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Wow, best sample shots I've seen on DPR from any camera/photographer. The tennis & wedding photos are crazy good.

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"All of these cameras offer considerably better image quality than conventional, small-sensor superzooms. So, although they can't boast >80x on the little metallic stickers they wear on camera store shelves, they still offer a degree of reach that will be suitable for a huge variety of shooting situations"

Why be hatin' on >80x metallic stickers? Stick to the specs.

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Dodge_Rock: There were only a handful of candidates to choose from and no option for a write-in. No love for the 1st fixed lens 2000mm camera, Nikon P900?

Well, thanks, I was obviously late to the party. :)

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There were only a handful of candidates to choose from and no option for a write-in. No love for the 1st fixed lens 2000mm camera, Nikon P900?

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Could be because I love the Seattle area, but these are some of the best image examples I've seen from any new camera, period. Thank you DPR for presenting these. It makes me want a GX8 bad.

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Samples look great - similar to fz200. Hopefully some images at the long end (600mm efl) will be presented next. F/4 must be the sweet spot for IQ, as that's what most of the samples indicate. The weather looked nice, was the camera ever subjected to any water, dust or sand, and if so, did the sealing work?

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TylerQ: So they updated the firmware on the Coolpix P900 and the camera isn't available anywhere but on Ebay at an inflated price? Just great!

Thank you DPreview for providing the P900 update link. Nikon's update was easy and only took a few minutes. Basically copy update file to a camera formatted disk, then insert in camera and select through menu/version. Update successful in about a minute on the camera.

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On article Big Zoom: Nikon Coolpix P900 real-world samples (162 comments in total)

I'm definitely impressed with the composition, subjects and overall presentation of the samples - great job DPreview! IQ is exactly what I expected from a mega-zoom camera. I've used Sony's high zooms for several years and IQ is similar for this type tool, which is completely acceptable given cost. Without the long zoom, many of these shots would be impossible to get. The only disappointment I've heard of so far is an occasional operational freeze-up, which battery removal/replacement fixes.
Overall, Nikon has set the zoom bar high with this one. Way to go Nikon!

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cgarrard: ZS50 is very nice on paper, its going to grab some attention. Panasonic clearly are starting to get the message and cleaning up some past mistakes. That is a camera that actually entices me.


ZS50 Looks to be everything you could ask for in a small package. Excellent EVF, LCD, high zoom, small size - perfect for sitting in the stands of a sporting event, concert, kids activities or traveling. So glad this product is being offered. Maybe others will follow providing some competition, because there is nothing else out there with these specs!

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Hey, wait a minute. It still has the small P&S 1/2.3 sensor. I already have one of those. Still, $399 is a good price.

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...and it shoots RAW. Wheeeeee!

Can't wait to try it out. Wouldn't it be something if the IQ of the new sensor turned out to be OK? Even in low light at the long end. Oooooh.

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Flikr is the bomb. Make it more awesomer by adding photo editor that's more awesomer than photshop and add rocket fuel to the uploader...
Flikr is an excellent photo sharing site. I'm still in my 1st year of subscription, have added thousands of photos, but the real benefit is viewing other's pics, getting ideas & learning about various cameras.

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Is it just me or do the sample images of auto portrait framing look washed out? Is this the best that could be produced for the preview?

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