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GarysInSoCal: Shot this image last weekend at 3200 ISO with D600... dark forest in Mt. Baldy CA at a Select Models photoshoot.

Yeah, and you processed the cr*p out of it, it looks like oversharpened plastic. Also, the diaphragm seems quite closed, a 50 1.4 or an 85 1.4 shot at f/2 whould have transformed the image quite dramaticcaly, and would have allowed you not to shoot at ISO3200.

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)
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Lawn Lends: Now if Canon would only change the name of this camera to "5d3" and the curre "5d3" to "6d" everything would be in order. :)

This is barely a 5D2.

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putomax: RAW in this machine (so it seems) is going to be incredible. Slightly better than the K5, which is already fantastic. The only camera with better SN ratio is the X-pro1, and I've seen quite some smearing of details at the former's high isos.
Just an absolutely unscientific speculation, but that you know already ;)


You must be kidding. The k-5 is good for an ASP-C, and that't kinda it.

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On Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms article (628 comments in total)
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JesperMP: New game:

For the 5000€ asking price for the Lunar, what camera(s) would you get in stead ?

I start:
NEX-6 + 35mmF1.8 + 24mmF1.8 Zeiss + 55-210mmF3.5-6.3
plus an RX100

Fuji X-E1 + 3 lenses
plus an RX100.

For the price of some foie grass in monaco harbour, what could you get?

- 20 big macs, 14 cokes and 10 portions of fries or
- 10 buckets of crispy strips, 20 portions of fries and 10 cokes.

That's how your argument stands. Price is not a comparrison tool for one-offs and special editions, they cannot be compared to mass-marketed and consumer-optimised goods.

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On Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms article (628 comments in total)
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MartinaB: We do not need titanium, carbon or exotic woods. The technology in this camera will date in a year. This is over engineering on the wrong part of the camera.

In your BJF interview you indirectly slag Asian manufacturing. The Japanese presently make the best cameras in the world. Asia is the worlds high tech factory floor. Don't build the camera in Sweden to subsidize your social government if it produces a bloated ugly overpriced product. As business manager you are running this business to certain death!

If Samsung can come out of no where and in a few years build pretty respectable cameras, shouldn't Hasselblad be able to do so much better?

Build us a good camera with proven materials at a reasonable price and we will buy it.

The asian manufacturers provide you with all the needed tools. Performance, novelty, price, you have all that you desire from canon, nikon, sony, the lot. What leica and hasselblad are proposing is beyond that, because some people can't care less about the latest and the greatest, all wrapped in a good all-round package, some poeple desire luxury, uniqueness. H&M clothes are good enough, you don't really need armani to look good.

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On Photokina 2012: Interview - John Carlson of Pentax article (152 comments in total)
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samhain: "What are your DSLR customers asking for?"
1/4 of posts in the Pentax forum are about a Pentax full frame. Is John really that out of touch with the customers or does he just not want to acknowledge the white elephant in the room, which is that FF cameras are the new aps-c and by next year you'll be able to get one for only a couple of hundred dollars more than a flagship aps-c, or a used one for less than an aps-c.
Like it or not, At this point- Putting out a FF is the only thing Pentax can do to draw in Nikon/canon/Sony customers and raise eyebrows in the camera world. Fact.

Pentax can't release full frame because they can't back it up with the glass, flashes, the lot.

Immediately after they would release a FF model (which is not a big deal, just take the K5 and slap a bigger mirror and sensor), the users would start requesting for a set of 1.4 primes, for 2.8 quality zooms, for TS lenses, and such. Pentax doesn't have any, nor can they sustain financially and profit-wise, such developments. They don't even have a reliable flash system, and until the k5 2, they had big problems with the Af system in their cameras, in various conditions, let alone the capability to make a 17-35 2.8 that will actually compete with the other manufacturers in optics and price.

Think of it this way, A LOT of people asked for a FF mirorless. Sony released one, how many people are actually going to buy it ? How many pentax users would buy a pentax FF ? And considering the very low sales, would that mean low quality at decent price, or standard quality at a very high price ?

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raylob: Suggest he contact Mark Newson for advice who designed the K-01! Seriously, contrary to the many critics, who whine about lack of viewfinder and its brick like build the Pentax K-01 is a joy to use. Coupled with the superb IQ this camera is hard to beat. Not a problem on a long vacation at all!

Might be good but it looks like a LEGO toy.

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Photato: Hoping the design includes non removable battery, fixed memory and proprietary ports.
Marketing BS.

And you will probably only be able to download the pictures using Apple Aperture. The battery life might also be underwhelming and the sensor will be 25% smaller than a non-apple version, in order to allow a slim design.

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It is suggested that the design of many modern apple products (ipod, imac, macpro) is a near replica of some vintage Braun designs. Is this camera going to look like a hairdryer ?

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Teila Day: I don't think so- for basically the same amount of money one can get a Mamiya DM-Series 56Mp DSLR Camera Kit with 80mm LS Lens (sync 1/1600) allowing the person to upgrade backs as they choose.

I think that's a much better deal once you start thawing lens cost, etc., into the equation. Kudos to Leica on 2gb buffer, but that and the other upgrades I don't think give most people the warm and fuzzy feeling about the price. That said, I can see where this camera would be an asset to some.

It's really neat to watch the industry bring forth better offerings.

Does it have a red dot with Leica written on it ?

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I know I will sound like a bit of an ignorant, but how is Leica still going ? I know that for a company to survive, it must have big sale values, albeit at high prices. I mean, Pentax sells loads more than Leica but it still went bust a few times. Who buys these overpriced allmost-one-offs, in such large quantities so that a company cand afford to pay the personell, invest in R&D and so on ?

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MrPetkus: No Pentax K mount? Either Pentax intends to rebrand this at a significant price hike (like the recent 18-270) or they'll fade into oblivion.

Well, it's your fault if you're still using pentax :))

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Francis Carver: The world is increasingly led from Korea now. Once it was Europe, and then Japan. Now, Korea. Without Korean innovators, we would be paying $5,000 for a 50mm/F1/8 Carl Zeiss glass probably. Thanks, Samyang!

I like cheapo lenses, cheapo smartphones and gangnam style, but I think that's about it with korean influence.

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PhotoKhan: Hmmm...not very impressed. Strange colors and quite "flat".


Nikon jpegs are notoriously dull, unless customised otherwise. You should really be looking at raw files, as soon as they become available.

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ulfie: Hmm... even viewing enlargements of the "Original" images, they don't seem light years better than m4/3s, e.g., Oly OM-D EM-5 can do nowadays. Some of these nighttime, high-ISO shots too are very chroma blurred, again not all that different than m4/3s or ASP-C.

Did you ever consider the fact that these might be jpegs with in-camera noise reduction ?

Nikon Raw files are far better than jpegs.

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kewlguy: Good body/sensor combination but looks flat to me. Poor lens?

Can you spell "j p e g" ?

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maniax: in the past 100 iso/asa was considered fast. Yet, beautiful pictures were made by famous photographers. Nowadays people just care how it performs on 6400 iso or higher.
You think you can shoot better pictures if you have 256000 iso grainless?

I'm sure its a very nice camera in all aspects, its just that for me a camera that limits you makes me more creative.

Good for you. I shoot in dimly lit venues and I need the ISO.

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FTW: I ow a D40, D200, Fuji S5 and a NEX-7, among other dusty things in my shelves and, if I compare, there is really nothing to be exited about. So, in exception of a lot of noise and a waste of money this D600, sames as Alpha 99 will not make your day, as I can find out by myself. I downed other samples form other sites, including Nikon, there was nothing that made my wallet jump out of my pocket. I am not religious, i compare what is comparable.

What are you on about ? You allready own 3 DSLR's and one high end mirorless and you are considering investing another 2 grand in a DSLR ?

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Good IQ, even in low light.

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On Nikon announces D600 24MP enthusiast full-frame DSLR article (235 comments in total)
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gdfthr73: Looks Like a great camera but why 1/4000 max shutter speed? Forget about using fast glass outdoors without an Nd filter i guess. Pretty sure 1/4000 is still fast enough to stop most action though.

It has ISO50 and the base ISO is 100. The D700 has ISO 100 and the base ISO is 200. So the 1/8000 in the D700 is 1/4000 in the D600. If you look at it this way, it's not so bad anymore.

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