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mick232: You people seem to ignore a couple of things:

1. there is more than one workaround available (don't open TIF files from untrusted sources, scan TIF file with virus scanner)

2. fixing a bug in old software is more expensive by orders of magnitude than in upcoming or current software; even if the fix is a one-liner, the software has to be re-built, re-tested, re-released. Don't underestimate the effort needed for all these steps. These processes have to be re-run for the fix whereas with software currently being developed they run anyway.

That is why any software company will assess the severity of a bug. No company will fix any bug, even if it is a security issue. That's just how it is and all your rants are not going to change it.

Here in the UK there is a piece of legislation called the "sale of goods act" and it says goods must be fit for purpose!

If you buy a new car and it has problem with engine management system you wouldn't expect the dealer to say sorry mate you have to buy another car, would you?
It's time software companies got real and stop trying to force people to upgrade because they sold faulty goods!

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