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historianx: In 30+ years of shooting in all sorts of conditions with Olympus/Zuiko OM and HG/SHG digital lenses never once have I had a failure. Then the digitals do not have that IS bugaboo built into them, to create even more problems. Maybe Canikon should take a lesson from one the world's eminent lensmakers.

You are talking about your own lenses.
I have also shot with all kinds of Canon lenses over the past 45 years and never had a lens failure, or needed service.

It's a completely different story when you talk about rentals, how often they are used / abused, and how people treat a rented lens.

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On DPReview launches GearShop article (327 comments in total)

I certainly hope that opening this shop will not have a big negative impact on reviews, ratings, and judgment.
DPR may say it won't, but I doubt that, especially on the long run.

As for you don't care what camera a person will buy, I say neither would Amazon care as long as the person buys a camera from them.

The same can be said about Adorama, B & H, or any other shop.
All these sites do have reviews.
What is going to make DPR different from these places? The more detailed review?
In my humble opinion, I will have to consider all future reviews as tainted, and take them with a grain of salt.

Bad, bad, bad idea.
Would have been better if DPR decided to sell college sports gear, for example, gold coins, swim-wear, or even canned vegetables. Anything unrelated to photography and the reviews.

Sad announcement, and a sad day.

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The specs list says NO external flash, but the pictures show a hot shoe!
So I think the "No" in the specs is incorrect.

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Too bad the screen is not articulated, and not of higher resolution.
Of course it makes sense for Panasonic to keep the FZ200, which is selling well, and has been highly rated in the various reviews.

I have had the FZ200 for about 7 months now. I'm extremely pleased with it.
In fact I'm in love with it!
I carry it with me most of the time now (on a leash :) ). It weighs a small fraction of my Canon 5D with the 70-200mm, L, mounted on it. So I rarely carry the 5D now, mostly due to its weight.

I have purchased a Canon (video) 1.4x multiplier/extender that I attach to the FZ200's lens (with a 52-46mm step-down ring).
That gives me 840mm on the FZ200.
It becomes quite a challenge at the full zoom to follow a fast moving object (panning, hand-held). Imagine 1200mm!

This is an awesome zoom range if you are into taking birds pictures.

No doubt this camera will be my Christmas gift to myself! The learning curve should be short (now that I have already been through it on the FZ200).

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falconeyes: 20-1200 mm F/16-33

and according to, it isn't even sharper at F/33 than F/47.

Can't see any other application than bright daylight video from a tripod ...

I believe that the f5.9 is the minimum (widest) at the full zoom of 1200mm, but does not mean you can't go to f8 or f11.
Just my guess.

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tabloid: Is it a SLR (with mirror going up and down) or is SLR mirror-less (or whatever u want to call it).

Cant seem to find a answer.

Not if you have to have a 60X zoom.

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On Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Preview preview (347 comments in total)

I add my voice to the 16-35mm wish-list, as will as to the FF version wish-list, even if filter size is to be larger, like 82mm, for example.

Hopefully Sigma is taking notes.

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On French student creates SLR using 3D printer article (156 comments in total)

Unfortunately some of us are missing the point entirely.

This is a student doing a project. It's a start for crying out loud.

Who knows, maybe after getting hired by some entity like Canon, and after some years of experience, he may be the inventor of the next generation of digital cameras.

Perhaps he'll be the one to make digital Medium format affordable to the rest of us.

Give him a word of encouragement, if you have EVER encouraged anyone, other than your selfish self!

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On French student creates SLR using 3D printer article (156 comments in total)
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JerryFn: What a contradiction in technology. Super advanced 3D printed produces an obsolete FILM camera. Is this technology trying to invent a solution for something we don't need. Clearly we must add it to the new UK Gove style national curriculum.

I agree that a simpler system can be beneficial sometimes, if not often times!
I still LOVE my Canon T90s (all 3 of them), and the long line of Canon FD lenses that go with them, although I have a 5D and a number of EF, L, lenses (quite heavy).
The biggest disadvantage of film is that you pay for good or bad shots, and of course the limited number of exposures on a 35mm roll.

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On French student creates SLR using 3D printer article (156 comments in total)
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Dennis: I can see someone trying to do this as a fun, geeky exercise. Crowd sourcing ? You can buy a used SLR that's not limited to 1/60s for $20 on eBay. My daughter picked up an Olympus SLR with a 50/1.8 lens for me at a yard sale for $5. Using this amazing new technology to recreate inferior versions of things that we have in (over)abundance seems like a waste of time, technology and natural resources.

I think you have missed the point entirely, Dennis.

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On 2013 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced article (50 comments in total)
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harry: Why winning photography has to do with human brutality and suffering?

One of the most important aspects of photography is "Documenting".

We see one picture here, but I have no doubt it's only one from thousands of pictures the photographer has taken (and submitted, along with a journalistic report).

These are photographers who risk their life to document what's going on in a certain area, or areas, of the battle field.

They deserve admiration and appreciation. Without them, we wouldn't know much about what is happening there, except what the governments and their propaganda machines would tell us.

Hats off to these journalists and photographers.
Congratulations. Well earned!

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On 2013 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced article (50 comments in total)
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cat1973: Pictures of gangsters and killers are very bad, they are killing their own people! Real heroes are soldiers Assad, they protect the people from these killers are in these photos! It is foolish to choose the winner of the photo which captures the murderers of their own people, this is considered an icon of a photo of Hitler to the German people. I realize that my words do not mean anything to those who espouse the Free Syrian Army mercenaries, and I understand that my comments do not get on that wall for reading.

Obviously you are a member of Assad's intelligence or propaganda team or department.
Your comments have no place here. This is a technical site for photography, not for politics.

DPR should remove your comment and block you from ever commenting here.

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On Transcend releases 64GB microSDXC UHS-I memory card article (39 comments in total)
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Cy Cheze: Unless my human memory fails, a 2" 1GB Memory stick cost $350 in 2003. The cost of flash memory, taking into account card size too, is only 5% of what it was. Setting aside size advantage, the cost per GB is now barely 1% of what it was in 2003.

The downside: too many osrtrich eggs in one dwarf-sized basket.

You bring some 1990s memories! I bought a 5 1/4 inch, 500 MB (one half of a GB) hard disk monster back then (I think it was the largest available) for $500.

Later on, when I bought my 250 MB CF flash card, I was the envy of my colleagues. I don't remember how much the cost was, and I don't want to remember actually!
These high capacity tiny drives will make a lot of videographers happier.

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I enjoyed every picture in all 4 pages!!
Interesting career switch from a doctor to a tailor, and still working at this age.
Good for him.
I guess he has to continue to work so he can afford all these suits! :)

Thanks for sharing, Zoe.

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On Online images and copyright infringement article (255 comments in total)
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wolfeel: The whole issue boils down to how much is her work worth?

Is it $40 as the station claims or is it $2,000 as she claims. If they cannot reach a settlement, she will have to pursue this matter through the small claims court. If I recall it costs $75 to file a claim. If she can convince the JP that her work sells for what she is asking for, the station will have no choice but to pay.

With the issue escalating to the various social and other web sites, I think the photographer should go to court (not small claims court), and teach these guys, as well as others, a good lesson.

There is already an admission of guilt, publicly, so the case is proven. The station has no business, especially at this stage, in determining what the photograph is worth.

Regardless of how much compensation she gets, a good lawyer should also make the station pay all her legal fees (and perhaps punitive damages).

Such expenses will most likely cost the radio station far more than the $2000 she is asking for, and, perhaps, set a precedent that can be used in future judgments!

Go for it Barb. Teach them a lesson. Call an intellectual property law firm!
If I were you, I would have waited until they used the picture in their public, and mass production. THEN they would really have felt the real pain!

I hope we continue to be updated on the outcome of this interesting case.

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On What makes the Microsoft Surface Pro tick? post (37 comments in total)
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knize10: Made in China, the final turn off. I give up having a tablet.

knize: Probably the keyboard you used to type here is made in China. Your camera, your monitor, your computer, your pen, most parts on your car, ..., are probably made or assembled in China.

So what / which are you going to throw away now?
Every gadget you own?

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On What makes the Microsoft Surface Pro tick? post (37 comments in total)
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mauijohn: Five hours between charges..not much for air expenses could be 10 times more than the other laptop. so what makes the Mucousoft Surface Pro tick? nothing. except the price.... its a tick bite.

It would help to read the specs for the Surface Pro, which runs on an Intel i5 processor!
Many full fledged laptops don't even have an i5, they run on i3.
This little beast cannot be compared to any other tablet on the market, as of now.
It's a powerful laptop in a tablet skin & size.

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Timmbits: This card sounds amazing!

QUESTION: given the pure physics of WiFi transmitting a certain amount of watts output, which draws multiples more power than a low power consumption memory card does, is there a danger to the camera equipment (if not, at least in longevity), and does it endanger the camera manufacturer's warranty?

Even if it's only 0.5 watts output, for example, it is still multiples more than the typical low power consumption SD card that our cameras are designed to power up.

@Timmbits .. It's very good question.
As electrical engineer, my major concern here is the heat generated by nearly 400mA, given the very small nature of the SD card, and that it is in a closed compartment, where you don't have the ideal situation for heat dissipation.
Such heat, especially during warm weather conditions, could destroy the card, but excessive heat could also damage adjacent components, depending on what is adjacent to it.
The warranty might become a fight between camera & card makers.
To make things worse, the SD Association has not released a Wi-Fi SD spec, but I believe they already have a draft, and I think that Eye-Fi, and other Wi-Fi SD makers (members of the Association) have already said they would not accept or abide by this standard.
300 or 380 mA is a lot of power for an SD card in a confined environment.
What is next? Are they going to install a cooling fan for the card?
It's of course best to have wireless off until you are ready to transfer the files.

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Congratulations to both!

Clever idea, but for sure a 2-minute clip doesn't give the happy event much justice.

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ThomasH_always: My take is very, very simple, and consistent:

No RAW, no interest, no buy.
No viewfinder, no interest, no buy.

Got that in Japan at last? You delivered a half of "must have" features,
its a no buy.

I enjoyed and laughed at your comment!

A suggested retail price of $280 means it will be around $200 in a year or so. Cheaper than peanuts!
I would think they will not have a problem selling it to its intended shoppers.

The digital camera revolution has been amazing.
I remember my first digital camera back in 1996 (I believe). It was an Olympus, 1/2 megapixel (yes 1/2 megapixel, not a typo), with a fixed lens.
Flash cards for cameras did not exist then.
Nevertheless, I was the envy of everyone around me who saw it. It was well over $500, then.

Now we have become arrogant and snobs.
This was not intended to replace a Canon 7D, or to compete with it!!

While at it, I'll add another "Got that at last?"!

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