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    And if it is 1,900 Euro, that's just to start a system. Me, I need a grip, EVF (not a loupe), and a flash shoe, so I might as well pick up a Panasonic S1 if I wanted a Bayer sensor camera. With ...
  • I took the sdQH out this weekend for a nice art event here in Columbus, OH. Urban Scrawl is an event where artists work together on individual boards that are then sold in auction for charity. I ...
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  • I like the lens as I can adapt it to both my sdQH and Sony cameras. When I use it with my sdQH, I set the camera to shoot in 4:3 ratio. That helps you not think about the edges so much. :) _Scott
  • The DN designation is not new, but the combination of DG and DN is new. Previous Crop sensor lenses for the Sony were DC DN. DG is for full-frame cameras and has been used in the past for DSLR lenses.
  • This was also quite funny, as you might have surmised by the reaction of the audience, but as Yamaki-san was explaining how the top perforated layer reduces ghosting and flares, it also increases ...
  • Just watched it. It was such a good presentation, and very “Apple-like” with the “One more thing...” at the end. I don’t know if there’s much there that the press hasn’t covered. I can provide some ...
  • So the MC-21 will not support continuous autofocus on L-mount cameras, but the MC-11 supports continuous autofocus on Sony E-mount? Hmm...

  • I've used SFD on my sdQH and it's been a pretty smooth experience. I didn't use SFD with my dp cameras, so I can't really compare. _Scott
  • No problems with Mojave and SPP 6.6.0 & 6.6.1. I just downloaded the update and haven't noticed any problems. _Scott
  • As long as that luminance data comes in at native ISO, sure. But isn't this effort an attempt to mitigate the fact that the deeper you go, the less accurate that luminance data can be? _Scott
  • Created discussion thread Wishing For a TL-Mount Sigma Camera
    With all the talk here with people wanting Sigma to release a new full-frame beast to rival the Panasonic SL, and maybe even have a Foveon version of the SL, I, for one, would love Sigma to ...
  • I always just leave it on Standard as I figure I can change it in post. Is that not a correct assumption? That said, I've been playing around with SFD mode and noticed that the images it generates ...
  • That stinks... So even with back-button AF, you can't adjust focus like you can with other GV lenses like the 18-35mm?
  • Here's another one from that day. This one with the 18-35mm. _Scott
  • Replied in Cedar Falls, OH
    I went out again with the sdQuattro H and the 14mm. I love, love, love SFD mode for landscapes. Sure, you have to deal with ghosting with anything that moves in your shot, but it seems to do VERY ...
  • I picked up the 17-70mm C for use with my H. It's pretty a pretty inexpensive that performs very well on the sd Quattro.  Even with the vignetting on the H, I think the utility you gain from the ...
  • I look forward to Sigma producing some native TL-mount lenses I can use on my sd Quattro H with an adapter. :)
  • I took a walk in the park with the sd Quattro H and 14mm f/1.8 Art. Used SFD mode mostly. SFD really gives you the dynamic range so generally lacking in straight X3F files. _Scott
  • I wonder if we’ll see any NEW features added to the cameras going forward? ... Can Sigma make an MC-11 for Fuji X-Mount already?? :) _Scott
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