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On Pentax K-3 II added to studio test scene comparison article (177 comments in total)
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Lightright: Impressive indeed. Pentax pixel shifted JPEGS = other cameras RAW image in low ISO images. The method gets enormous amount of benefits in noise reduction and increase in resolution since pixel shifting effectively takes 3 shots of the same scene at the same time as you crank up the ISO, thus raising up in their s/n ratio as well as tripling their native resolution. However, the camera would have to be perfectly still in order to take advantage of this ability which would be a perfect treat for landscape and astrophotography.

No it can't compensate for 3x30 second exposures, it can do 5 minute exposures though and allow for the rotation of the Earth, so it doesn't need to do 3 exposures.

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On Pentax K-3 Review preview (521 comments in total)
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phoenix15: So what could be the next now Pentax ?
1. Pentax K-02, mirrorless with new mount to maintain compactness
2. Pentax FF with 36 MP, DSLR.
3. Lastly, lenses with better AF. 12-24, 17-70, 16-50, 50-135. They all need new updates.

I am hoping for a Monochrome only K5ii
Take out the Bayer filter and that is 48 megapixels of sensor dedicated to B&W

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On Ricoh announces medium-format Pentax 645Z article (161 comments in total)

I have been reading all your comments and the number of whiney comments a large number of you make.
This camera is for the image craftsmen of photography. People, who want the best image they can, people who make an image and then work that image until they can say they are truly happy with it. So stop saying stupid things like No Pro will use it. Pro's have a different focus - Make Money to live on.
Pentax have been at the Medium Format business for a long time, so what if the sensor isn't a true 60x45 in size. It's bigger than any Full Frame 35mm sensor, and at the end of the day it is the image that counts. Pentax have made an excellent camera, they've made Medium Format easy. I don't feel bad for those people who can't see that. I remember when auto focus was first put into MF cameras, the purists were horrified and ranted and raved about how - No Pro will ever use it, and there are no Real photographers out there who would ever use such a camera. All the same whiney arguments are coming back. Well guess what - Pro's all over the world use auto focus - and they have no plans on giving that up any time soon.
If you want to live in the dark ages and be a Luddite, and cancel your Internet subscription so I don't have to read your comments here.
I love that Pentax still supports our craft. I love that Pentax dares to be different. If you want same old same old then stay with the Big 2 and be happy. But stop sucking the life out of us happy Pentaxians.
End Rant

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On Tyrone-1 photo in Glenn Schultes's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

My Cat, the Evil Tyrone

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