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On Want to remember something? Don't take a photo article (183 comments in total)

I'm always enjoy reliving things I did two or five years ago - thanks to the many photographs I took at the time - I'm sure that at that time horizon the photographs provide valuable anchor points on which to build memories!

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On Simple Photo Tips: Square format images post (27 comments in total)

I was once told that you can always find a square photograph within a rectangular one - and mostly I've found that to be true. Sometimes I crop my normal 4:3 ratio photos to square just because that's the right thing to do given the subject.

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On A Serious Rangefinder Compact Camera article (137 comments in total)

So much about this camera is about dealing with technical limitations that it's a bit of a pointless exercise - if you have an F1.2 10-1000mm zoom, why not have a 100 GigaPixel ISO quadrillion sensor to match?

My ideal camera would take photos as though through my eyes (in stereo 3D naturally), ultra sensitive (such that an exposure compensation dial is superfluous), aperture & focus are achieved through post-processing (like the Lytra). And there's no button to press to take a photo as it scans my brain to know when to click! :o)

(BTW, my ideal camera also captures infra-red & ultra-violet as I want to be able to see what a bee sees)

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On Compositional Rules article (120 comments in total)

Here's a question I often ask myself, when composing a shot of the sea or a large lake - is it better to put the horizon half-way down the frame (which is what you see when looking straight ahead) or go for the rule of thirds, which then either amplifies the sky or the sea?

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On Compositional Rules article (120 comments in total)

I use an Olympus PEN with the "thirds grid" enabled when shooting - however Olympus have taken a slightly odd decision of narrowing the central bands, the lines are not equally spaced and the cross-points are somewhat closer to the centre of the frame - a good idea? what do you think?

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On HDR for the Rest of Us article (199 comments in total)

Great to see HDR photography being used in a "Natural" way - much closer to what the eye perceives - I've used this sort of technique taking wide-angle photographs inside a cathedral to get the stained glass windows to show up as well as the stone columns & painted ceilings.

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On 3D Video Primer, Part 2 article (27 comments in total)

What I would have liked to see is a real analysis of the extrapolation algorithms these cameras use to make up for the tiny intra-lens distance. Human eyes are 6-8cm apart, the lenses on these cameras are 1cm apart, binoculars (particularly for ranging artillery) can have lenses over a 1m apart. So it would be great to see some hard tests of scenes shot with these cameras vs. shot with 2 cameras at the correct distance apart.

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