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On Did Amazon just patent the seamless background setup? article (133 comments in total)

It's OK. Just make sure you are not using a model with only one hair on their head.

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On 1939: England in Color (part 1) article (220 comments in total)

Thank you for sharing these. I am in the middle of watching "The World at War" to get an idea of what my parents went through and the dating of these images from a honeymoon just before conflict broke out is very poignant.

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On Fujfilm interview: 'The only way is to keep innovating' article (228 comments in total)

I'm glad to see that that the customer's flagging up of the need for an upgraded flash system has been noted. It would be great if this could include built in radio transmission/reception as with Canon's new system and Yongnuo's efforts. And of course, High Speed Synch to increase the options with the fast primes outdoors.

Whilst I am adding suggestions 1/8000th shutter speed in future models would also reduce the number of times you need to screw on an ND filter with those fast primes. One of the few disappointments with the X-T1.

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"One small f-stop for man, one decisive moment for mankind?"
The ultimate f8 and be there, I suppose. Not sure about the overall value of the space race for humanity but I certainly respect the men who went there. I remember watching this as an 11 year old and still think it is truly amazing. Looking back at how fragile the lander appears in the photograph and thinking there is probably more computing power in the 'caps lock' key of the computer I am typing this on than on board Apollo 11, it's incredible.

One of the things that impresses me most about Neil Armstrong though is not just this and his general piloting skills and achievements but his quiet humility. It's refreshing, in this day of celebrity posers, to find that in someone who has actually achieved something of note.

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Is there likely to be any problem with the weather sealing when used with the OM-D? I realise it is only a rubber gasket seal but I'm presuming Panasonic have only put it together with their own (future) weather sealed bodies in mind.

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