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Yxa: This is what I wanted and it's a joke
That's sad

I do agree. Desired butjust a joke.

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Optically nothing new, just see, they are used when you want to fit a larger Sky subject inside your frame and, yes they do luminosity gain. The problem is if they make the AF work properly, in astrophotography the subject is always at the infinite mark ... :-)

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Well. Now Panasonic or Olympus can make a copy of a m4/3 camera without the color array. It should not be expensive and puts a good idea at an earthly level.

Even further, without the IR-UV cut filter.

Not the hi-end cameras, something like the GF2. They could be not expensive and maybe cheap. With very good lenses ten times better than the Leica ones in terms of rendition/cost.

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sunhorse: This is a huge improvement. Not only are the ergonomics superior, the IQ has now reached the level where most enthusiast photogs (non-measurebators) would be very happy. Congrats to Olympus imaging.


LOL :)

(I agree, just started to buy some lens, Pana 14, Pana 45-175 and Oly 45 and a GF2 body just for the meantime waiting for the OM-D)

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Reactive: Art filters? Why do Olympus bother with gimmicks like this - it just devalues the overall impression of an otherwise advanced camera; they belong only on kiddie-grade compacts.

And when will any manufacture create a camera where the user's greasy nose doesn't have to grind all over the rear screen? Don't humans have a nose sticking out of their face? My old DV camcorder had an extending viewfinder so the body rested on my cheek, which gave excellent stability. Reviewers make a lot of fuss about a camera's handling, buttons, and the grip - but never challenge the fundamental silliness of the flat-backed SLR shape.

Hi, you said
>It's a lot like loading up an old film SLR with a particular
>film emulsion
>I miss the days of loading up B/W film, and forcing yourself
>to visualize all images in B/W

I'm not at all a lover of these effects, but your post have made me look at the question in a different way: if you see the effect of the filter on the rear screen (see how I love them ... never used), well, I agree.

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On article First impressions shooting with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (269 comments in total)
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Mtsuoka: what's the point of the battery grip?
Anyway Olympus makes good looking consumer camera

Well, if your OM-10 was difficult to hold, at the time you hadn't to complain, because ALL cameras were made the same, starting from the start of XX Century, as they at first started as boxes, maybe rounded ones. And no one seemed to be bored, the today's need for a grip just started with the autofocus boatanchors.

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sarkozy: See my pro lowlight photos (freehand) here:

where are the ORBS?

I see them.
They aren't in the light bulbs, maybe undervolted tungsten lamps used just to make a light path. Can't you see?

For what I've seen these "orbs" take place in two circumstances:
- long exposures of strong pointlike sources;
- where is the strongest reflection in an area already reflecting.
Maybe its an avalanche effect that happens in the form of a capacitive discharge on the sensor ... but here I'm guessing too much.

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I have some Pentax M lens, I wonder what could be their ease of use on an OM-D - could it be a bit better their use on a Pentax K-r or K-5? (very nice camera, but how can I buy so much camera bodies)? Thanks.

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wildbild: the pricing is outrageous. EUR price is 1.5x the US$ price.

Hi, well, it seems a good idea, but I always consider that -I don't know if I have a valid warranty, -all the plugs are US, and -at least I have to pay Vat when the camera arrives ... how do you treat these issues? Thanks.

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ShatteredSky: According to the manual there are 17.2 total MPs, and 16.05 MP used. Hmmmm ....

Hi, did you found a manual? I'm still waiting to find it somewhere ...

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KiwiSnapz: Why get so worked up about a camera. A camera is just a light proof box with a lens and a timer function. The OLYMPUS LENS QUALITY at an affordable price is why I left canon and nikon after thirty years.
Every camera will have a niggle or bug for each of us. I keep asking why do we not have multi spot on the newer cameras. My t90 had it, my c5060 had it. Wouldn't it be just a firware upgrade?
The equipment has and will always change. All the gadgets and gizmos are fun/helpful but I hear little or nothing about using your intuition and not letting one of the miriad of "scene" modes do your thinking for you. Real photography is about the capture and control of light; It also requires some vision to get a finished shot that is appreciated. Enjoy and learn about the gear youv'e got and save those pennies for the next must have.

A camera WAS just a light proof box in the time of film photography, when a picture taken with a Zenith (with a good lens of course), a Leicaflex or a Nikon FE2 could exactly be the same, only with a different ease of use. Just using the same film on all of three.
Now the sensor is half of the camera ... how many comments here have pointed at how small is the one of this camera. In the film days there was only the Olympus Pen (do this name recalls something?) and few others to be counted on the fingers of one hand to use the half format (18x24mm instead of 24x36mm).
BTW I still wonder how all the chances offered by today's cameras are of help in TAKING better pictures ...

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On article Pentax announces K-01 K-mount APS-C mirrorless camera (874 comments in total)

I think this is a nice interesting camera; about the ugly yellow, I find strange no one has noticed in the press release that (the camera is) "Available in black, white and Newson’s signature yellow colors", so it's a kind of Marc Newson's trademark.
Let me look in the glass sphere what will be the next models:

K-02 - similar in design, whit a dial more on the top, slimmer to use the newly developed "micro-K" (just a guess ..) lenses, engineered for the smaller flange focal distance. K lens optional adapter. Optional tilting EVF to be mounted in place of the flash.

K-03 - same as above but FF (24x36mm sensor). Standard EVF.

Just wait. :-)

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I guess the new "mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera" will be the APSC whith F-mount that Nikon has refused to make ...

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