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About me:

I've worked in advertising agencies for over 30 years, as a writer, art director and
creative director.

I enjoyed photography as a child. After a prostate cancer dx this fall, I made a
commitment to enjoy life more. I quit putting off what I enjoy, and I am here to learn
how to improve so I can enjoy photography more.

I have a very good design sense -- at least the awards in the books and on the walls
seem to confirm it. But I am very poor technically as a photographer.

I learned a lot with my companion Argus C-3 and a darkroom as a kid. Light, density
and that kind of stuff. But forgot a lot, too. Digital cameras baffle me. I put mine on
'M' and don't bother much with the tomfoolery. BUT, I love manual white balance.

I have friends who help me learn stuff. I read a lot. And I'm dedicated to working hard
to improve. I supervise shoots (studio and field) and sometimes I model, so I know
how hard photographers work.

I own a Nikon D90 and I'm learning and purchasing equipment.

I approach the challenges as class assignments. I don't have a big portfolio of photos
to rely on. I had a lifetime of photos, along with a few thousand taken from a year's
sabbatical on the road, stolen from me.

That is OK. I am here to learn. I always take constructive criticism well. Except when I

I hope to make a lot of friends here and share information and some good shots.

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