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Cyril Catt

Cyril Catt

Lives in Australia Newcastle, Australia
Joined on Apr 11, 2007
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Retired agricultural research scientist


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South Bridge Road, SingaporeSouth Bridge Road, SingaporeRooftop garden linking four 50 storey apartment blocksThrough a glass darkly -  window cleaners & balcony gardensArtificial trees, soon to be covered by vines Singapore at play 340mmThe absent sitterCIMG1187 copytanuki shrineCIMG1184 copyBusan, Japan. Gardener meticulously weeding lawn with a knife. 18 July 201416 CIMG0928 Kyoto rail station main hall from west min17 CIMG0931 Kyoto rail station main hall from east min15 CIMG0848 Kyoto. Nijo Castle. Repository roof detail. min03 CIMG0726 Kyoto. Shrine amongst shopping arcades. min.pp13 CIMG0843 Kyoto. Nijo Castle. Eastern rest area, Storehouse and Repository in foreground. min12 CIMG0787 Kyoto. Nijo Castle. Arborists at work. min14 CIMG0845 Kyoto. Nijo Castle. Storehouse roof detail. minP1010818 White composite cropP1010823 Pink flowerscopyP1010826 Red flower closeup cropP1010829 pink & yellow blossomcopyP1010809 red inflorescencecopyP1010831 Pink blossom close up copyP1010002 Sakurojima straightened 2P1010020 Volcano parkland KagoshimaP1010056 Fish farmP1010073 Shuseikan, First modern Japanese factory centreP1010105 3 flowersP1010881 Eastern Rosella @ 50mP1010965 Scaffolding at night 14s, F3.3, ISO 400 overdone contrastP1010965 Scaffolding at night 2P1010026 A fishing village on SakurajimaP1010027 Fishing harbour on Sakurajima TL1TL2TL3TL5TL401 Kyoto timelapse02 CIMG0716 Kyoto Ponto-cho dori from Southern (Shijo dori) end min.pp copy04 CIMG0724 Kyoto Garden rooftop on main shopping street - Shijo dori min.pp05 CIMG0912 Kyoto. Okazaki-Koen. Heian-jingu shrine Torii gateway copy 206 CIMG0874 Kyoto. Okazaki-Koen. Heian-jingu shrine entry. min07 CIMG0879 Kyoto. Okazaki-Koen. Heian-jingu shrine roof finial min08 CIMG0903 Kyoto. Okazaki-Koen. Heian-jingu shrine. Courtyard well dragon statue. min09 CIMG0769 Kyoto. Nijo Castle. Karamon gate. Ninomaru Palace in background. min10 CIMG0770 Kyoto. Nijo Castle. Detail of Karamon gate. min11 Kyoto. Nijo Castle gardener meticulously weeding lawn min