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88SAL: Reminds me of miyazakis perar lenses. Is it rangefinder coupled?

It is yes.

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RStyga: Leica "upgrades" a $7,500 camera with Live View and 3" 921K LCD in 2015? At this rate they might catch up with the rest by 2050, give or take a decade.

Although good adapters are abundant for DSLM cameras, a native M mount camera could put a stop, or at least a brake, to the Leica camera charade...

So there is another camera I can buy that has a monochrome sensor from all these other much more advanced camera manufacturers I take it? Oh yes there is, if you have a lazy $40k for an APS-C red epic monochrome that is. In that way the Leica MM is a bargain.

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justmeMN: An optional selfie stick is $1,000.00

Why? Set the focus distance and go.

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I can just imagine if it was an integrated feature all the complaints about how it was randomly taking photos every time someone put it up their eye. Having it as a dedicated app with its own settings means that a) you have to deliberately launch the app to use the function b) once you leave the app the settings on your camera remain exactly as they were, as in you don't have to reconfigure a bunch of stuff that you set up for long exposure shooting and finally c) doesn't add another 10 settings to your normal menus when you are only going to use it occasionally.

For niche functions like this, being integrated is not always a great idea. Imagine if every 'app' that we used on a smartphone required us to do a firmware update to get the new app? And if every app was integrated then we had to have every app, function and menu installed at all times.

Apps make sense, just not common on a camera, though Minolta used to do this year's ago with program cards.

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aut0maticdan: I think this is very clever and useful. it really demonstrates the benefit of having extensibility via an App Store. I really appreciate having that in my a7s.

Unfortunately, it also highlights how bad Sony is at UX and design. I also don't like that some common features have become a $10 add on. Hopefully all this will improve over time.

Rather a $10 add on than having to buy the next camera model.

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Jokica: "If you can remember the e-mail and password you used for the store then good for you, but if you're out in the field and can't get your password right, then good luck to you, buddy. Typing in an e-mail and password on the back of a camera just feels silly anyway and can be downright frustrating.

It is nice that the apps are available anywhere with free Wi-Fi, but downloading anything through PlayMemories onto the camera is a frustrating experience. It would be nice to have the option to download the app to an SD card via a PC or Mac, then install it on the camera the same way firmware updates are installed on a number of cameras. "


Hey, DPR, did you try to download this application before you post this article?

@captura - So this app is more difficult to install than a firmware update? Right, check. And this app costs money that Sony 'steals'? Right, check. And instead of having an extensible 'app' architecture that provides new features to older products, Sony instead should write new firmware for each product they have made for how long after the product was released? 5 years? 10? Yes that will certainly make cameras cheaper and far less 'stealing' going on.

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linzdoctor7d: Sony why can't you add remote shutter release work with your Apps instead of this! If I want to use the Nex 5T with the Apps Multiple Exposure, Time Lapse or Multi Shot there is no option in the menu. I must therefore shake the camera by pressing the shutter button.

There is no menu option for wired shutter releases, it doesn't need one. There are also available wireless remotes that connect through the wired socket. Not sure what you need to 'enable' in the menus to use a wired remote for with apps?

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Jakub Kubica: Whole "play memories" experience is c*appy at best, free apps should be available for download without stupid account.

Cool, can you show me how I can download free apps for my smartphone without an account?

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km25: Think of all the ways that camera companies have been trying to by pass the lonely cable release. Is it because it is too heavy to drag around. Maybe cause of how complex it's usage is. Thank God in heaven that now the hard work of triping the sutter moves closer to auto shutters, shutters that known when it is a good image and the camera takes the picture on it's own. Remotes have there place. This just having the camera peel you a grape.

While I completely agree that shutter releases have their place, I have been in more than one situation where this might be useful. Download it now and it's available in a pinch. Why not after all it is free and utilises the existing hardware in the camera.

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FuhTeng: Real Zeiss glass? I'm looking forward to comparison tests with these versus the other options for the 85... oh wait, there isn't really a comparison unless you cound the MF RokiBowYang 85. But I think the new 28 mm versus the 25 should be interesting.

Anyway, if I was an a7 shooter I'd be pleased! Actually, as an a6000 shooter, I think the 85 could be fun.

I would like to see how it compares to my ZA 85mm f1.4 which is faster and has better MF, but has older AF and no OSS.

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rsf3127: For those making non constructive statements about Zeiss pricing: if you are on a budget, Zeiss is not for your beak.

It is cheap because it is mechanically simple, not because it is budget. It also means you can spend more on good quality lenses rather than having to use budget lenses as lenses are still the most important thing.

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Zoron: Release the kraken A9 mirrorless.

Maybe because you can use them on any Alpha series camera?

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So do you have to reset your settings every time you use the app, or does it just have its own config when using the app? There is a pretty big difference. What I mean by this is that for long exposure shooting you may like to configure your camera quite differently to how you would when you are shooting normally, so if it remembers your config when using the app then it becomes a highly customised shooting mode, rather than the hindrance it is portrayed to be. I haven't tested it yet, but my brief experience with other apps suggests it remembers your custom settings for using that app, that is a GOOD thing. Of course DPR can't see beyond their own snootyness and thinking they are oh-so-clever and witty.

Downloading the app through a tethered connection in the field still seems easier than McGyvering a remote shutter release out of twigs and berries if you ask me.

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GoneMirrorless: Smartphone shutter release seems a better idea. The waving thing seems silly. With a smartphone connection you can tap the focal point want and a lot more.
Live view on a 1440p smartphone or tablet would be better for judging focus too.
Maybe because these cameras lack a touch screen they had to think of something else.

You can already do this with a smartphone, this just gives you another option.

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babart: Think I'll pass. It's already annoying there is no way to turn the auto viewfinder switch off. The two-second delay seems just fine. A remote shutter trigger, as with my Pentax equipment, would certainly be a better idea. AND, Sony, you can charge $40 for the trigger device. You can make it so the battery can't be changed, so you can make another $40 every couple years. Pardon my cynicism.

There are remote shutter triggers if that is what you prefer.

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Rooru S: Key questions.

Do they have mechanical coupling like A-mount Zeiss lenses? or are they focus-by-wire like anything else for E-mount? (except the macro 90mm and the PZ 28-135mm)
Do they come bundled with hood?

Yes they come with hood. They are focus by wire, the 90mm and 28-135mm are focus by wire also, like all AF mirrorless lenses.

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On Sony SLT-A77 II Review preview (487 comments in total)
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lhkjacky: It will be great, if Dpreview can include the Multi-frame noise reduction (high / low) in the studio scene comparison as well.

With the MFNR (low/high), it give more than 1 stop of noise advantage when shooting still object.

You managed to test the high res feature of the E-M5 II? Also MFNR is not only available for static scenes, unlike high res. It is not like averaging frames. But it is JPEG only. It is a feature designed to take advantage of the high burst rates of the SLT (and mirrorless) design and no you can't just do it on any camera.

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On Sony SLT-A77 II Review preview (487 comments in total)
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Cane: OMG, how many times can you mention burst rate? You'd think that was the only feature in a camera worth buying it for.

They quite literally do think that is the only reason to review the camera, that and AF. They also think these are the only aspects anyone would be interested in, possibly because between that and DR (and 'ISO invariance') are the only relavent aspects of a camera these days and if they don't match up with the D750 then the camera isn't very good.

DPR have once again completely missed anything that is good or different because they have their blinkers on for just these specs.

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On Red introduces 'Weapon' camera with 8K sensor option article (104 comments in total)
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Bernard Carns: Was I reading the specs right?
8k is somewhere near 35mp?
The Blackmagic URSA mini 4.6K is almost 12MP (pretty close to the A7s) and it can record 4.6 raw internally and has a global shutter, 15 stops DR and takes Canon lenses....hmmm.
Add autofocus and flash.
Who needs an slr anymore?

Exactly. I read about people gushing over 4K stills from video, but unless the video was shot 'for stills' it is kind of useless.

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So the new CG60 mic only works with RX10, RX100 MkII and RX1? Would be nice if it worked with other MI shoe cams like A6000 and A7 series as well as A77 II, A58, A99 and A3000/3500. Even the HX60 and HX400 should get a look in, isn't that the point with this MI shoe? Also seems kind of weird to announce that mic alongside models that can't use it...

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