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My Ratings: (#/5) --- I guess the system lost my recent update ;-(
Pentax K20D
Pentax *ist DS
Pentax LX
Pentax ZX-5

Pentax DA15 F/14 (5/5) *****
Pentax FA20-35/F4 (4/5) **** (my KIT lens ;-)
Pentax FA43 F/1.9 LTD (5/5) *****
Pentax DA70 F/2.4 LTD (4/5) ****
Pentax FA* 300 F/4.5 (5/5) *****
Pentax FA* 80-200/2.8 (4.9/5) ***** (it's very heavy ;-)
Pentax A* 200/4 Macro (6/5) ***** (simply the BEST)

with the LX: Pentax A 50/1.2 (5/5) *****

Other Lenses: (ALL are to be sold now)
Pentax FA28-70/F4 (3/5) works well with ZX-5
Pentax FA50 F/1.4 (4/5) ****
Pentax A-100 F/4 Macro (4/5) ****
Pentax A-400 F/5.6
Pentax M40 F/2.8 (3.5/5)
Tamron AF 1.4x

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  • Replied in GF1
    I totally understand and relate to your experience. I've stuck with the GF1 since 2009 ;-) GF1 with 20mm/1.7 - Hearst Castle
  • Replied in I'm puzzled
    I just don't get these arguments GRD is a GREAT camera.  GRD's lens was developed and matched to this body's style and sensor at 28mm-e, GRD is probably better than even any other APS-C camera One...
  • Replied in About noise...
    I don't believe your statement is correct. "Noise" is a function of technology (it's improved all the time), and DOF, Viewing Angle, Aperture opening are all Physical properties (they're always...
  • Hi, I'm also a long time Pentax user (more than 20 years), as well as m4/3 user in the last 5 years. I've been considering Fuji for a while as well. To put it in perspective, I bought a Fuji lens...
  • I'm also thinking about getting a new body. You can find XE-1 for as little as $350 on eBay.  Unfortunately, there are so many other options ;-) Ricoh GR, the Sigma Merrills, GX7, EM5, a6000 ... if...
  • Replied in Love mine
    GF1+20 combo has been my daily companion for over 4 years. Love it. As you said, the new software (Lightroom 5 in my case) does a heck of a better job with the GF1's raw files, than it did 4 years...
  • Sony License agreement: You will defend and hold SONY and Licensor harmless from against all liabilities, demands, damages, costs, expense and losses arising out of the use of the SONY SOFTWARE...
  • Commented on Olympus OM-D E-M10 Review preview

    Typo: Page 10, under "image stabilization" should say "E-M10"

  • From what I've read among your response, I would; Buy an entry level Canon / Nikon with a kit zoom (or maybe a double zoom kit) The reasons; Both Canon and Nikon have pretty good JPG...
  • I agree the 24-105L has a great utility and range... but it's hardly a great lens. When I had Canon stuff, I never even considered buying one. I shot with a friend's copy for a few days, the images...
  • Replied in backup
    I would imagine 12 & 45 could be all the lenses you'd need. However, I would take along a backup body. How about a Panny GM1+kit lens (12-32) as a backup for both body and lenses. .Sam.GF1+20+45...
  • Replied in Plan B option
    My first thought: 18 months travel... wow! You must be one lucky guy ;-) I guess you would like to save as much weight and space as possible. 12-40 has great range and is weather sealed. I think...
  • iPhoto to start. However, I would use Lightroom to catalog the images and do cropping and RAW conversions, as well as exposure corrections.  One of the best Apps (collection of Apps) is the "Nik...
  • Replied in Handheld
    I think hand-held nothing comes close to EM5/EM1. That in body stabilizer does wonders. It's like you're using a $3000 large stabilizer gear hooked up to a small camera. The codec is not the best,...
  • There IS indeed a difference. You're not crazy ;-) I think that's why the X100(s) is such a popular camera. Fuji has matched the lens to the sensor, something you can't do with an interchangeable...
  • Fuji 14/2.8 ($700), is wider and has much better IQ than Oly 12 Fuji 23/1.4 ($750), is much brighter and has better IQ than any 17mm m4/3 lens Fuji 35/1.4 ($450), is brighter than oly25, pany25,...
  • Replied in IS vs. tripod
    I would go with EM1 or EM5. The stabilization for video is amazing. You could get away with not using tripods for quick videos. I would say NOTHING else in the market even comes close to...
  • Replied in koken
    Have you seen Koken? http://koken.me/ It takes a little bit of web knowledge, but seems promising. And it's free for now.
  • I think it's now one of the best looking, and most desirable cameras in the market. Kudos to Fuji.

  • In my opinion, focusing these older lenses is much easier with an EVF, which the GM1 unfortunately is missing.
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