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My Ratings: (#/5) --- I guess the system lost my recent update ;-(
Pentax K20D
Pentax *ist DS
Pentax LX
Pentax ZX-5

Pentax DA15 F/14 (5/5) *****
Pentax FA20-35/F4 (4/5) **** (my KIT lens ;-)
Pentax FA43 F/1.9 LTD (5/5) *****
Pentax DA70 F/2.4 LTD (4/5) ****
Pentax FA* 300 F/4.5 (5/5) *****
Pentax FA* 80-200/2.8 (4.9/5) ***** (it's very heavy ;-)
Pentax A* 200/4 Macro (6/5) ***** (simply the BEST)

with the LX: Pentax A 50/1.2 (5/5) *****

Other Lenses: (ALL are to be sold now)
Pentax FA28-70/F4 (3/5) works well with ZX-5
Pentax FA50 F/1.4 (4/5) ****
Pentax A-100 F/4 Macro (4/5) ****
Pentax A-400 F/5.6
Pentax M40 F/2.8 (3.5/5)
Tamron AF 1.4x

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  • Replied in Where?
    Three times? I hope mine doesn't break down since I don't have the warranty on it ;-) eBay is your friend. You can easily find them under $450 these days. I got luck and got it for under $400
  • Replied in E-P5
    I just bought a used E-P5, it's a bit bigger and much heavier for under $400 US I matched it with another bargain ;-) Panasonic 12-32 !!! about the same size as my Panasonic 20/1.7 The 12-32 is not ...
  • Created discussions Some love for the E-P5
    Received my bargain E-P5 a few days ago without the USB cable. Ordered a cable and received it today, and installed the FW 1.5 (Zero-Second shutter shock). The dynamic range and details are ...
  • Look for Henry's on eBay. They often auction off their display units with full warranty. They just auctioned off (I missed it) the E-p5 for US $425
  • Replied in What if?
    Yes, that's the question. What if in the first week of using your new camera you put a deep scratch on the LCD (in fact I did it to mine) ? First, you'll get angry with yourself for not being more ...
  • All the modern versions of Nikon crop sensor cameras have all you'd want based on your description. The major difference between Nikon and m4/3 is the size of the body and lenses. If you're OK with ...
  • If you don't need an EVF, then E-PL7 is the best in their line up.
  • Apple products in most cases have the highest quality compared to other brands in their segments. And, all (besides their latest desk top computer, mostly for marketing reasons) of Apple products ...
  • Great photos. I like how "thematic" presents these photo essays ;-)
  • Replied in Primer.
    hmmm... science? Have you tried it? ;-) Part of science is experimentation. You'd get the same exposure on both those lenses @F1.4 and @1/200s
  • Created discussions Panasonic OverKill
    I like Panasonic. GF1 has been my daily shooter for about 5 years now. I will probably buy the new LX100 in the next few months depending on the reviews. But the hired shills going overboard with ...
  • I have this spectacular Bridge for sale in Southern California. Forward me your information, and I'll make a great deal... just for you. [/satire]
  • Shutter Shock on PM2 renders it useless. Regardless of turning the IS On of Off. I had one of those $199 bargains, and returned it.

  • Replied in GF1
    I would strongly suggest Panasonic GF1 over the ep1. You could probably find it even cheaper.
  • get the em10+kit lens and the 40-150 (which is a great bargain for the quality you'd get). Many here have said the 14-42 kit lens is much better than the 12-50 kit that comes with the em5. Also you ...
  • I think the biggest difference is; electronic first curtain shutter Available on em-10, and not on em-5. Shutter-Shock is a problem with these light bodies. Olympus has in most cases cured the ...
  • I think this has been discussed before. It seems DXO, did indeed use different copies of the camera, and are standing by their numbers.
  • Replied in e-pm2
    Thanks for the link. I had not seen it. Shutter Shock was THE reason I sent my bargain E-PM2 back. Fantastic image quality, once it hit ... but more often than not the SS would show it's ugly head. ...
  • native m4/3 lenses are much better than your current lenses. You could just get started by buying the Panasonic 14-42 kit lens (around $100) to test the waters. A good cheap kit to get started ...
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