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Nikon007: My advice has always been "stay away from wide Gamut unless you know what your doing". For me it's not worth the hassle to see colors no one else can. You don't see it in print, your clients don't see it, on the web they can't be seen. So what good is it? It's great for a dedicated graphics station but for general use it causes many folks a lot of head aches. So if WG is your cup of tea go for it. If your not sure do your research first, there are lot of threads on this subject going back for years and nothing has really changed.

So I assume you are also shooting JPG in small size instead of RAW?

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On Connect post iPhone 5 ranks fifth in user satisfaction in the U.S. (31 comments in total)

LOL are you kidding me?! Learn how to draw a graph correctly. The difference between 8.57 and 8.23 is 4%. That's not twice as much as the visuals of this graph make you believe.
4% also seems like too small of a difference that would be within the margin of error on such polls.

Time and time again 'connect' is trying to stir up a controversy to gain some traffic on their site.


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Remind me again how much this camera is? $12,000 ? Ah OK, never mind.

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This useless test serves no purpose other than creating some traffic to the connect web site. The more controversial it is, the more people come and comment and create traffic.

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On Connect post Mobile Photography Awards showcase stunning smartphone art (71 comments in total)

It's great photography, end of story. Since when is art defined by the device that was used. Hello, it's 2013! Today's smart phones have amazing cameras. It's funny how people still try to make it sound like it was something really groundbreaking that great quality photos can be taken with today's phones.

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ImageAcquisitions: I'm curious why Dpreview hasn't done a full blown out review on this issue. Especially after seeing this clear example of an issue.
I wonder if:
1. dpreview is handling Nikon with kit gloves to avoid any conflict with them so they can keep getting free equipment to do reviews. Sure, they can talk about the feature differences, but exploring this potentially defective product issue may be what they are contractually not able to do? What did the article say above "Expressed concerns" Asked nikon for a comment? Nice soft approach.
He, do a full blown out review of this particular issue - don't wait for Kyle Clemens to explore it. Use your professional staff, paid no doubt, to do a full blown out investigation of the gear.

2. Nikon isn't ready for a multimillion dollar product recall. All the elements are there for a class action lawsuit against Nikon to a) Stop continually selling the defective product (maximize profits); preying on customers unaware of the situation who buy it anyway.

I consider the fact that DPReview posted this video in their news feed proof of exactly the opposite of what you claim.

Go ahead and do your "full blown investigation" on any camera and see how many dust spots you will find shooting white surfaces at f/22 and cranking up the contrast to 800%. You will be surprised what you will see.

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FreedomLover: The worldwide corporate culture of secrecy, coverup, arrogance and contempt for their customers is astounding. No wonder they swamp these boards with bullying shills if they don't even talk with us about such defects. It's obvious they prefer selling defective cameras and destroying their brand's image over serving happy customers.

Why would anyone write about "dust", seeing the spraying, liquid nature of the dots, if not to minimise the PR damage?

"they totally ignored my letter that asked them to clean the excess oil from the mirror box. I even called them 3 times while the camera was in the shop and instructed them to clean the excess oil out of the mirror box. It obviously fell on deaf ears. I will have to keep wet cleaning my sensor."
Nikon D7000 oil on sensor 2011

The only reason they get away with such repeated gross negligence over years is because customers are still too nice and not all sending their defective products back.

They get away with it, because the majority of people doesn't shoot a plane white surface at f/22 and then increases the contrast to 600% on each photo.

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On article Canon EOS 6D sample images added to hands-on preview (252 comments in total)

I'm getting incredibly bored with the constant excuse of camera manufacturers say' This is only a preproduction sample, don't judge the image quality'.
If it's not the final image quality, then why send the camera to the worlds LARGEST photography web site to have them post sample photos? Because the whole 'this is preproduction' is just a backdoor excuse.

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skytripper: I've asked this question before, but I'll ask it again:

How is it that DP Review has such top-notch content but such a motley assortment of rude, lewd and childish comments on almost every topic ever posted here? I don't get it!

Not at all unique to DPReview. It's the same in any comment section of many other large sites, blogs, on YouTube.

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I love that small accessories is getting featured here! I think we all want to see more of this, small but very useful add-ons and accessories that are not mainstream.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D600 In-depth Review (498 comments in total)
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wakaba: Have D600 for 4 weeks now. No dirt on sensor. Very decent ergonomics and faster processing than D800e.
Got this instead of a 800e because the 800e is not yet in middleformat territory, so I wait this out while having a lot of fun with the D600.

The body outperforms lenses. So far the 50mm-1.4G is the only one keeping up, barely.

That makes no sense. So you want medium format quality and since you can't have it, you rather pick a camera that is further away from it than one that is closer to your goal?

I also disagree with the statement it would outperform lenses. My D800 doesn't outperform my lenses, so how can the D600?

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On Connect post Transcend releases new Wi-Fi memory card (47 comments in total)
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steve_hoge: WIFI in an SD card? Don't have those kind of real-time needs, so I could take it or leave it.

But when are we going to see SD cards with auto-tagging GPS built in? I'd LOVE to eliminate that step from my workflow while still being able to shoot with any camera I choose.

The EyeFi cards are already doing geo tagging.

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I don't understand the obsession with who manufactures the sensor. Looking at the DxO tests Nikon has 6 cameras in the top 10 list. Canon, who makes their own sensor, has one in 10th place. And that one camera is their most expensive one, while the D600 is the most affordable full frame camera today.
Nikon is smart, they pick the best from different suppliers and put it together as an amazing camera. That's what made the difference for them in the past 6 years where people thought they were hopelessly behind to now being the top quality SLR producer.

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Gosh I so wish the thumbs down button was still available!

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Octane: Time Magazine is so much better and more knowledgeable than DPReview, DxO Labs and experiences photographers combined. LOL

@Burgerwhich Let's see how many of their photographers switch to that camera. As others have pointed out, this camera is a fine camera, but it's not an invention nor groundbreaking. It's a nice step forward, nothing more. And you know very well that all Time Magazine's photographers didn't pick the camera. It's clearly product placement.

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Time Magazine is so much better and more knowledgeable than DPReview, DxO Labs and experiences photographers combined. LOL

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On Connect post iFixit tears iPad Mini apart, finds it's not easy to repair (37 comments in total)
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Photomonkey: Considering that these devices and all their ilk are tossed as soon as the next shiny thing comes along, what incentive is there to engineer with repairability in mind ?

Yay to the trash-it society. Repairing any device would work in favor of the end user, but not for the manufacturer.

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'Global shutter' don't come for free. AFAIK the analog signal is transferred to a second layer and then digitized line by line. The extra transfer layer comes at a cost in image quality. But then Sony is the best and largest sensor manufacturer at the moment. If anyone can get it right, it's them.

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All those comments about how the smaller sensor size makes no sense when the camera isn't smaller. You guys forget another really important aspect. A smaller sensor means lenses need less glass. While the lens itself might not be much smaller, the glass elements can be much smaller. That gives Nikon a higher profit margin on every lens they make for this system.

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john m flores: Repeat after me - 15FPS @ 14 megapickles...15FPS @ 14 megapickles.... That's a killer feature for soccer moms and dads.

Actually you get 60 fps as well. No AF at that rate, though.

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