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nikonson: Rich man's lens: FE 90mm/F2.8 = $1,500
Poor man's lens 1: 85mm/F2.? = Maxxum 50mm/F1.7 + 1.7X converter + LAEA4
Poor man's lens 2: 85mm/F2.? = Maxxum 50mm/F1.4 + 1.7X converter + LAEA4

Poor man's lens, Sony 85mm f2.8 - 170g, less than $200 most of the time. Much better than clunky 50mm plus adapter.

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art99: I would have expected to see a 24-150 constant aperture like 3.5 or 4

They already have a 28-135mm f4.

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matthew saville: Wow, I bet that 28mm + 21mm adapter is heavier, more expensive, and WAY less sharp than the Nikon 20mm f/1.8 G. Further proof that Sony's business tactic is STILL to just throw BS at the wall and see what sticks...

Yes, but the 28mm + 21mm adapter is a LOT smaller, lighter and cheaper than the Nikon 20mm f1.8G + 28mm f1.8G.

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Linerider: These look like great lenses!!
Now all Sony needs is to make a FF camera with "decent" battery life and im sold

It depends much more on 'how' you use the battery. I have shot 1300+ frames on a single battery on my A7S while using a mixture of native and A-Mount lenses. Today I shot much fewer frames, but a battery lasted about 70-80% of a day of shooting all day, again mixed. Second battery barely got used. The batteries are tiny and a second or fifth one is very little bother. If I had used the grip I probably wouldn't have needed a battery change at all.

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On CP+ 2015: Canon shows off prototype 120MP CMOS sensor article (255 comments in total)
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Jokica: Old news. That sensor is presented in August 2010.

Don't worry though, in another 5 years they will wheel out their (by then) forgotten 2MP super high sensitivity sensor as 'proof' that they are still working over there ;)

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On CP+ 2015: Canon shows off prototype 120MP CMOS sensor article (255 comments in total)
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AEY: 2010 Prototype..................... NOW
2015 >>>>>>>>............... STILL "PROTOTYPE" Ha Ha Ha.

I was about to say the same thing. Sounds like they just wheeled out an old prototype to show they are still doing something...

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Actually think that 24-240mm would be quite at home on the A7S which with its 'easy to please' pixel density and high ISO abilities covers a huge range in a still really usable package that will work perfectly well in most lighting. Keen to try one of these out (it's not a typically desirable lens on paper, but I already know I can shoot just fine in any lighting with the 70-200mm f4, I don't think this will struggle to resolve the sensor so it is actually pretty interesting). Just about any lens is good on the A7S so the fact this has a pretty darn useful zoom range makes it quite appealing.

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Treeshade: G3X is a bit taller than G7X (60mm tall). If they use the same LCD, then I guess the filter thread of G3X is about 55mm. 600mm equivalent is 222mm for 1-inch sensor. 222/55=4. The F/stop value is at most 4.

But consider FZ1000 (another 1-inch superzoom), which uses 62mm filter, is only F/4 at 400mm (max 2.4 in theory, but in practice the lens barrel has zoom and focus parts). If we assume the same ratio (60%), then the F/stop value is about 6.7. Seems a bit slow even for 600mm equivalent.

Dude, filter thread isn't aperture.

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McBrian: Yet another Pentax article that can't be written without a childish barb,

Did DPR fling a barb at Sony when they showed their new lens mockup models?

Sad really.

Perhaps you could kindly ask Barbara to remove her veil if it bothers you so? Just don't become a wedding photographer ;)

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KL Matt: Dream come true. But why is the 35 in Pentax mount, but the 24 isn't????

You would think pentax and Sony would be a priority due to their respective lack of a 24mm f1.4 (Sony at least has the very good f2).

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DavidNJ100: My question: does the 150-600 contemporary feature microfocus adjustmant and customization via the USB dock?

All global vision lenses do.

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jtan163: One has to imagine the next A prime will be an 85 1.4.
Sigma seem to be releasing a complete line of primes in the traditional focal lengths, in what appears to me to be from most useful to most specialist order.

135mm should come before the 85mm, their current 85mm is very good and their best ever non Art prime.

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It's nice to have Sigma announce a new Art lens and a) have pricing and availability info so soon after announcement rather than waiting a few months and b) having actual availability so soon after as well! Here's hoping the A and K mount catch up period won't be too long given this change of direction for them.

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So we might see this lens in A-Mount in another 6 months or so and then DPR can finally review the A77 II?

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Nikon and Canon and Sony and to some extent Pentax are not in the same situation as Fuji, panasonic and Olympus. Those three abandoned their legacy systems as soon as mirrorless came out. They also had such insignificant user bases that they didn't need to support their legacy customers, they just simply started again.

For Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax they would all, in some way have to support an existing user base and use mirrorless to augment their product lineups rather than replace them. They have all gone about this differently, Nikon have gone after the soccor mom market who (quite rightly) complained about slow P&S cameras, so they made fast cameras, really fast! With enough IQ to satisfy said market while also being limited in technology (no one has a FF camera still that is as fast as Nikon 1, well at least in an affordable range). Sony has gone this whole 'one system' approach using SLT as a bridge between the two (which probably makes sense for them with their smaller market), Pentax went with the novel Q system meant simply to be the smallest and as such the least to really need legacy support or find it particularly useful).

Which leaves Canon, who basically followed the same path as Nikon, but aimed for better low light and IQ over speed in the P&S upgrade market rather than speed. They have both a standard set of lenses that most P&S or first time DSLR buyers would use and left them at that with some sort of compatibility with 'proper' SLR lens systems.

They probably did a lot of research into what they thought their target markets want and are a response to that, but that does NOT account for what the typical DPR reader is interested in...

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I would just like to note that Nikon has been lumped into the same boat here, but when talking about lenses and how (DPR fave) Panasonic and (other DPR fave) Fuji both have f1.2 'portrait' primes, Nikon in fact have one too AND before either of those other two. Canon have more f1.2 AF lenses then anybody and they can be used on this camera as well with an apparently difficult to find adapter (maybe in regions that don't sell the cameras?).

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All I can say (actually not really) is:

'we are developing serious mirrorless'


'we have always been serious about mirrorless'

THIS is exactly the product we should have been expecting.

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justmeMN: I don't fault Canon for not aggressively rushing into a money-losing sector.

I'm sure Nikon users said the same thing about AF when Canon went headlong into AF SLRs. People 'probably' said the same thing about motor cars too... 'I'm glad brand x isn't getting on this motor car thing, they should be developing faster horses' ;)

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67gtonr: What? , why was the Canon EOS EF-M 11-22 IS lens, one of the best UWA lenses on the market, left out of you article???

It was mentioned but dismissed because it is a 'slow zoom'... not that I know of any mirrorless system with a fast UWA zoom (yet, Olympus yet to land).

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bossnas: What are the clone/healing tools like? I just want an app that will be good for spotting the odd bit of dust from film scans and I certainly don't want to be paying Adobe a monthly subscription for that. Thanks.

Why not try the beta and find out?

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