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Black Box: How long will they all think we never visited school? There CANNOT be more than 3 axis. What is shown on the illiterate diagram are directions, not axes!

Believe it or not there is no such thing as Steadyshot, Universal Serial Bus, Secure Digital, Memorysticks or XAVC-S either, this is called marketing and branding.

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Able Lawrence: Good technical improvement but still way to go with focusing speed and frame rates.

Because you have of course used one?

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Richard Craze: Love that Sony now have in body stabilisation. Does that mean they can start to produce smaller and lighter lenses? The size of the Olympus system lenses is just amazing, I know that 35mm lenses are going to be bigger and heaver but we can all remember the size of 35mm lenses before auto focus came along!

Pentax FF limited lenses are 'still' small because they haven't produced a new one in ages.

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Edgar_in_Indy: I hope this camera finally starts to put pressure on Canon and Nikon to offer IBIS.

It's so obvious that not offering IBIS is just a way to get more money. I can't believe they've been able to get away with it for so long, but apparently their customers have been happy to double-dip, and to buy larger, heavier, more expensive, more complicated lenses, with more possible points of failure, and with compromised optics vs non-stabilized designs.

And the the fact that Sony's IBIS can be combined with optical stabilization is very exciting. I've been speculating for years about whether that would be possible, so I'm glad to see somebody implementing it. I can't wait to see how it performs.

Considering the shutters all come from more or less the same places it's rather irrelevant what 'Sony' or 'Canon', 'Nikon' or whomever rate their shutters for.

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LarsLeibgott: Any source on the mag alloy body? Is it composite + mag alloy (a la A7 original) or full mag alloy? I don't see it in any of the Sony press materials.

The pictures on SAR indicate it as an all metal body.

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aandeg: Looks like they addressed nearly all of the complaints of the first a7. Well done now if they would change their name to Olympus or Panasonic it would be double plus platinum for them from MFTreview.

Odd time to announce a camera though. Got to hurt some Christmas sales for sure.

MFTreviews ;)

Yes this site does feel like that these days. What happened to the 'comparative review' of the GH4 and A7S? GH4 review appeared and nothing at all on A7S. A77 II 'couldn't' be reviewed because there was no 24mm f1.4 equivalent to compare to a 1DX. But that LX100 review sure appeared fast! (which I get to an extent due to popularity of the camera, but seriously the A7S just disappeared from the A7S / GH4 review never to return).

Also how they managed to 'miss' all the prototype lenses at Photokina while checking out the Sony booth to play with the QX1. They certainly had no issues finding Olympus lens prototypes.

Posting rumours on here a couple days ago about the discontinued E-M5.

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utomo99: Bigger grip maybe good for American and Europe user. but for asian need to be reviewed again. I hope it is still OK

Does look much bigger, but does look to be a more comfortable shape.

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Smeggypants: Great! just waiting for the A7IIs now :)

Doubt it, A9S and A9R more likely.

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le_alain: same vertical battery grip ?

No. Due to the changes in shape especially around the grip this uses a new battery grip model.

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tesilab: But does the shutter still make a loud "clack"?

A7 was always quieter than A7R, but the A7S was quieter again because unlike the A7 it had a metal front casing and sturdier mount, but unlike the A7R but like the A7 it had EFCS (not talking the silent mode).

A7 II I would presume to be similar to the A7S which to me is getting quite pleasing compared to the other two, if not slightly better than the A7S due to extra weight in the body.

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Volkan Ersoy: With the new enlarged grip, I was expecting a bigger battery but it seems that they are using the same NP-FW50 battery.


Personally this is a GOOD thing. Having to change batteries with every new model is annoying.

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D200_4me: Assuming the new IS works well just like Oly's E-M1 with any lens attached, kudos to Sony. It's looking like a better and better system every day. I may have to break down and try one some day...even though I seem to have settled on the Fuji X-T1 and its system/lenses. I'd love to see an even better sensor in the new X-T1 version and with in-body 5 axis IS. Then I'd be in heaven. :-) Oh and even faster AF would be nice too, but not totally necessary for my particular shooting.

Nice find, exactly what I was looking for!

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Chaitanya S: This is exactly what is wrong with Sony. They keep releasing bodies(also they have bad habit of killing systems without giving a try) like a kid with loose motion. Only Fuji and micro 4/3 seem to be a serious mirrorless system with good selection of lenses and bodies.

Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung are the only brands to have killed off the use of a mount / system in the digital age, yet you want to name two of them as a better option than Sony because they 'kill off systems' when they have in fact killed exactly zero mounts / systems since they started making cameras AND on an article about a camera that significantly advances compatibility with their other mount and practically the main benefit of the new model? What a joke! Fanboys who listen to too much internet folklore...

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russbarnes: Also, can't believe they've released this before further lenses...

Well let's see, the sensor IS the meter and works regardless of lens or aperture so... well you can figure out the rest.

As for 'where are the lenses?' well they are on the roadmap that you have probably never looked at. They are also on the shelves.

Right now, like as in today they already have a very very competitive lens lineup, after rolling out more lenses on the roadmap (which incidentally is considerably more than say Fuji or Olympus have in the works) they will be leading the way for all mirrorless systems (and a few DSLR systems as well). Add to that new found capabilities with existing A-Mount lenses, of which there are many and plenty of third party options as well, the world of this camera is hardly short of lenses.

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Alejandro Ruiz: I wonder if Sony IBIS use Olympus technology, now they are shareholders (and even if they previously denied tech cooperation).
And if it's the case, I wonder what Olympus get from Sony: new sensor? better CAF? Better video codec & frame rates (announced for next-coming EM5 generation)?

@Stu 5: Really? They have a hard time showing it.

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Elaka Farmor: 5-axis IBIS + S Log2 = Wow!

Indeed and selectable frame rates as well as XAVC-S and optional XLR attachment and clean HDMI output. People have begged for something like this out of the OM-D range but has yet to materialise, now you can get it from Sony albeit with a full frame sensor.

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Stu 5: So will there be a new kit lens without I.S as it is no longer needed and improved optics. They will find it hard to justify selling this camera body with the current kit lens.

Why would they find it hard to justify? Panasonic sell the GX7 with OIS 'kit' lens.

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Stu 5: If the AF speed has been improved it will also be interesting to see if the EV rating the camera can focus down to has also been improved. Will it now focus down to the level of the A7s... that will be interesting to see.

No it is now -1ev vs 0ev of the A7 vs -4ev of the A7S. An improvement but not the same level. The bigger question for me is whether the PDAF lasts to lower light levels as that will make a bigger difference, the A6000 works in lower light than the A7, but still not to A7S levels.

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Anadrol: Now Sony please just put back the EVF in the corner !!!

Yes because there is just SO much room in that top corner begging to be filled by an EVF, except the sensor, IBIS and screen are in the way of course. Could make the camera considerably wider I guess, or make the whole thing as tall as 'the hump'... but neither seem like an elegant solution that just make the camera needlessly large.

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ethern1ty: My new A7s looks old... but I don't care frankly, innovation is driving here. I can't wait to see what will come in 3 years time.

Canikon still sell, but for how long ?

Mine doesn't at all, A7 II looks like a great second body though that will likely replace my A6000 as my backup.

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