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Lets see what would we want...
- 36+ Megapixel
- 1/250th / sec flash sync or faster
- wifi
- focus peaking
- Dx lens compatibility
- Faster Focus speed and sensitivity
- 4K video/30+fps
- Touch screen with toggle to de-activate
- 7+FPS
- ISO Native 50-102400 or higher
- 100% viewfinder
- Weather sealed/magnesium body
- Digital focus crop. Like D7100 for maximizing focus coverage
- Better in camera HDR and live preview of filters
- No AA filter
- 1000 shot battery approx
- Swivel screen and articulating.

Feel free to add to this. but this would probably be the best selling camera ever..

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a more recent case involving Rod Stewart and his likeness used for an album cover that was purposely mimicked instead of paying the photographer their dues would constitute a precedent in this type of case. They clearly copied the look of the photo. Much like if I were to make a swoosh logo on a running shoe I made, I'm sure Nike would sue me to death. end of story. Nike did nothing original, therefore Rentmeester should rightfully be paid, and handsomely for it too considering the size of the brand

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vharwood: Went in to store today to check out this lens. (Tamron 70 200) Neither I nor the salesman could get it to achieve focus. He finally told me, he had had other complaints about this lens. Does anyone have any experience with this lens and a Nikon camera. We tried it on a D 610 but he said complaints had been with a variety of bodies.??

If you are using a Nikon body that does not possess AF motor (D40x, D3000, D5000) or similar series you will not have focus if your Lens does not support compatibility with Nikon's AF-S system. Either that or simply you've had the AF turned off on either the body switch or the lens switch. Hope that helps

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davids8560: Could somebody like Ansel Adams churn out better photos with something like a SL1 or K-50, or even a XZ-2, than a complete and total novice with a D610?

Skill will always trump equipment

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guido1953: Before anyone buys Pentax, please do a google search for "Pentax SDM motor
problems". Know what you are getting into before you spend your hard earned

How many lenses are SDM guido1953 ? LOL
3 million compatible lenses and the few SDM focus motors that cost you some money are making you troll the brand. Typical.

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On Pentax K-5 II and K-5 II S preview (21 comments in total)
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dousanmiaography: Seriously, what is the difference between K-5 and K-5II? Every single specification are the same.

The removal of an anti-aliasing filter. this allows for sharper images in the II but sacrifices the tendency to produce moire.

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GZun: I’m new to photography, but equally curios as thirsty to learn. Here is my question: If there is a relation between pixel size and efficiency, why a larger sensor with less pixels is more desirably, I would venture into thinking glass to sensor size ratio be a more practical ratio independent of pixel count, price considered of course, considering that over time pixel technology is getting better and better. Is there a magical size a sensor should be?. I think this new compacts can give us more light and IQ as oppose to zoom….

The design of smaller lenses is expensive because the margin for error is higher, however the cost of high quality glass grows as you make lenses larger. So not an easy equation to balance. In the end small lenses will win because sensor development progresses alot faster than lens tech.

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Of course this is art... "art is act of taking an emotion of your own and evoking that emotion in another through means of expression."

some art is painful but is still worthy of praise.

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chrome loads it just fine. did it several times. perhaps its just your comp

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rrr_hhh: No fully articulated LCD, plenty of features I don't need, but 100 gr. more than the 5D, I'm really deceived. I want a full fame but in a lighter body !
I don't need the fast shooting abilities, I don't need the weather sealing, but I need a lighter body that I can wear with me all the day !!

When will Canon stop offering those monster bodies ? When will they understand the needs of the hicking and travelling photographers ?

What a deception !! I'm now seriously considering selling all my Canon gear. Really I don't understand why Canon always has to make heavier and heavier gear : come on Canon, the population is getting older and photographers are getting even older; with our used backs and our used necks, we need lighter cameras, not heavier ones, we need mobility, not rock heavy cameras. We need a full frame with great IQ, but with the weight of a D60 or of a D600. I can't believed they have renounced to one of the biggest advantage of the 5D and made it even heavier !

Pentax K-5 is VERY capable in high ISO. It ranks as high as any other APS-C currently.

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FYLin: how does a 16 megapixel sensor LIMIT it to only 720p?!?!? 720p is only 0.7MP and 1080p is only 2.1MP!

sensor output of resolution is correct but your forgetting framerate and processing capability... both of which are completely different aspects. that is where the limitations lie. I do believe that like most manufacturers, this is purposely being limited by firmware, not hardware.

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On Brings us closer... in the The Songs Of Life: Cruel Summer challenge (5 comments in total)

I enlarged my view of this and it looks as though there's a pasted border outlining her.. what kinds of PP did you use?

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