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MarkByland: I think the accuracy of the D750 is the information to glean from this video. The A7 seems relatively soft in all the shots. Also Using a D21 focus point array in low light is photo suicide for any action like live bands. Spot metering is the only way to fly, and using of AF point selection during key anticipated moments.

I have used the Sigma 50/1.4 EXTENSIVELY when shooting live bands with a Pentax K-5, traditionally, not much of a low light focus performer. Average 9/10 in focus, properly exposed for the scene, and never hunted.

Then, there's manual focus. In which I prefer to trust over any AF mechanism. It worked for decades and still does. Long live the OVF and turning the hand slightly for better shots.

fatdee, you can clearly see sony has back focused on the hair and the eyes are blurry in 3 out of the 4 shots, it doesn't matter this is a compressed 2MP video. I can see the eyes are the focal plane in the D750 shots and not in the sony. Not the case for the D750. WHICH is using a flippin 50mm lens vs a 30 on the sony, (which is easier to keep focus when tracking) and the fact sony gets a native lens vs 3rd party for nikon. If you think this test is fair, what kind of person are you?

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The portrait is beautiful, stunning light, would like to see hair down without the "wind" though.

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Mirrorless Crusader: These images are average quality. The composition is good but not great, the saturation levels are appropriate, but the white balance is blatantly and arbitrarily warm in many of the images. The lightingwas very poorly done in some of these images, especially #1 with the foreground being desperately needing flash and in some other images the flash was used inappropriately. Overall I would grade this a C+. I certainly could have done better with thousands of dollars worth of gear and enough money to spend all day taking pictures without having to work for a living.

Disagree with number 1 needing flash...The subject - the piece of wood / door. Is well lit. The sand doesn't require it IMO.

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Only problem is to the uneducated it looks like a fu**ing bomb!

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Top left and centre images are out of this world!

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Absolutely stunning Ian.

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Lensflair: Second on first glance the D800 appears to be a huge technical leap because it is 36MP on a full frame sensor. But as many have pointed out on the forum, pixel density is comparable with cropped sensors such as the 7D. So in reality from a pixel density point of view it is more of a huge marketing leap that will appeal to those who don’t really understand sensors and think that the bigger the number the better. Thirdly I don’t think Canon have been left behind, but rather they have chosen a different path that in reality you cant say is better or worse than Nikon, it is just different. Canon appears to value sensitivity and noise over shear pixel count on their full frame sensors. Fourth, I would suggest that the majority of people would not notice a real difference in an image from the D800 vs the 5D3.

If canon had the 36MP body you'd argue to the death that 36MP was good and the bigger the better. You are evidently hurt that canon have not really delivered what you wanted, why the heck else would you be posting on a D800 user thread if you are a canon fanboy wouldn't you stick to canon? Why are you here, come on tell us? The canon sensor has only 11.2 stops of DR compared to 14.4 for the Nikon, the portrait bit depth is poor compared to the D800, etc etc the canon sensor is a weak update with autofocus as the 5d was a manual focus camera, wasn't it ;-) What is funny is people are taking your troll bait on here, it's evident what you are and why you are here. Go outside and get some sunshine mate. Get a life more to the point!

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