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On Travel tripods: Comparing 5 aluminum kits article (108 comments in total)

I just bought a Dolica LX650B502D/S which is pretty much the same as the Dolica presented in this article. Difference being mine has a black finish not the brushed. Every thing else is the same. Got this from Costco with the included P200 pan head for $150.00. I bought this brand of tripod because I already have their ZX600B103 carbon fiber tripod. While I haven't conducted such an exhaustive test as performed here, I have owned the carbon fiber tripod for a few years. I bought that one as well from Costco for $100.00. Both tripods represent a great value to me. They are well made, solid tripods and offered for a price point that gives far greater value than the big names like Gitzo and Manfrotto, I have never liked using them. If there was one thing I wish it had and that is a short column accessory. I have not seen the machining issues the reviewer has made mention of. I'm very happy with the tripod and the included pan head is a real bonus for shooting video with my 5D II.

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)
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DanCart: Its amazing that this camera has only one SD card slot ! The really worrying thing is the future of the Compact flash slot/cards...........Sony`s top end camera no longer have CF slots and now the D600 & 6D dont have CF card slots....the number of new cameras using CF is dwindling at an alarming rate............
meanwhile SD cards are really taking over with a vengeance

CF cards are readily available online. They're also available in the usual electronics outlets. They however usually don't carry the larger capcity CF's, 8gb's are mostly the limit. Online you can get 64gb CF's and at a very attractive price, much better thabn a B&M store. I actually prefer CF cards, not as easy to lose.

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