg06. Vasa mid stern. P1070270. min.pp.jpg05. Vasa upper stern. P1070269. min.pp.jpg09. Vasa cutaway model. P1070258.jpg16. Vasa shipboard details. P1070257.jpg15. Vasa. Facsimile of sundeck. P1070254.jpg14. Vasa. Facsimile of Captain's cabin. P1070253.jpg04. Vasa port quarter. P1070250. min.pp.jpg13. Vasa. Reclamation begins. P1070245.jpg12. Vasa search continues. P1070244.jpg11. Vasa search begins. P1070242.jpg10. Vasa situation 1950. P1070239.jpg00. Vasa sinking. P107023703. Vasa port side. P107023202. Vasa port bow. P107022701. Vasa bow. P1070226 .jpg8. Back to lookout positions tanuki shrineThe absent sitter Singapore at play 340mmArtificial trees, soon to be covered by vinesRooftop garden linking four 50 storey apartment blocksThrough a glass darkly -  window cleaners & balcony gardensSouth Bridge Road, SingaporeSouth Bridge Road, SingaporeMisty Senglea through an archway in the Upper Barakka Gardens, Valletta P1020498 min.ppSunrise on Valletta P1020465 min.ppCIMG5012 Sydney harbour min.ppDeep and narrow depth of fieldFull frame at 25mm and about 1200mm handheldCIMG3547CIMG35481800 mm equivalent crop from CIMG3548iPhone 6s Plus Thunderstorm shotsLX100 Thunderstorm shots4 camera dim light test4 camera dim light test - fruit4 camera dim light test - photoCIMG5590 The Junction. Yellow flower copyCIMG5624  The Junction.Tree blossoms in gusty wind copyCIMG5627 The Junction. flower boxes copy2. She's spotted  a human and called the brood to shelter1. What's she up to?3. Better take them up to Dad, away from that human4. The kids want to paddle5. We'll both keep watch while the kids play6. Daddy Drake eying off the interloper. JPG7. No worries. It's a friend. Have a snack