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Feb 2000 - Canon A50 (Sold Aug 2000)
July 2000 - Canon S100 (great early pocket camera)
Oct 2000 - Olympus C-2100UZ (a classic)
Nov 2003 - Minolta A1 (CCD died 8-2006)
May 2005 - Panasonic FZ5 (given to wife after I got FZ30)
Sep 2005 - Panasonic FZ30 (my current main camera)
Jan 2006 - Fuji F10 (don't like it-overrated)
Apr 2006 - Kodak CD33 (2 from eBay for grandkids to use)
July 2006 - Nikon 4500 (from eBay for digiscoping-disappointed)
Aug 2006 - Panasonic FX07 (my current pocket camera)
Sep 2006 - Minolta A2 (from eBay to replace A1)
Aug 2007 - Kodak P880 (from eBay on a whim)


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Frank_BR: Those guys seem to believe in "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door".

If they really think they have a good idea, it would be much simpler to sell this idea to Leica than trying to design a camera from scratch.

"And optical rangefinders are easy to focus." Autofocus cameras are easier, and faster. But it puts a damper on pretending to be an artiste.

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RichRMA: No idea if an ND is that safe (or good quality enough) for solar shooting. Consider using Baader Solar Film or glass filters from Thousand Oaks Optical. Both are metallized to screen out UV and IR.

So you'd never view a solar eclipse through a telescope? Too bad for you, especially come August 21, 2017.

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On Canon 7D mirror box filmed at 10,000fps article (175 comments in total)
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Adam2: Wow that 7d is gnarly. It looks trashed.

Before he explained how the camera had been used, I assumed it was a custom "stars and galaxies" paint job. Turns out it's just random blotches.

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On Panasonic reveals Lumix DMC-GF7 with tilting LCD article (78 comments in total)
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captura: At least this selfie-cam has a touchscreen, (which the Lumix X-A2 doesn't.)
And those who have never used a touchscreen can go back to the cave where they hide old Nikons....which never had touchscreens (until last month.)
A touchscreen can be useful...for quick menu-diving to touch-focus.
Believe it!

I tried the ZS19 with a touchscreen and it was infuriating, because it could not be deactivated. Any accidental touch would produce an unwanted result. Perhaps that has been fixed in subsequent cameras but as it was implemented then, it was far more trouble than it was worth.

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"The team has made somewhere in the vicinity of 100 full-size sensors with their bending machine."

Bite my shiny metal ass.

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showmeyourpics: I like and own Panasonic camera gear but this one is an absurd design straight out of marketing genius. Let's use a really small 1/2.3 sensor to reduce size and weight and then let's pack it up with 18MP (= noise fiesta). Let's add an EVF, which is a really good idea, but let's make it miniscule with only 200K dot (the Nikon P7800 EVF needs 921K dot to be just decent). And, dulcis in fundo, let's slap on a 24-720mm nice and dark (f/3.3-6.4) zoom lens on a very small body that weighs nothing and will probably be a stability nightmare (at 720mm and f/6.4, one will have to crank up the ISO setting through the roof to get a workable exposure time, but the noise will turn the picture into mush). There are MUCH better balanced compacts out there for the enthusiast photographer, everyone else is better off sticking with a good smart phone camera.

A 200K EVF is stupid when the 1.3M EVF from the FZ200 could've been used. Of course it's got its own problems with its small size but still, c'mon! I guess they have to hold something back for the ZS50....

At least they dropped the infuriating touch screen.

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Next week on "Hoarders"....

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So anyone who uses Photoshop to convert a color image to B&W is a Philistine barbarian, descrating the true original? Do I have that right?

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On Stick 'Em Up! in the Movies...the classics! challenge (4 comments in total)

I like the shot pretty well, BUT... a hard-boiled dick of the era would hold the gun one-handed. You never saw anyone shoot with two hands in movies back then, or much in real life for that matter. You'd have to figure out what to have him do with his left arm then, though.

And it wouldn't be a BB gun with a relatively long barrel, it'd be a snubby .38, or maybe a 1911 .45. (Realistic looking airsoft guns can be had for $30 or so.)

Also the position of the rear view mirror make it look like he's resting his arm on it. Moving just a few inches to his left would show a definite gap and eliminate the confusion.

There's a slight crease in the right side of his hat brim that throws a triangular shadow, that looks in the small pic like hair sticking out from under his hat.

I like that his face looks like its been smoothed a bit, as if he's wearing actor's makeup. (Although I might be seeing something that isn't there.) The lighting, overall composition and B&W tone look good

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The viewfinder is still a low-res POS. Stupid.

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