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vladimir vanek: Add a nice 35/1.4 pancake and here we go.... ;) But I doubt it's possible to make pancakes for such a large sensor, isn't it?

Canon and Voigtlander also make 'pancake' full frame lenses, but at the end day these still bigger than the Sony 35mm f2.8 when you add in the sensor distance / mirror box.

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Valen305: Sony finally came to its senses and put the shutter button in the right place. IBIS is great! Will there be an A7R?

I was just playing with my A7S trying to imagine the shutter and new dial... I can't be sure but I think the old arrangement is better for this camera and feel Sony have listened to the Internet masses telling them where it 'should' be rather than what is actually best for the body in question. But I'm happy to be wrong!

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PazinBoise: Well, when this hits the US it will be time for me to say good bye to both my 70D and my X-M1.

@tkbslc - Compared to what?

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whyamihere: As much as the a7 series interests me, here's what's holding me back:

The lens mount: Sigma's president put it best when he mentioned in recent interviews that a full-frame sensor needs something bigger than E-Mount, which was designed for APS-C. Essentially, Sony is fighting physics in an effort to crank out workable lens designs, especially zooms (which are all f4 or 3.5-5.6, at this point).

Battery life: This is more of an issue with mirrorless, in general, but the a7 series is among the worst. Not having to buy different batteries is nice and all, but when it works to the detriment of functionality, it's not a good thing.

That noisy shutter: The quietest mechanical shutter on any a7 is louder than the loudest DSLR or mirrorless I've ever used, and the electronic shutter is only a work around if you don't shoot objects in motion with wider apertures.

Sony has moved mirrorless forward with the a7, but they've also kneecapped themselves with silly design/engineering decisions.

@whyamihere: You know that the majority of f2.8 zooms outweigh their respective DSLRs too right?

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atamola: - do you hear that?
- ...nope.
- don't you hear that?
- No, I don't. What?
- That silence. That deep silence at Canikon HQs.

CIPA ratings are with 'some' flash, not every shot.

1200 shots is easily obtainable on my A7S. With the battery grip and just two batteries in it I can easily shoot all day long, I keep spares but really never need them. I'm sure the D750 or whatever DSLR can 'beat' that, but it gets to a point of being completely irrelevant. 2500 shots on a pair of small batteries is just fine for me... and it still weighs less.

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Joseph Black: Nice camera, or promising at least (despite the fact that it suffers from having menus, controls, and ergonomics deigned by Sony, and I know that is entirely subjective so ignore if you disagree), but at what point does image stabilization become the next megapixel war or whatever other spec. war one can think of? I'm sure there are plenty of circumstances where amazing IS is useful, but if you can shoot handheld at 1 second you'd better have a statue in your sights if you want a blur free image. It's another full frame camera and that's great for competition, but I don't see anything to get all in a tizzy about.
Buy a tripod ladies and gents. Seriously, it's one of the most necessary tools one can own. And if you want some serious IS right now on your camera get a monopod, too.

Absolutely correct, IS (of any kind) doesn't replace a tripod, but a tripod won't freeze motion either, so not really sure what your point is? If I can shoot handheld for longish exposure times without the need for a tripod then that is 'occasionally' useful. Dragging a tripod with me is not going to save a shot any more than IS is.

Having IBIS on a full frame camera like this simply gives me more options, I can use a low ISO with a long exposure time if the subject suits OR I can use a higher ISO and freeze motion if that is required, again neither of which rely on a tripod (though depends how long an exposure time).

I do very much agree that IS isn't the be all and end all for taking a photo, have said it so many times my fingers hurt, I use an A7S for this very reason that decent shutter speeds are far more important to me. However IBIS does have some other advantages, such as being able to use 'marginal' shutter speeds that are a little bit slower especially using longer lenses, say like comfortably shooting at 1/160th at 200mm. The next advantage is having a stabilised viewfinder for composition and focussing which is a big big help. Lastly for video, IS is ALWAYS handy for video and 5-axis IBIS is some of the best around for this, especially with larger sensors.

So there you have it, 3 very useful things about Is that has nothing to do with a tripod :)

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marc petzold: Like 2013, the A7 came first...so...i'd expect a A7R II and A7S II into the spring to summer 2015 then...

A7 and A7R were released at the same time (same release). A7S was delayed due to delays in the new sensor (and other changes from the other two) but was developed at the same time.

There are lots of rumours about an A9 early next year, I suspect the variants of S and R are being saved for that model and A7 will now become the entry FF model.

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Morpho Hunter: Presumably, in return for the superb IBIS, Olympus will get a superb sensor for the E-M5 replacement from Sony....?

Tinfoil hats at the ready! Or maybe, just maybe, the original A7 was based on the RX1 heavily but with a built in viewfinder and grip? Oh that's right it was! Yes they have listened to the many complaints and made adjustments but the idea it is to sell more of the next iteration is just plain nuts. I know let's sabotage our whole launch of a new product range with 'bad' ergonomics so that people will REALLY love the second gen...

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Tom Caldwell: So I am quite peeved. As one of those that saw the awkwardness of the A7 series controls from day one and then watched as Sony proceeded to issue two more camera bodies with the identical control layout before finally deciding that they were not going to change anything and dong dang stupidly bought one.

This was reinforced by getting a hiding over daring to say that the camera was great but the controls needed a makeover. So many thought that the controls on the A7 series were just fine (?) I suppose they will now rush and apologise to me and confirm that my suggestions were quite correct and that Sony should listen. Well apparently they have listened to what should have been the bleeding obvious and much cheering is apparent !

But the only ones that should be cheering are those who have wisely held off buying an A7 so far. For the rest Sony has just instantly devalued your MkI shutter squeeze by a huge amount.

I'm sorry but this is your own mistake, take some responsibility rather than trying to 'blame the internet'. For one thing the A7 and A7R were released at exactly the same time, it wasn't added as they went. Secondly the A7S was developed at the same time as the A7R and A7, it's sensor and other differences were the cause for delayed release of that model, it was intended to be released with the others.

Then you want to talk about how Sony should have listened, by doing what exactly!? By releasing a model that takes on those criticisms? Or did you expect them to do that 3 months after release? This IS that model, just 12 months later taking on board many (most) of the things people didn't like about the first gen, they can't magically 'undo' what you didn't like about the camera you decided to buy.

As for IBIS, seriously? Considering that this is the first E-Mount camera to have IBIS, the first Sony to have this type of 5-axis IBIS and the first full frame to have 5-axis IBIS, but no they just had it laying around and thought 'oh nobody is going to want this, stick it on the trash pile'... Believe it or not things take time to implement into a shipping product. Just because you thought it should have IBIS doesn't mean Sony was ready to ship something like that. Heck 2 days ago lots of the internet experts you seem to listen to said that it couldn't be done on E-Mount cameras, certainly not full frame ones.

Sure feel 'justified' that you were 'right', you aren't 'right' or 'wrong' but in the end Sony did listen to you and people like you who thought the same things you did and have released a product aimed to rectify your qualms. But take some responsibility that you decided to buy something that *you* weren't completely happy with.

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Zoron: but i hate the design of the body and paint finish......come up with a new body please

This is a new body.

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FiveForm: I think I'll "hold" on any upgrade at this point. The trend of constantly "revving up" can be a ridiculous exercise in chasing one's tail, technologically. This is exactly what the tech companies want us to do, to feel dissatisfied with what we have and constantly seek "greener pastures." When you realize that you can take great photos with just about any of today's (or yesterday's) equipment, then you will focus more time on the photos and your developing your creativity instead of stumbling over the equipment. My original A7 will be just fine, and if it takes great pics today, then it should for some time until it finally dies....

IF the AF has improved in low light like the ratings suggest I will probably get one as a second body to my A7S. I am still perfectly happy with my S but this could be a more useful camera to me than my A6000 which I am finding the FL's of my FF lenses to be less than ideal on without buying crop dedicated lenses. So this would be an excellent match especially with using a number of A-Mounts still. My cameras are workhorses, it isn't about needing some new whizbang feature or I can't take a photo, but anything that makes them less likely to get in the way of what I'm trying to achieve IS important to me.

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Dazzer8888: I have an A7, i think the body is a really terrible design, a triumph of retro foolishness over ergonomics...........

And yet I am very pleased with mine. Looks like people have different tastes, but some seem to be louder about their personal preferences.

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HowaboutRAW: 463 comments, and not counting this one, two or three mention the fact that the camera is ONLY available in Japan for now.

Sony (and others) have a habit of announcing things in one region and then a couple days later in another. This isn't a 'Japan only' E-PL6. Actual announcement is probably at another event somewhere in the next few days.

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Ron A 19: Looks great! Better grip and improvements to the finicky a7. Way to go! Next step: tuck that EVF into the body - there's no need for a prism hump!

Yep, people don't seem to realise it has to go somewhere, as do the optics that make it work well in the first place. There is literally no room to have it in the corner without making the whole camera considerably larger...

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vesa1tahti: No time lapse, no bulb = useless

It has TL and bulb. If it is like the A7S you can have live bulb as well.

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jhinkey: The questions that I have are:
- Does it have the same sensor cover that produces reflections with bright light sources like the A7 does?
- How loud is the shutter? Both the A7 and A7r are loud
- Does IBIS work with legacy glass in both photo and video mode
- Is the water resistance improved
- Does it have an AA filter and if so how strong is it

I would consider swapping out my A7r for the A7II if it improves in these areas.
Great that Sony is iterating on their A7 lineup!

- No idea.
- Quieter like the A7S is EFCS mode, maybe quieter still.
- Yes.
- don't know but maybe, considering the body upgrades and mount, despite looking similar the body is completely new all over.
- Yes AA-Filter. Probably pretty light like A7. Sony have said they need AA-Filter for on sensor PDAF.

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Xentrax: I actually like how A7 line looks. And I like this camera.

I would like built-in wireless flash controller serving also as a small flash, and with HSS.

Hopefully, in this camera EVF-LCD eye sensor triggers at s smaller distance than 4" in previous cameras. This was a major showstopper for me.

Another problem was that camera always works in aperture preview mode, causing EVF lags and reduced AF performance due to less light reaching sensor. I don't think that is ever fixed.

The last one is easily fixed, just turn 'settings effect' to 'off' and it will behave like an SLR with lens wide open all the time.

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Black Box: How long will they all think we never visited school? There CANNOT be more than 3 axis. What is shown on the illiterate diagram are directions, not axes!

Believe it or not there is no such thing as Steadyshot, Universal Serial Bus, Secure Digital, Memorysticks or XAVC-S either, this is called marketing and branding.

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Able Lawrence: Good technical improvement but still way to go with focusing speed and frame rates.

Because you have of course used one?

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Richard Craze: Love that Sony now have in body stabilisation. Does that mean they can start to produce smaller and lighter lenses? The size of the Olympus system lenses is just amazing, I know that 35mm lenses are going to be bigger and heaver but we can all remember the size of 35mm lenses before auto focus came along!

Pentax FF limited lenses are 'still' small because they haven't produced a new one in ages.

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