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PhotoKhan: Wow!

Type II Leica users (the ones who buy them to parade around the red dot) finally evolved to a full market segment and their keenness to achieve "status" irrespectively of function, by letting bank notes dropg from their wallets like rain after an Indian dance, is now being being marketing-targeted.


THis is for the same people wjo buy 4x4 SUV to take there kid 3 blocks to school. STATUS IS EVERYTHING!!!

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TomS77: I have just found some full size sample pics on a taiwanese site:


Scroll down to the middle of the page and you will find some sample pics with ISO 200 up to ISO 25600...

One thing Pana can never do - they can't get the nice skin tones that Olympus have and always will have. Olympus are still the choice for low ISO portrait shooting for me. And that 12-50 lens, apart for not having a brighter aperture, is a very nice lens optically. The Macro feature on it, even if it is not perfect, is great for on the go Macro shooting. And the fact you can switch between Motorised Zoom and Manual Zoom is great. I for one don't mind it at all.

Posted on Feb 16, 2012 at 21:57 UTC
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KiwiSnapz: Why get so worked up about a camera. A camera is just a light proof box with a lens and a timer function. The OLYMPUS LENS QUALITY at an affordable price is why I left canon and nikon after thirty years.
Every camera will have a niggle or bug for each of us. I keep asking why do we not have multi spot on the newer cameras. My t90 had it, my c5060 had it. Wouldn't it be just a firware upgrade?
The equipment has and will always change. All the gadgets and gizmos are fun/helpful but I hear little or nothing about using your intuition and not letting one of the miriad of "scene" modes do your thinking for you. Real photography is about the capture and control of light; It also requires some vision to get a finished shot that is appreciated. Enjoy and learn about the gear youv'e got and save those pennies for the next must have.

I am with you 100% KiwiSnapz. It always have been the person behind the camera. The problem is that we are living in the Instant Society and every person with a mid range DSLR thinks that he is a photographer.
A good photographer will take great pics even with a "5mp 9 years old camera" and a bad photographer will take crap photos even with the latest 1DX or nikon D4 - I have seen it!! I knew a guy that had $10000 worth of equipment (body, lenses and flashes) and still couldn't get a single good shot out of a 1000 shots he did for me at a function. It is about knowing the equipment you have and use it to its capabilities. The problem is that too many people are trying to push what ever camera they have to do things that it is not meant to do.
This camera (EM5) will rock and I for one can't wait to put my hands on one. I have played with a Pre Production model and loved it!

Posted on Feb 16, 2012 at 21:44 UTC
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