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  • Not. Averaging 8MP afterward will NEVER give you the same result than sensor size.
    Because you already lost dynamic range. It has nothing to do with resolution itself. When you post a web sized...

  • Most incomes from Canikon are from system DSLR cameras.
    EVF on big sensors is their enemy : it will prove optical VF is not mandatory. APS-C,1" mirrorless with EVF : same with quality associated to...

  • Probably cameras not parallel to the scene.
    And so when the camera set focus on center, one side is sharper than the other...but not the same side on each camera :D
    I've barely seen any lens with...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 Review preview

    D7100 was out before, so price is down from release date.
    I would not take in account body price difference. You pay a SYSTEM camera. What is important is what you want to do in the future....

  • 18MP on 1/2.3" ?
    They probably didn't learned from their past experience when ppl reproched bad image quality on their FZ45/FZ100 14MP, and came back to 12MP
    May be, with technology upgrade, 14MP...

  • Thanks for those infos ! Here is the Canon hotshoe : Original "Ready" pin is sending some tension to the RF603c (and similar Wansen WS-603c i use ). When this pin is "live" on camera, 603c ...
  • Very nice noise handling ! Almost no chroma noise left...and i don't care about luminance one ;-) @other ppl : read that, and you will understand why ISO is not so ISO and why raw is not so raw. I ...
  • Commented on Am I missing something here? article

    Olympus and Panasonic don't make DSLR so selling m43 don't scare them :D
    I can add a lot of users who tried several brands of mirrorless found Canon and Nikon ones being less attractive, especially...

  • With the SAME sensor technology, yes.
    But it is not real world ;)
    Take an old m43 body and a new m43 body.
    Put the same lens on them, same aperture.
    They are exactly at the same "equivalent...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 Review preview

    A common (probably true, don't know) scheme is "in-lens" working better for long focals because there is more "margin" to correct shake.
    If you like Pentax prime lenses, you don't care.
    If you want...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 Review preview

    It is not 30 minutes transfert, it is 30 minutes shot with closed shutter ;)
    It takes a "black" frame just to get the noise pattern, and subtract it from the real image.
    Any modern camera do this...

  • Commented on Sony a6000 Review preview

    So i will try thanks ;)

  • Commented on Sony a6000 Review preview

    So i will try thanks ;)
    Even if on product photos, i don't see anything ground breaking :D

  • It is EQUIVALENT aperture ;)
    Stylus sensor is 1/1,7" only.And so get less "equivalent aperture" than a 1" sensor.
    It doesn't matter, apart "depth of field" wise. And it is clearly written in the...

  • @Dheorl
    Like calling RX10 "superzoom" whereas it is only 24-200mm and so 8x only, compared to some 60x ;)
    Camera makers are filling every "niche" market by blending lines.
    It is a superzoom..but...

  • Try to buy and carry a 400mm FF.
    We will talk later to your banker and your masso-kinesitherapist ;)

  • Sony responded to FZ200 f2.8 constant 600mm with a bigger 1" sensor f2.8 constant 200mm.
    And so Panasonic responded to Sony with a 1" up to 400mm...but without f2.8 constant :D
    Like when they...

  • On the other side, RX10 is 200mm only...and called superzoom by many because of form factor ;)
    Nikon P600 is 1440mm. That's what i call a superzoom :D

  • Actual innovation leaders are Panasonic, Olympus, Sony and Fuji.
    They created translucent mirror, new sensor tech, hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder and more.
    On the other side, Canikon are...

  • @ThePhilips
    Clearly. Noise pattern is identical. And noise level too in raw ;)
    That's why i avoid comparing JPEGs. Especially on Panasonic, because their default JPEG settings are always bad :D I...

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