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XE-2 update is a big disappointment compared to what the X-T1 gets. Seems to me most if not all of the X-T1 improvements should not be hardware dependent.

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GothtinPowers: So how do these compare to dedicated film scanners like the Nikon coolscans?

Coolscan IV and V both beat the Epson 750 (I've owned and tested them all). But all the Coolscans up through the 5000 are prone to flare on hgh contrast edges (the reason being a plastic cover over the CCD, believe it or not - it used to be possible to have it removed and replaced with glass which greatly ameliorated the problem. Unfortunately I no longer have any of the relevant links.) Right now I am using a D800E with the Olympus 80mm f4 macro to digitize my best Kodachromes; it has the resolution of the CSV but the grain edges are softer (like the difference between a cold light and condenser head enlarger).

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X First Impressions Review preview (947 comments in total)
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fotofantom: No viewfinder? No deal.

Ditto. A dollar short and a day late.

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On Fujifilm offers silver X-T1 and firmware update article (143 comments in total)
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Grumpyrocker: I hope X-E2 isn't going to be left out on these firmware updates. It would be a shame if Fuji turned its back on customers who chose a different form factor for its latest camera.

Ditto, I'm sticking with the X-E2 because of form factor but would really like a couple of the things in the FW update. It concerns me that Fuji did not also announce for the X-E2 since I can't see any reason not to if they are going to make the features available for that camera. OTOH, the update for the X-E2 would be a different beast since it presumably would include remote control via Fuji's phone app....

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What's the color gamut of the display?

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Yeah, "restore confidence" until the next denial of a major problem. Nikon should ask Fujifilm how to gain customer support.

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On New camera app features in Apple's iOS 8 post (67 comments in total)

Still waiting for the ability to import only the jpegs from raw+JPEG shoots. Continuing fail from Apple.

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Say what? Plug iPhone into charging cable, plug other end of charging cable into computer, on computer navigate to phone's DCIM folder, copy files. Free.

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Always loved my RX100, EVF makes this a no brainer, prefer the 24-70 FL to a longer zoom anyway.... I'm in.

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On 5 new must-have photo editing apps post (99 comments in total)

Blechh, tarting up cell phone snaps. As if there wasn't already enough drek on the internet

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What is this doing on DPR, has nothing to do with photography. Waste of bandwidth.

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On Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor article (757 comments in total)
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xMichaelx: Even Leica can't make an add-on viewfinder that doesn't look like a ridiculous afterthought.

@Kinematic, you forgot to mention they also double the price after silkscreening the new logo.

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If this is as clunky to use as the tablet version of Photoshop, I will pass, thank you.

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facedodge: These are all great tips if you want to be like William Klein... I think the real lesson of William Klein is to not try and be William Klein. I think Eric missed this point.

Number three is "go against the grain". I don't think William cared which way the grain went. He went his way and that was that. Following Eric's advise on to go against the grain precludes needing to know which way is with and which way is against.

Find your vision and have the courage to develop it regardless of direction of grain. William Klein did so and we can too.

Hey man, I happen to like my tired cliches!

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Hmmm. Sounds like DRM to me. Your lens will only work while connected to the internet.... Oh, and you don't actually own the lens, you only have a license to use it....

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BJN: The question is how consistent the color and tonality are across the large display. I tried and returned a 30" Dell display that has wide gamut but that had very poor consistency across the display. You can't do accurate work if only a portion of your display is showing accurate colors.

I'm guessing that at $1600 that the hood and calibration package are extra.

Yeah, that's the real question. Both color and luminance are wretchedly incosistent on my 30" Dell. I'll wait to see what the real world has to say about this one before getting excited.

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Hassy lost me at the Lunar....

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On Just Posted: Pentax MX-1 hands-on preview article (173 comments in total)

Pity that no one uses a digital camera long enough for brassing to occur any more....

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Damn, I obviously am not buying new cameras fast enough!

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On Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G15 studio sample images article (144 comments in total)

Isn't the G series sort of old tech by now?

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