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On Sony NEX-6 Hands-on Preview (229 comments in total)
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Dqqq: I was about to buy a Nex-7 body yesterday but I'm going to pre-order the Nex-6 with lens now.

-hybrid AF
-touch screen
-Flash (probably not very good but at least its built-in)
-Standard hot shoe
-secondary control wheel (which a firmware update will probably allow to control more settings)
-a more compact lens which covers my 2 current e-lenses - almost (16mm and kit)

Wish it had a plug for an external mic, but at least i have a place to mount it now! (coming from a 5n)

The three new lenses could shake things up and breath some new life all of the nex's

Just to add to the discussion Nex-6 v.s. Nex-7 ... I had the opposite feeling, I bought a slightly used Nex-7 body for 875$, a week before the announce of the Nex-6.

Of course I asked myself if I would sell it and bought the Nex-6 instead (same price). I have been searching for a small yet professional camera for a long time. Devil is in the details, but the Nex-7 is still the one that offer DSLR control equivalency and that's why I choose to keep my Nex-7.

Again in the detail, the metal edges and the clean and silk feel and look make the Nex-7 a pro instead of a semi-pro instrument. When I saw the control of the Nex-6, I thought of the Canon G12 (can get this out of my mind, it's obsessive)

Of course many other criteria (which you listed) could have played in the balance,

Designer speaking.

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