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I can't wait an article about DSLR evolution...the days when Canon 'outgunned' miles ahead of the competition in terms of high ISO captures

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BB gun = Blackberry gun?

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Mr. Phil Askey used to greet us. How is he?But anyway my warmest greetings to the team. merry Christmas!

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is this new system for NASA? not Nikon?

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Vitruvius: I do not own any high end camera so I am actually surprised that this has not been available till now. I remember using this on my EOS 600 film camera in 1988. I was not able to print the 9 pictures seperately after using the ME funcion :-) Still, I don't see why you wouldn't just do this in PS later with more control. I can't imagine doing this on the little screen on the back of a camera. Obviously the camera has the processing power so why not add the feature for those that want it I guess.

I wonder, if the camera was tripod mounted, and if so, why is the text on the horse blurred? Image Stabilizer shift between frames? Would this be better without IS on?

...and very few people watching?

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audijam: 1Dx : )
not Nikon D4.....i wonder why....

D4 is remotely placed in space..used by NASA , looking for potential incoming asteroid disaster during the olympics

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hey...Nikon was NASA's brand of choice

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Anfernee Cheang: Appearance is something that cannot be measured or analysed. The only way to weigh it is vote...

I vote K-01 is pretty pretty ugly...

pretty pretty ugly.
ugly ugly pretty.
i like the yellow one

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Carsten Saager: Why does Canon make their best cameras so ugly?

Looks like a competent camera, but wait: How will you hold it with a 580 on top of it? Subject isolation with these apertures? - barely.

It might grab a bit of the m4/3 market, cannibalize a lot of the Rebel sales and will be found in the pocket of professionals when they are off-duty.

The price is good, but I'd rather go with a G12 or a m4/3 if I felt the need for such a type of camera

form and function are one

Posted on Jan 10, 2012 at 04:50 UTC
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