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Jostian: all this wowness and they give it an LED flash!! what were they thinking? LED flashes are useless at freezing any movement, so unless the scene is static you can forget about getting a decent photo!! XENON, come on Panasonic!

u will have to wait and see. using ISO 25600 may not be optimum for picture quality on the CM1 but bet the shutter speeds for general indoor shooting will be more than 1/8 or 1/20.

for example for indoor shots the 808 easily does 1/20 shutter speed at just ISO400.

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Would also be nice to compare against the older Toshiba sensor in the 808.

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Jostian: all this wowness and they give it an LED flash!! what were they thinking? LED flashes are useless at freezing any movement, so unless the scene is static you can forget about getting a decent photo!! XENON, come on Panasonic!

the CM1 will be able to freeze motion by increasing the ISO. This of course comes at a cost of image IQ, but hopefully the larger sensor will be able to negate unfavorable digital noise.

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Freeman-Jo: Some of you said this will be your next smartphone. i could be wrong but from the pictures shown here, I don't see any lens cap. And we know where we keep our cellphone, in the pants along with the keychains and whatever else that could scratch this big & awesome lens.
Just a thought.

Nokia already pioneered having a build in lens cap in their older S60 based smart phones. One reason for not having a len cap is that when dust and dirt or grit get in between the lens cap and the lens glass, it will actually scratch the front glass as the lens cap slides across.

The other reason is to do with thickness as Menneisyys has pointed out.

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Serious Sam: The pricing of this thing is the real problem as others rightfully pointed out. With that kind of money, I can get an Xiaomi plus a QX1 plus lens/QX100.

And come to think about it...controlling the camera through android is just so F up. Oh well we will see. May be people in Panasonic has build a usable camera app, fingers cross.

think the CM1 is targeting this smart phone as a luxury device, since it is a premium product (Leica branding on lens) it deserves premium pricing

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falconeyes: Panasonic must have missed the PureView idea: the option for a digital 3x zoom w/o loosing too much of image quality. This requires a sharp lens in the center, a bright aperture, and diffraction-limited performance in the center (e.g., enough pixels like 5x3x3 or 45MP). And a decent sensor size, correct. But that alone isn't enough.

haha yes, interesting you should mention about having a sharp lens in the center..... 1020..

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pocoloco: A micro SD is a must... but Android does not support that anymore... yeah... you can plug in one, but apps cannot share data so images shot cannot be modified/written to the micro SD... as long as Google does not fix this... all Android phones are just phones.... nothing more... it becomes very cumbersome to use them for anything else....

also think the latest Kitkat lets you now store your apps on the external storage card.

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Tobbywolf: It is a smartphone? or a camera with communication function?
Why Panasonic doesn't give it a lens cover?
Most important may be the lens...its appearance, and zoom...
And why, why don't we just get a QX10 plus a Sony Z3? Or a new Nokia Mclaren? OK, 4K video doesn't attract me, but the Leica design is truly appealing.
But consider its price, $1160! Why should I buy it? Z3 plus a QX10 seems more friendly.

a lens cover probably will be sold separately at an additional cost. This is how Panasonic will earn more $$ from this already premium priced product.

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Alphoid: Seems nearly perfect. I'll wait for reviews. A few questions remain:

1. Is it programmable?
2. Does it have full manual controls?
3. Will it break in my pocket after 15 minutes regular use? How is that nice lens protected?

I'd actually much rather have the whole thing be the thickness of the lens, and perhaps fill that extra body with battery. I wouldn't mind a thick phone nearly as much as I would one with a lump sticking out for the most delicate part.

If the CM1 has manual focus ability, I would hope the camera UI would incorporate some sort of digital zoom as a focus aid, or better yet incorporate focus peaking

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Peiasdf: Too camera like. If I am using a smartphone I don't want it to look like a camera. What's the point of having those chrome and lens ring anyway? It is a fixed focal lens with a small lens.

Better to get an iPhone + RX100 / G7X. Mix and match depending on where you are going and both retain their value better than this.

think we need to give this CM1 a chance. We cannot say whether the 808 will be better than the CM1, but what is certain is that the CM1 is not using the BSI (Sony RX100ii and iii) technology, so the color rendering may be more similar to the 808 than you think. Also as physics prevail, the CM1's 1" sensor may only be slightly larger than the 808, but the pixel micron is substantially larger which makes for improved dynamic range and better signal to noise. Where the CM1 will lose to the 808 is in the lossless zoom, where the 808 has 41MP to play with, the CM1 will only have 20MP. That being said the CM1 is probably aimed at a purist that just wants to compose with 28mm lens and capture in full resolution 20MP.

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Mike FL: So the 4K video will be @43mm because 1.54 crop. No?

CM1 only recording 4k at 15fps almost makes it pointless in my opinion. I personally would rather capture at 24fps or 30fps. Also then the question begs, can it record video in stereo?

Suspect the CM1 is designed with stills in mind.

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Jarda_Houdek: Interesting, finally some competition for Lumia 1020.
Still, Lumia beats Lumix:
Lumia may have a smaller sensor, but with stabilization and brighter lens. Also Lumia supports RAW, which is not yet supported in Android. And Lumia has Xenon flash. Can't see how this devide could win against Lumia.

Pretty certain the CM1 will blitz the 1020 as the pixel micron is that much larger. One can expect higher dynamic range, better color fidelity, lower noise, and overall better image.

The 1020 may have the wider field of view but the corner performance was nothing short of poor.

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Zero Leveler: Everything is good about this cameraphone except that it doesn't have a Xenon flash which is a must for serious cameraphones!! Panasonic made a half baked product. Let's hope the next iteration if there will be one, would have a Xenon flash and Pro camera like the one in the Lumia 1020. Also it seems like there's no OIS. Anyways, maybe next time Panasonic will bring in those features.

lets hope Panasonic has thought of this and is able to implement a wifi controlled clip on xenon flash in the future.

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white shadow: Interesting. Looks like Panasonic is trying to come back to the mobile phone market after years of absence by introducing this devise. However, the price is a big hindrance to its return.

How many users will want such a camera on a smartphone? How good is this phone by itself? The Panasonic brand for smartphone is not well accepted at this moment. Too much risk for the new buyer. Is Panasonic coming back to this market to stay? Is this a one off product?

Panasonic was in the handphone business in the 90s but left after a few years.

This phone is aimed at the premium photography phone market, so I guess with the higher price comes some exclusiveness.

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alexpaynter: Can someone explain how you can do HDR in a single shot? And if you can, why would you use any other mode? Are there disadvantages to using this mode?

Thought in camera HDR usually captures three shots in quick succession and combines them to form a single HDR JPG?

You can do HDR in a single shot if you the phone camera captures RAW and then creates an overexposed, under exposed and middle exposure shot which is processed to form a single HDR JPG from a single shot. Disadvantage is the image does not have as much HDR latitude and the final image shadow regions recovered tend to have higher digital noise.

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Joseph Black: It's nice to know some companies choose deliberate development rather than the rapid release of poorly conceived gimmicks. Not to say Apple doesn't have a gimmick here and there, but when they do something they do it right.

Without the iPhone wonder where Symbian would be today...

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RichRMA: Using a phone as a primary photographic instruments is just being lazy. If you are a DSLR/mirrorless user and someone suggested to go use a little P&S, if you value the images you take, you'd ignore the suggestion. So why go and take images with a phone, other than the convenience?

convenience is the key. most people will always have their phone with them but not necessarily their ILC or DSLR.

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Amnon G: Is the 440 photos battery life with a phone serving as a screen, i.e. constantly using wireless communications to show stuff on the phone LCD?
Interesting design, which of course sacrifices physical controls.
Heck, maybe this is the dawn of the build-your-own-camera age - get a screen size of your choice (a phone), get the camera core (like the QX1) and then a bunch of physical controls that will work with the app. This could be seen as an extension to vertical grippers which connect to a camera and add features like physical controls, battery life, etc. Sony itself or third party companies could be making several bodies for this camera with fewer or more physical controls or other features.
Of course, that depends on the size of the market as a chicken-and-egg problem.

I suspect it must be as the QX1 as unlike the QX30, the QX1 does not look like it can function without a smart phone connected via wifi to control it.

Power is saved on the QX1 by not having an LCD or EVF, so 440 shots sounds quite reasonable.

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Oleg Ivanovskiy: The first problem here is holding the whole thing. Cell phones do not have any grip on the back side. This construction, based on plastic arms, does not look reliable. And we are talking about quite expensive and fragile equipment. Just one fall - and there go your money. Other problem are controls. That are sensor-only. They (Sony) need to think a lot about UI here. Third part is power drain. Cell phone will be sucked dry after a few hours, just by the time you need it as a phone.
Still, I like this brave idea.

I think for the QX1, one would be holding onto the with their left hand and let the plastic arms hold onto the smart phone. One hopes Sony makes the play memories app for the QX 1 one hand friendly with most of the controls to be on the right hand side of the screen.

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Leandros S: The major design flaw here is that an NEX style camera is slimmer. The QX1 has a major pocketability issue in direct comparison.

I like the idea of using the larger FW50 battery since the QX1 is catering for existing NEX or alphas owners, they will be very familiar with this battery and so not only is there the option to interchange lenses but also the battery as well.

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