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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)

Thanks for this good report that pointed out the strengths and the weaknesses of this camera.
I don't agree with some voices that very much wanted to suppress pointing out any weaknesses simply because they owned one or another version of the RX-100.
This report helped me decide to wait for other competitive products that should be coming out soon.

Without pointing out the weaknesses, products don't get improved.

Now only if you guys get on Panasonic's tail and let them issue a firmware update for the FZ-200!!! It's long overdue!

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On Leica M Monochrom now available in grayscale (sort of) article (137 comments in total)

Part - 1

Just my humble opinion. Fanatics (with money burning holes in their pockets) please hold your horses!

I think Leica has no idea what direction to take. Leica needs to get rid of its marketing staff, or at least the top figures in that department.

This company used to be (long, long, long time ago) a photographer's company, and it needs to get back to be a photographer's company.

Nowadays it is targeting the wealthy who hardly knows how to take pictures, but buys the camera for bragging rights, and to keep up with the Jonses!

$8,000 for the M-Monochrome? Is that really targeted at photographers, enthusiasts, or journalists? ... Sorry, I forgot to add the 10% local taxes, but it is simple to calculate!

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On Leica M Monochrom now available in grayscale (sort of) article (137 comments in total)

Part - 2

The company went bankrupt not too long ago, but even after coming back to life they haven't learned the hard lesson.

If it wasn't for the powerful Panasonic keeping Leica alive, by using its Leica lenses on many of its cameras (including one of mine), I doubt very much that Leica would survive, or would have survived!

I hope that Leica would get back to its roots, and start making affordable products that are for photographers and enthusiasts / hobbyists.
Take some lesson by looking at what Sony, Fuji, and Panasonic are doing.

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On Sony a6000 Review preview (819 comments in total)
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Hazza1: Microphone jack is neither here nor there. A 3.5mm unbalanced mic is only marginally better than the inbiult mic. If you want decent sound, shoot double system.

This camera is only a disappointment because it is curently top of the line Sony mirrorless APSC.

I have a Nex-7 and Zeiss 16-70 (which DXO Mark has never reviewd - work that one out), and which side by side with my tests with a 5D MK3 with crappy 24-105 so-called L series - even in low light , is superior to the 5D.
So what I want Sony is an APSC camera with the performance of a 1DX.

I want a "high end" APSC mirrorless. - no I don't want to switch to Fuji.

Why have Sony abandoned the high end APSC format philosophy? The Nex-7 with phase detection a/f (and continuous focus on burst) + weather proofing would be my dream camera.

I must be out of touch!!!

When did the Canon 24-105mm L become "crappy", and "so-called L"?

I don't think that you'd find many who would agree with such a statement.
If you have a "scientifically accepted" comparison test, we would love to see it.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 3, 2014 at 15:32 UTC

11 million images!!!
If they were to scan 100 images a day, for 300 days a year, including post processing corrections and enhancements, wouldn't they need about 367 years to finish this collection???
Formidable task!

Good entry by DPR. Many, if not most, of us didn't know that this collection or project existed before this article.

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On Lomography launches Russar+ for L39 and M mount cameras article (120 comments in total)
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TWIZEEL: just few words to clear off skeptics -
BRASS - that is perfect optical instruments material, very stable for time.
Hand made - means all lenses have been setup on optical bench for adjusting. That is not mass production conveyor stuff. So it no need software corrections inside or outside camera.
No batteries, no wires : ))

You cant buy it ten bucks per kilo in moscow streets. I've visited russia in the past and last year and it is now definitely not USSR. Shops full of people and goods. Salary and wages much better, people looks happy. So may be some of you cant bear mr putin but russians likes him.

You maybe right about Russians like him, but Germans liked Hitler as well back then, and you know where he drove Germany (and the word) to!

Is history about to be repeated? It looks like it, but let's hope not.

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On Sony Alpha 7S in low-light: See video at ISO 409,600 article (244 comments in total)

The bar continues to be raised, and pretty fast, by all camera manufacturers.
While I have always used Canon equipment, I think Sony's Alpha 7, 7R, and now 7S, are very impressive full-frame small cameras.
I am leaning towards getting one of these, but only if I could use my stash of Canon L lenses on them.

If Sony has not caught up with Canon or Nikon sensors, as some comments have suggested, I have no doubt it won't be long before they surpass Canon and Nikon.
Teaming up with Zeiss gives them a source for lenses that is second to none!

The other camera manufacturer that will most likely make big surprises down the road is Samsung.

Good job Sony; no one was even dreaming of, or imagining, a 400,000 ISO, just a short while back!

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So many innocent lives have been lost, so many widows, so many orphans, so many destroyed homes, ...

The more killing, and the more destruction, the more profits for our (civilized) Western weapons manufacturers, and the more ego satisfaction to our corrupt politicians.

Photojournalism in war zones is an extremely dangerous business, but it brings to us the sad and ugly face of war.

What a sad ending for this woman!!

May all of those who innocently lost their lives be resting in peace.

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RLPhotoAndImaging: I think many here might be over-analyzing what I see as a wonderful, ongoing album of a chronicle of a little girl's life through the eyes of her loving father, in a creative, comical, and sometimes intimate way.
Viewing this album makes me jealous that I lack many captured moments with my daughters, and therefore in my book, this succeeds immensely.

Absolutely ... Right on!
Good for him.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 26, 2014 at 22:49 UTC

Very cute little girl!!

I don't mind the background.
Someday when she is an adult, she'll know where these pictures were taken, and I bet she will want to visit that spot!!

This is not studio portrait photography. Just a father who loves his adorable little daughter, and is taking some snapshots, with some creative arrangements.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 26, 2014 at 22:48 UTC as 15th comment

No comments on the pictures from a photography point of view, since there are already lots of comments, for them or against them.

But I like "the scene" in No. 3.
No tablets, no smart phones, no laptop, no gadgets of the stuff that's invaded our lives nowadays, on top of the table!!!

Life was simpler.

Just an simple observation.

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On Kodak reborn: A look at JK Imaging's 2014 lineup article (195 comments in total)
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Parampreet Dhatt: Its sad to see one of the pioneering brands in photography being "resurrected" to market cheap Asian knockoff MILCs.
George Eastman must really be turning in his grave.

I have nothing against these cameras as such, in fact I'm sure they'll make very good, value for money entry-level cameras.
Its just sad to see a brand like Kodak being reduced to this.

I agree. Very sad to see Kodak's ending. It's an icon!!

But you can't make a company prosper, or survive, without good leadership.

You can't make a technical company prosper if the engineers' hands are tied behind their back by the bean-counters, who reward themselves generously, and you end up with a poor and sluggish product due to budget constraints.

A company like Kodak (the camera division) cannot survive by making and selling the cheapest little cameras in the industry. Not much profit can be generated from such products, especially when the performance is sluggish.

I bet the bean-counters who ran the company down are now enjoying their $multi-million homes and their wealthy life, while the poor engineers are still looking for work, anything that puts food on their families' tables.

That's Corporate America, sadly.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 24, 2014 at 05:14 UTC

Different eyes will form different opinion.
My personal humble opinion is that I see nothing great and nothing interesting in these pictures.
I don't know the editor / photographer. He might be a great photographer, but in this case I have to give thumbs down to these pictures.
The more I looked at them, the more I had issue with their composition.

Again, it's simply my personal opinion.

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On Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent article (321 comments in total)
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Ahmet Aydogan: Here's a another instance of a laws being written by people with little or no understanding of the matter in question. I think an appropriate response could take two different forms. One method would be immediately eliminate any distribution of any images from Hungary. Another response, my preferred way, would be for everyone to shoot photos of everything and everyone in sight. Fill every social media site with as many photos of as many Hungarians as possible. The Hungarian legislative body has proven its complete incompetence in this matter.

Just make sure you take clear pictures of every member of the legislature, every policeman on the street, every judge at every court you can catch, especially if they happen to be picking their noses!
And we thought the Soviet Union and the KGB era was gone!

Direct link | Posted on Mar 18, 2014 at 19:08 UTC

What happened to good old journalism of verifying stories?

I hope DPR writers start taking Forbes stories with a grain of salt.

Look at his images, Lars, do you pay 150 cents ($1.50) for any of them?
Please use some common sense before reporting fiction like this.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 17, 2014 at 19:10 UTC as 9th comment | 1 reply
In reply to:

designdef: With Art Directors, Clients and Account Managers thinking they are photographers anyway.. does anyone actually BUY images anymore? Is there somewhere we can see worldwide sales figures of images compared?

Are we a little arrogant here, doubting that typical users here and there can sell their work?

There are millions of very fine quality pictures of Flikr, 500px, as well as many other sites.

Many enthusiasts, who have other real life jobs, take pictures as a hobby, for their own enjoyment, and have been doing it for decades. They do great work, but they have no interest in selling pictures.

The late Ansel Adams would hesitate to make such bragging!

Congratulations on being able to sell your pictures, but a little bit of humility would be nice.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 8, 2014 at 17:04 UTC
On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1645 comments in total)

I hope someone will now make an adapter for this camera to use Canon's manual focus FD lenses.
Tons of them out there. It would be well worth making it so the L-line FD can be put to good use. If such an adapter is made, I'd buy this camera without hesitation. I have a huge collection of Canon FD (L) lenses.

Of course Canon won't make adapters for any camera to use FD lenses since they want to sell more EF lenses!

Overall, good job Fuji, but I'm not sure if DPR is biased towards Fuji (for a while now) or if the products are really that good.
I haven't used any of Fuji's recent products (over the past few years), so I can't comment.

It surprises me that some people are almost writing their own evaluation in the comments even though this camera is not on the market yet, and they have never touched it in their hands!

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On Sony a6000 First Impressions Review preview (894 comments in total)
In reply to:

intruder61: I'm sure this little beauty will produce that wonderful Sony trademark ORANGE skin.

Good idea, @intruder61.
I'll start mounting orange filters on my glasses when I look at skin images from Sony cameras, like you have done!!!

Direct link | Posted on Feb 12, 2014 at 23:57 UTC
On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II: a quick summary article (535 comments in total)

Impressive lens speed at the low end, but f3.9 at 120 is not the greatest, at least for me.

I would also pass because there is no built-in view finder.

Try to take a picture on a sunny day, with a foot or two of snow covering the ground, using an LCD screen!
Such circumstances demand a view finder. No I don't want an optional one!
But not everyone uses the camera the same way, or under the same conditions. To each their own.

No doubt that cameras will continue to make strides very quickly, like they have done in the past couple of years, but quicker. Thanks to fierce competition!
So if this one doesn't exactly fit certain needs, another manufacturer will most likely put a better spec'd camera on the market in a year or so.

Canon deserves a credit though.

Direct link | Posted on Feb 12, 2014 at 23:03 UTC as 64th comment

The whole trend is a new form of slavery, and not just by 500px, but any site that charges over 10% to 15% commission.

Just think about it; their cost for storing and selling your images in an automated process (on huge sites like Getty's, Flickr, or 500px) may not exceed pennies, I would think!

Some correction to this trend is badly needed.

Freelance photographers, in particular, should join hands and make their own site, as shareholders, and pocket their fair fees (and not allow the big players to buy the site out).

Direct link | Posted on Feb 8, 2014 at 16:12 UTC as 36th comment | 8 replies
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