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Give it a soft stop notch at 28mm on the zoom ring and VR. That would make it irresistible to me.

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ThatCamFan: I would of been interested if it had been 24-50. To small zoom for me & I am getting the 18-35 for a D5500 non the less.

Don't think of it as a zoom. Think of it as a wide prime lens for the undecided.

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Nikon should be kissing Sigma's feet for producing those awesome lenses. Innovative and excellent lenses like this at affordable prices are helping to keep some of us from abandoning the dinosaur formats completely.

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How many of us are wanting a wide prime but are locked in a decision loop about how wide to go? If this lens is "prime quality" then it will sell well and tip a lot of us off the fence. And 2.0 is a pretty decent max aperture. Sigma has their head in the game.

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On Nikon D3200 firmware C 1.04 available article (10 comments in total)
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drivecancel: There is not a word strong enough to describe how hideous that red model is!

How about "amateur"?

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Valiant Thor: It appears that the target audience for this kind of advertising is the mobile home, couch potato crowd whom I doubt would purchase such a camera anyway. I cringe when I think what good could have come from the money and resources it took to produce and run these ads. I really miss the thoughtful age of elegance, sophistication and taste.

Like when James Garner was pushing Pentax; the camera that goes "beep beep". Those were the days.

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It was a good try 'cept the acting was ho-hum and they dragged it out too long.I think the main point was that the film was shot on an E-M5.

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This is a line of camera for people who are focused on what they want to record and capable of picking the appropriate tool palette. Their creativity and signature styles thrive on a degree of minimalism.
Having every focal length covered and being ready for every luminance is the furthest thing from their mind. If that is not you then stop worrying about it. This camera is not for you and nobody is forcing you to use it.

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GSD_ZA: I prefer to put my lens-caps on my lenses

Long shutter speed.. LOL.. a technically and visually funny comment !!

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Ayoh: The cap holder is silly. A bump and your cap falls off.

It also looks quite boxy and rigid like a suitcase. I think I would prefer the tried and tested Billingham Hadley instead

And lets advertise what we have in the bag to would be thieves.

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On Mare Island Ship Yard in the Industrial site – HDR challenge (4 comments in total)

Natural and not extreme?? LOL Please! it's over the top and surreal. But I like it. The subject matter was well chosen for this style of HDR. It takes a scene that most people have never seen and uses that unfamiliarity to let the imagination figure it out (given that we don't read the title first).

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On Canon issues product advisory for Rebel T6i/T6s article (141 comments in total)
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jrkliny: This explanation is obviously incomplete. If only a few cameras were affected, why is Canon still working on a "solution"? I suspect the problem has not been fixed. I also suspect that this problem developed after manufacturing and QC checks were completed. Until Canon has a complete explanation and "solution" I would not trust any of these cameras. If I owned one, I would return it and certainly not exchange it for another unit which might also be defective or develop the defect at a later date. I would return it even if the defect was not yet noticeable.

+1 for not accepting a replacement. I made that mistake with the D600 as the second one was worse than the first and I regret not accepting the money back before the refund period ran out. Leave the beast alone and wait for the onslaught of cheap refurbs on Canon's E-Store.

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On Canon issues product advisory for Rebel T6i/T6s article (141 comments in total)
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En Trance: I think that the bigger problem is, "How did these cameras pass final inspection"?
What is Canon doing to prevent big problems like this from shipping out the door? Any other models? Do we wait for Rent-A-Camera to discover the next flaw?
Canon really had no choice other than repairing the cameras. I am not impressed with this damage control move. But it is good that they stood up.

"Get it out the door NOW and fix it later" seems to be a common mantra with companies of mass production. It's inconceivable to believe that Canon wasn't aware of the defect even WHILE they were producing. I stressed the same about the D600 shutter splatter cover-up. The reason Canon and Nikon wait for consumers to report the problem is because they would look stupid if they made a camera release announcement with a rider stating it has known defects. The bean counters probably calculated it is cheaper to pay shipping charges for repairs rather than stopping production and re-assigning their production workers to dis-mantling and repairing cameras in the factory. You have to keep the machine rolling.

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Ken Aisin: Did Nikon do this on purpose to screw third party manufacturers?

More like to screw with their customers.

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Prairie Pal: oh my's full of stars!

Clint thank you for getting that!!

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oh my's full of stars!

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There are other DYI solutions that are way better at little or no cost. Get this crap post out of here.

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My thanks to the author. Very well paced and clearly explained.

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random78: It might be the engineering team but these were typical marketing answers. Standard responses like "DX and FX are equally important to us", "we don't see DX as consumer and FX as professional", but "we won't talk about whether we are working on a high-end APS-C model". Similarly "our quality control is great and we don't feel the need for AF tuning on D5000/D3000 type bodies", even though the higher end bodies which should have at least as good if not better quality control do have this feature. etc. Not unexpected at all of course. Canon/Nikon rarely reveal anything about their product plans. Perhaps the only thing of substance was the admission that we were slow on D600 response and learnt from it.

RANDOM: "Perhaps the only thing of substance was the admission that we were slow on D600 response."....Admission was they're only option here, anything less would have ignited another rage of wildfires from the readers. ;)

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Prairie Pal: Rather than this piece of conceptual art, I would rather see 3rd parties offering compact affordable flashes for MFT and cords for off camera ttl. About the size of the Nikon SB400. I hate those tiny kit flashes that draw from the camera battery.

It works but its much bigger than I want, and not that Canada anyway ($335). It is more affordable than Olympus speedlites. I had the Nissin di466 for MFT and that was just too big too (I want to use a MFT flash on my Olympus compact XZ-2 as well...which works)

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