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On Olympus Stylus SH-1 real-world samples gallery article (61 comments in total)

I must admit, as a film shooter, I admire Olympus most of all for the indefinable quality of the images. But as you thumb through images one after another you realize it's only digital....I want to go digital so bad and get away from the lab....but the flat, waxy, magazine like quality of all digital images just can't be ignored....even with Olympus which appears to be one of the very best of them as seen (at least to me) in this gallery and the one from the M5......

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If this is what I have to look forward to when I switch from film and get on the effete digital merry go round, I think I'll pass.

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On Pentax K-3 preview (961 comments in total)

There was no Takumar 50mm f/1.2 lens for the Spotmatics. Pentax couldn't make a 1.2 lens until 1975 with the K mount bayonet lenses. The flange on the screw mount used by all Takumars was too small.
Of course you were only 14 then and memory sometimes plays tricks. :)

That said, this new K-3 seems to be an ace new should really enjoy it.

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On Nikon Df preview (2817 comments in total)

no video! hooray.....pre-Ai dreams come true...

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On Fashion photography with the 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 article (123 comments in total)

as expected, they stink. Placing an image on a 1/3 inch sensor is for kids.

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bikinchris: I have this phone and find that in good light the camera does a fine job. See my gallery for a few examples.

exciting image capability...about equal to watching grass grow...

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armanius: Bye bye K01!

correction: manual lenses can be stopped down but you'd never know it from the manual....found it in the blogs...the camera is looking better!...

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armanius: Bye bye K01!

rock solid in your hand....not plasticky....and I do like Leica...I have three film M's...

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armanius: Bye bye K01!

I bought this camera when the price dropped. It's a shame that a camera built like a Leica and has IQ second to none,, especially at high ISO had a few fatal shortcomings. For me the screen's daylight performance and the fact that it cannot stop down manual lenses were irrecoverable flaws. Why make a large mirrorless camera so it could use all the lenses and only go half way? The focus was OK with AF lenses but difficult with manual in focus beep like my MZ-S and PZ1p......definitely could have used a viewfinder and a reticulated net net another marketing failure for Pentax. Finally it is boring...but then so are all digital cameras except for the single digit Nikon pro bodies.

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