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The Andy G: Let the consumer decide. No, seriously.

Yes, there are many, many technical repairs that should require OEM servicing but other repairs that do not. The shutter module replacement is, in fact, a module. Repairing a shutter, well, that's another matter. Let me choose, however.

90% cottect. Nearly everything these days is just parts swaps.

But then there's the 10%, where special tools or programs are needed.

Btw. Not sure if european Nikon supplies parts to independent repair shops. EU laws are a lot consumer friendly and may force Nikon to do so. A remedy might be to source the Nikon parts from EU middleman.

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alexandru: Wow, another "great interview" that tries to justify this non-sense sensor. Let's encourage all manufacturers to bring these billion pixels camera-phones. It's not a camera, it's not a phone, it just is...for a little while.

@alexandru. There has never been anything wrong with the PHONE part of Nkia cell phones. And Nokia has proved time and again that they have the top notch camera parts too. What the smartphones had wrong , pre Belle and Anna, was the UI. These days that too is OK.

To me, making calls and taking good pictures are the things I look for in a phone. Anything else is just cherry on top.

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Durandalfr: I will only buy it if it brings a slowmo video mode (120 or 240fps).

Wouldn't surprice me if the hardware could do it, in zoom mode. That pixel binning in video recording is going to take a lot of bandwith, and if individual photocell bw limitation is higher than the bus bw offchip, in theory the camera could provide 210fps in 1080 mode.

But I wouldn't hold my breath over a firmware release with sloow mo. This is the first incarnation of this technology, and at first they are going to consenrate on picture quality, reliability etc. Slow mo isn't that high on features.

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Felix E Klee: Is that oversampling any different than scaling the full-res picture in a graphics program to a smaller size?

Yes and no. If the graphics program work with RAW pictures, you could do this but if you import jpegs there will be compression artifacts and distortions that will make this pretty much impossible, unless we are talking about really big resizings, even bigger than 41mp to 5mp.

I think Iäve explained this better somewhere in the forums, but cant find the article.

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