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My Ratings: (#/5) --- I guess the system lost my recent update ;-(
Pentax K20D
Pentax *ist DS
Pentax LX
Pentax ZX-5

Pentax DA15 F/14 (5/5) *****
Pentax FA20-35/F4 (4/5) **** (my KIT lens ;-)
Pentax FA43 F/1.9 LTD (5/5) *****
Pentax DA70 F/2.4 LTD (4/5) ****
Pentax FA* 300 F/4.5 (5/5) *****
Pentax FA* 80-200/2.8 (4.9/5) ***** (it's very heavy ;-)
Pentax A* 200/4 Macro (6/5) ***** (simply the BEST)

with the LX: Pentax A 50/1.2 (5/5) *****

Other Lenses: (ALL are to be sold now)
Pentax FA28-70/F4 (3/5) works well with ZX-5
Pentax FA50 F/1.4 (4/5) ****
Pentax A-100 F/4 Macro (4/5) ****
Pentax A-400 F/5.6
Pentax M40 F/2.8 (3.5/5)
Tamron AF 1.4x

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  • Replied in e-pm2
    Thanks for the link. I had not seen it. Shutter Shock was THE reason I sent my bargain E-PM2 back. Fantastic image quality, once it hit ... but more often than not the SS would show it's ugly head. ...
  • native m4/3 lenses are much better than your current lenses. You could just get started by buying the Panasonic 14-42 kit lens (around $100) to test the waters. A good cheap kit to get started ...
  • Replied in 20+45
    I guess no explanation is needed ;-)
  • I would also look at the Panasonic GX7 (around $620 new) as well as used EM5 for around $500. For the lenses I would suggest the following kit; Pany 14mm ~$150 Pany 20mm ~$330 (excellent IQ) Oly ...
  • Replied in GF-1 since 2009
    I've had my GF-1 since 2009... have tried many other cameras, none have been as good !!! There are other m4/3 cameras with better image quality, but IMO, no other camera has the almost perfect user ...
  • Indeed Fashion is an art of personal self-expression.... indeed some like it in Black&White, and others in Color... Bold colors You can comply to the strict dress code and still look good ;-) Have ...
  • I may have had a bad camera (copy). Either way, it was returned.
  • I think the shutter shock was a huge part of the equation. I tried to capture 4-5 images in a row for each scene, and consistently in 2-3 of them you could see shutter shock effects. Again, once ...
  • I had bought the e-pm2 from newegg's eBay promo... yes the bargain $200 price! Yet I returned it. I concluded the shutter shock could not be avoided. I turned off the IS, updated the firmware and ...
  • Replied in invest?
    Invest? buying digital cameras of any kind is always a bad financial investment ... period. I guess you could invest in your hobby (or profession) by purchasing a digital camera. Then timing ...
  • Most bodies are good enough theses days. Certainly these two are fine. You would have to make your decision based on what lenses you use and need, and their respective performance and price. Sony ...
  • Replied in He is too old
    I'm over 50 myself, but I think he's just too old to make a technology prediction ;-( (1) A camera fully dependent on another device is a DOA proposal
  • Replied in prints?
    IMO, the GH1's sensor is fine. Obviously the newer 16MP sensors have better dynamic range, and some what better resolution than GH1. HOWEVER, if you don't print anything bigger than 8x10, and ...
  • Replied in EPM2 or EPL5?
    I would go for the e-PL5 for up to $100 extra. The screen on these (16x9) are practically useless. The actual image is smaller than my 5-year old GF1, and very hard to see in sunlight. Hence, the ...
  • Created discussions tonight with E-PM2
    After I disabled the IS, and added the 1/8s shutter-shock thingie... it's usable ;-) E-PM2+20/1.7, Lightroom, Analog Efex Pro 2 (less than a couple of minutes of editing)
  • Replied in nothing is fixed
    I tried different cards, and the problem is still there. It can not be Lightroom either, since I've never seen this issue reported anywhere. I'm getting a couple of new cards to make sure it's not ...
  • I'm gonna try to get a replacement. We'll see how Egghead handles it.
  • Updated the FW to 1.2, I'm still getting these artifacts ;-(
  • Replied in Guy...
    Thanks. So far I've tested the e-pm2 against my old GF1 , and there is not much improvement ;-( Out of several hundred images taken of the same subjects with the same lenses (20/45/14-140), I see ...
  • Replied in Guy...
    I must thank you for the wonderful website you've created, and I tried to read most of it before the camera arrived. My main question after using the camera for a couple of days is... How to deal ...
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