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On 2015 Superzoom Camera Roundup article (159 comments in total)

No one has matched FZ200 f/2.8 lens yet. Don't forget it's bokeh. . And full pro characteristics..
Yes it's not 2015 and "only" 25-600eqmm. ..
can p900 do some long exposure at 400 or 800 ISO. . Others Pxxx can't. ..
coolpix are a bag of can'ts. .

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On Nikon D7200 Review preview (534 comments in total)

As a former D90 waiting for this release to upgrade. I studied the prices and boght a D610. :D

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On Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path article (1460 comments in total)
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Average User: Richard and others:
I like the article and also many of the comments. I think you were giving advice to relative new comers, to try to choose rather early, the system they want to go with, and then try to maximize that system.
You were saying that the upgrade path doesn't really work well in many cases because ff lenses aren't as good a choice for dx systems, as dx lenses, and visa versa. From an economic perspective, it is good advice.
But the commentary shows that the "upgrade path" is not nearly as linear as an orderly mind might conceive it. Rather it is more like a meandering path defined as we go along, by the unique specific needs and our "discoveries" as we learn. It's part of what makes phtography such a great hobby. There's just no end to what we can learn about how to get better. When I was trying to decide on direction, I finally put together two "idealized" packages: one ff and one dx. By way of example here they are

Yo can use tour Tokina 11-16 @ 16mm in a FF with no mechanical vignheting. Just like 11mm on Dx. So you wont need a new UW angle with a new FX.

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Phase focus, high quality EVF... why do mirrors still exists?

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On Leica unveils D-Lux 6 Silver Edition article (92 comments in total)
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Lee W: I have just replaced my Ford Mondeo badges with Bentley Continental one's. Maybe I have just quadrupled it's value...

Jajaja. Or buy the Volvo version of your ford.. the same as with cameras....

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