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My Ratings: (#/5) --- I guess the system lost my recent update ;-(
Pentax K20D
Pentax *ist DS
Pentax LX
Pentax ZX-5

Pentax DA15 F/14 (5/5) *****
Pentax FA20-35/F4 (4/5) **** (my KIT lens ;-)
Pentax FA43 F/1.9 LTD (5/5) *****
Pentax DA70 F/2.4 LTD (4/5) ****
Pentax FA* 300 F/4.5 (5/5) *****
Pentax FA* 80-200/2.8 (4.9/5) ***** (it's very heavy ;-)
Pentax A* 200/4 Macro (6/5) ***** (simply the BEST)

with the LX: Pentax A 50/1.2 (5/5) *****

Other Lenses: (ALL are to be sold now)
Pentax FA28-70/F4 (3/5) works well with ZX-5
Pentax FA50 F/1.4 (4/5) ****
Pentax A-100 F/4 Macro (4/5) ****
Pentax A-400 F/5.6
Pentax M40 F/2.8 (3.5/5)
Tamron AF 1.4x

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  • Created discussion thread EM10-2 at $650
    Nice pricing Olympus. Has GX8 reached price reduction to the $800 range yet? ;-)
  • Replied in Olympus IBIS
    I'm also a long time Pentax user... and still have my LX ;-) I believe Fuji has better image quality... however.... On a vacation you want fast, no tripods, small... For vacations, I would go with ...
  • Commented on article Quick Review: PhotoKeeper

    This review very much smells like advertisement ;-(
    There are MANY other photo sharing/storage sites with much better interface and cheaper. None of them were included in the comparison chart. They...

  • Created discussion thread xpro1 2-lens bundle deal
    what do you guys think about this? http://www.photographybay.com/2015/07/20/fuji-x-pro1-2-lens-bundle-for-948-deal-alert/ xpro1 + 27 + 35 for $950
  • Replied in GF1
    I've had a GF1 fro 5 years. I love it. I also bought a GX1, but did not find the image quality to be better than GF1. (however, the newer generation sensors produce a much better image quality ...
  • Replied in EP-5 (n/t)
  • Replied in B&H and Amazon
    I always buy either from Amazon or B&H. Amazon is more convenient, with much faster delivery and no hassle returns. But they do charge tax for California residents.
  • Replied in Do you read?
    I don't give an added value because the camera was "launched" today. If it is in the market, then it should be compared head-to-head with it's current competition. In this case directly with the ...
  • You just "described" Olympus EM5ii, which is selling "now" for $750 ;-) AND, EM5ii has better IBIS, and a MUCH more useful function; IBIS works with any lens for video.
  • To me, GX8 is in EM5ii class. Panasonic's flagship camera is GH4. Have you ever held an EM1? The way the buttons are laid out, controls, wheels, tactile feel of the camera.... it's possibly the ...
  • Replied in Seriously?
    What I'm saying is when you introduce a camera at the HIGHEST end of price for the segment, it needs to be much better than the rest (EM5, EM1, GH4 WERE much better at their launch). In this case, ...
  • Replied in Yes
    My argument is that $1200 might be a fantastic price... in a vacuum, where there isn't any competition. However, today we also have these NEW cameras (* lower if you look around a bit); (1) EM10 - $600
  • Well ;-) I would argue the G7 is not worth $800 either. It's a $600 camera... in the world where the "new" GX7 and EM10 are $500 ! As for Video; I much prefer my ep5's "stabilized" HD video than ...
  • Because the GX7 was unique when it came out. It was SMALL, range-finder style, had built in EVF and IBIS... with great video. On the other hand the GX8 is not unique ... it has to compete with a ...
  • I agree. However, I think they should have priced it at under $1000 for a few early buyers, and then drop it down to $800 after a couple of months. The correct initial pricing has a huge advantage. ...
  • Replied in PM2
    Last year I bought the incredible bargain which was PM2... when newegg was practically giving them away. After less than a week, I returned it. I had expected this camera with much newer sensor ...
  • Replied in shutter shock
    yes indeed I think the EP5 is the BEST bargain among ALL m4/3rd bodies these day... if you can find one.
  • Well two years ago the EM1 was by far the best m4/3rd camera for stills. I believe it redefined the high end m4/3rd cameras, and it sold well. Today, the EM1 stills has some advantages over the ...
  • Amazon is selling it for $550. But i've seen on sale for less than $500
  • Are you gonna buy one? As I said, the GX8 looks like a great camera. But, is priced strategically wrong. Buyer groups for the m4/3rd cameras; (1) New Beginners (typically they buy the least expensive ...
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