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  • tYpInG iN aLl CaPs Is So AnNoYiNg

  • Guess we'll have to wait for the test results, but I find it hard to believe that the IQ between the two lens types will be the same. SF Photo Gal aka Faggurl San Francisco, CA
  • I think this is a great camera and concept, but I thought this was a mistake to name it an "LX." The LX line certainly could have used an upgrade to a 1" sensor, but it has always been known as a ...
  • Find it hard to believe that the lens on the LX100 will match the 12-35 f2.8 in IQ.  OTOH, it is certainly a lot more convenient to handle compared to my GX7 with the 12-35. SF Photo Gal aka Faggurl ...
  • I loved my GF1 and ever since had been wishing for an RF style camera that was on par with DSLR's.  I almost bailed for Fuji, but glad I stuck around for the GX7.  I have all the lenses I want, ...
  • I love my GX7 and think I'll be hanging on to it for a while.  I added a Gariz half case to give it some extra height and bulk. Love the silent mode. SF Photo Gal aka Faggurl San Francisco, CA
  • The EM5/1 have five axis stabilitation.  The EM10 only offers 3, so I don't think there is any real advantage with IBIS over the GX7. Just my opinion, since I've never owned an Oly camera. I hate ...
  • I really don't shoot much video (except for personal porn), but if that's your primary need, then you'd have to pick the GH3. I do a lot of candid street shooting for stills, I think the GX7 offers ...
  • I love the 45 for portrait work.  Give you a little more distance between your subject and better bokeh. SF Photo Gal aka Faggurl From the late great city of San Francisco
  • Why are we even having this conversation.  Sounds like the guy already made up his mind. SF Photo Gal aka Faggurl
  • Unless you're a professional shooting a wedding or some once in a life time event, I can't see why you would "need" a back up.  All the time I shot professionally, I never had a problem with ...
  • Replied in Check Ebay
    I got a pretty good deal on ebay a while back.  Ended up bidding on four before I got lucky with mine. SF Photo Gal aka Faggurl
  • I think you'll regret giving it up.  I have both the Panny 20 1.7 and 25 1.4.  When I got my GX7, I thought I'd give up the 25 as I have the 20, 12-35 f2.8, the Oly 45 and 75.  Yet it is still the ...
  • Replied in Dude, Man Up.
    Geez, I'm a girl  and I carry my GX7 and 12-35 all the time. What you might want to consider is swithing from an around the neck strap to a Black Rapid sling SF Photo Gal aka Faggurl
  • Can only add to what has already been said.  The GX7 is light years ahead of the GX1.  The GX1 had MAYBE  a stop more in low light compared to the GF1, but even in bright light, big difference ...
  • Replied in GX1 or GM1
    I bought the GX1 and an upgrade to my GF1 and was quite disappointed in it.  I always shot RAW+JPEG so I had a good file to work with just in case.  JPEG's just sucked. I always felt Panny shot ...
  • Totally agree on this one.  Bought one used on ebay.  Seller was local so I drove out to pick up the lens, and he said that he rarely used it.  Got a sweet deal and was like new. Even bought the ...
  • Funny.  I use my a lot.  I like to street shoot and it allows me some distance between me and my subjects. Combined with the silent shutter mode of my GX7, I can shoot ninja style! SF Photo Gal aka ...
  • I was really taken aback when I read the review on the GX7.  I know it was a bit late to the party compared to other cameras on the market, but was surpised by the rating. Didn't matter; I bought ...
  • I think DP has a bit of a bias against Panasonic products so I don't really much care, and besides, there are been plenty of good reviews on the camera already. SF Photo Gal aka Faggurl
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