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I have the 25mm Nokton and LOVE it. It's my favourite lens.
This is equally appealing, though I'd really like to see some image samples first. The 25mm does have a fair amount of CA wide open, but man it pulls a lot of light in. I can shoot hand-held in near darkness at ISO 200.
I do wonder, though, if the 35mm EFL would be as appealing on a 2x crop sensor as on the larger ones. 35mm is normal on 1.6x and semi-wide on FF, but on a little MFT it's just a random number. Hmm...
And, to the people complaining about lack of AF, take a look at the rear of one of these lenses. There simply isn't room for electrical contacts around the enormous rear element.
As for the weight, so what if it weighs more than my camera body? Together they're still lighter than the average FF lens.

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