Cyril Catt

Cyril Catt

Lives in Australia Newcastle, Australia
Joined on Apr 11, 2007
About me:

Retired agricultural research scientist


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P1010027 Fishing harbour on Sakurajima P1010026 A fishing village on SakurajimaP1010965 Scaffolding at night 2P1010965 Scaffolding at night 14s, F3.3, ISO 400 overdone contrastP1010881 Eastern Rosella @ 50mP1010105 3 flowersP1010808 orange flowerscopyP1050839 BuddleiaP1050840 AzaleaP1010816 Lime flower cropP1010818 White composite cropP1010823 Pink flowerscopyP1010826 Red flower closeup cropP1010809 red inflorescencecopyP1010829 pink & yellow blossomcopyP1010831 Pink blossom close up copyP1010002 Sakurojima straightened 2P1010020 Volcano parkland KagoshimaP1010056 Fish farmP1010073 Shuseikan, First modern Japanese factory centre4.P1010836 copy sharpened copyInitial photo, with distortion due to 18mm accessory lens P1050589How the scene appeared P1050589After distortion correction P1050589P1050834 Spanish shawl & orchidP1050836 DaisiesP1050843 P1050845 Lime flowerP1050847 double daisyP1050848 P1050849 Beefsteak plantP1050851 LilyP1050853 orchidsP1050856 Euphorbia epithymoidesyP1050858 pink copyP1050859 P1050860 CurryP1050861 NasturtiumP1050862 NasturtiumP1050863 NasturtiumP1050865 P1050866 ProteaP1050867 ProteasP1050868P1050872 P1010804 patterned succulentcopyP1010806 Spindle leaved shrub cropP1010807 succulent copyP1050838 Buddleia