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Boomanbb: What camera were you suggesting that has a similar field of view, depth of field, battery requirements, ability to be left running for long periods of time, ability to withstand shock, etc.?

Any camera can be wired up to run constantly, also there are a lot of shock proof cameras out there that have wayyyy better iq than go pro. Olympus tg3 for instance, form factor isnt a concern, have you seen the rig? Its big.

If I were putting together a camera for underwater research and wanted good quality, gopro would not be my first option. Actually it wouldnt even be on the the list at all.

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So why use a crappy go pro when theres $500 1" or larger sensor cameras available out there. Since it has to be in a custom housing anyway, why not choose a better alternative?

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On Nikon D750 flare investigated: Why we're not worried article (356 comments in total)
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jabilson007: If we all bought D750s and shot our photos with flare banding it will become a trend and be very desirable and no repair/replacements necessary. Amateurs could buy the D750 and pros the 1DX for "pro" flare banding. Come on Sony get in on this new style!

i could just photoshop it in.

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BarnET: Why is this news
When i see nothing here about the Sony 4k capable competitor that was just announced.

Sony action cam has standard tripod mount without an adapter.

How many things use a tripod thread?

Answer: more than go pro. (without adapter)

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princecody: Curious even with the firmware update is the GoPro Hero4 Black better than the Sony FDR-X1000V 4K Action Cam?

You forget weather proof body and stereo mic.

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On Sony Alpha 77 II firmware update improves AF speed article (153 comments in total)
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Tharaphita: It must have been really bad, if they were able to make it 2,5 faster. Lol

no, it wasnt bad its just now REALLY REALLY REALL GOOD

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SingerNick: I suppose this release will make the 35mm 2.8 more appealing as a low light tool.

Sony is right in the middle

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Light Pilgrim: In my opinion, the problem of Sony is the lack of lenses. Personally I find nothing to be excited about so many new camera bodies from Sony is there is no portrait lens to compete with 35 mm, 50mm or 85 mm in the F/1.2-F/1.4 range.

Professionals will have the same issues with A9.

What Sony will do good is landscape photography, but not portraits.

Poor baby.. I use my 85 1.4 samyang and 70-200 f4 for portraits.

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hammarbytp: Will it work on a A7S? :)


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aris14: Ι hate proprietary flash shoes...

The ones from Nikon and Canon are not?

So youre saying you can use Canon flash on Nikon shoe in full ttl?

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On Canon announces EOS C100 Mark II article (278 comments in total)
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Donnie G: Pixel peep all you want gang, this camera will make money for the professionals who use it and the rental houses who stock it. Its a small, lightweight, infinitely customizable, industrial strength body with AF that's supported by the largest selection of modern lenses the world has ever known, and that makes it a very cost effective tool for professional productions. Of course if you're not a pro, then none of that would matter to you. Different strokes!

AF, HA! PROS dont use AF in video, most of them anyway.

FS7 is a better camera in every way, and takes ANY lens available.

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On DSC_0137 photo in EthanP99's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

My best work so far.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II First Impressions Review preview (2702 comments in total)
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kalpeshmodi: They should also include Pentax K3 in comparison table.

Sony has IBIS

16-50 2.8
16-35 2.8
24-70 2.8
70-200 2.8
300 2.8
Minolta 400 4.5
500 4

ignorance is wonderful huh

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On Samsung NX1 First Impressions Review preview (960 comments in total)

$2799 for a kit...

You can buy the Sony A77 II kit for $1000 less

Nice pricing, Samsung

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Menneisyys: As it only as the old, inferior 20 Mpixel Sony sensor also used in the A3000 and the A5000, the QX1 is definitely DoA.

PS.: I'm aware of HowAboutRAW's stating this sensor isn't noisier than the 24 Mpixel one of the A6000. I don't agree with his statement and this is why in no way consider QX1 at this price a good buy. With the 24 Mpixel sensor, it could be, but definitely not with the old, cheap 20 Mpixel one.

okay show me a camera AT HALF THE PRICING, that does even remotely the same IQ. Find it on DXO

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Weather sealed body for their non weather sealed lenses? Sweet...

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On Fujifilm updates X-mount lens roadmap to end of 2015 article (170 comments in total)
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Rob Sims: Two fast zoom's Sony's e-mount could really do with:
1. 16-55/2.8.
2. 50-140/2.8

...and two useful fast primes (one already available):
1. 56/1.2
2. 90/2.0

Sony already has equivalent 24-70 and 70-200 f4

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DeputyPhoto: I'd hate to eject with D800 and 24-120 strapped round my neck!


Wrong military branch, I know.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions Review preview (1267 comments in total)
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hrt: With a 400mm equivalent, I wonder how the camera can prevent shakes and how the sensor can manage noise at lighter ISO's.
If I have to carry a tripod for this camera, it wouldn't make so much sense to pay extra dollars, as these kinds of cameras would be my travel buddy.

You might look into the B.O.S.S system :P

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On Sony drops list price of Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 article (201 comments in total)
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saralecaire: Still more expensive than the brand new and 4K capable Panasonic FZ1000.

You forget that rx10 is 8 months old now, thats why no 4k. What 4k cameras were available 8 months ago? Only ones that cost $8000+

As the review says, the Panasonic cameras build quality is like any other plastic bridge camera... That is AWFUL if you have ever picked up ANY plastic bridge camera, yuck.

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