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OK, if they have long zooms it means folks will want to shoot sports with them. SO HOW IS THE AUTO FOCUS when shooting sports action?

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On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (810 comments in total)

Since video needs to be shot at a fairly slow shutter speed in order for it to be smooth, the big innovation will be HDR that allows two frames to taken at the same time. One at the typical 1/50th of a second and the second at an action stopping shutter speed ... with exposure compensation via ISO. The RED Epic/Dragon can do this with their HDX option, but typically you need to over expose the video file so you can get a decently exposed still file. Those cameras deliver fine files at 320 and 1,280 iso so this is workable but not ideal.

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User8687568425: My adventure at the Rollerderby in Connecticut....

Some nice moments ... but perhaps fill flash would help on some of those shots.

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So was this entirely shot on these cameras? Impressive if so! Ah ... never mind, read below ... but the Oly slo mo footage looked fine. But I doubt it was shot in 4K, since that would take an external recorder ... and just isn't necessary for web content.

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mpgxsvcd: Let me know when they start selling an interchangeable lens GoPro. It could have a water proof housing that the lenses attach to and the lenses themselves would be waterproof. That would be a really cool idea.

It's all about price and market. Is it worth it ...

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What's funny about this? It should be a ball ... :-)

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How many FPS ? Was such a joke renting a digital Hassy and getting 1 fps B&W live view ?!!!

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On X-Transformed? Fujifilm X30 Review article (328 comments in total)

I had the X-10 and 20 but instead of the 30 I jumped to the outstanding X-M1. I wonder why they didn't mention this obvious next step. Still very small but with their full size APS sensor. I feel pretty much covered with the 18 f2.0 and 18/55 zoom.

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On Rishi-DSC09722-11mm-F5.6 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

That is VERY GOOD !!!

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The iPhone6 optics are already pretty flat ... and impressive

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photonius: i just found the Kodak Wratten Carbon Neutral Density gel filters. Looking at their transmission curves that you find at Kodak, they seem indeed very color neutral, they also cut the IR, so indeed the magenta cast may be of the past.

And how expensive are they ? :-)

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We use rain-x to the same effect ... but nice having it "built-in"

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HowaboutRAW: Which Fuji body?

Would be interesting to see the differences between XTrans and Bayer.

Not many X-A1's out there. Anyone serious is using an X-Trans body

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On Starstruck: Adam Woodworth's nighttime photography article (60 comments in total)

Forgot to ask him about the Sony A7S. It would be amazing to see what he could do with it!

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On Video: Capturing nature with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II article (200 comments in total)

Finally ... stress testing. My biggest complaint of DP's reviews. Not enough AF testing, etc. under tough conditions

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On Consumer SLR Camera Roundup (2014) article (122 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: These round-up articles aren’t as helpful as Dpreview thought they would be. It really just looks like you said each one of the major DSLR makers needs to have one category that they win.

Please focus your effort on more video review/demonstrations like the one with the 7D MKII. That was great. I learned a lot from that.

It's for the folks that have a life and don't spend all of their time reading every review. :-)

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On Consumer SLR Camera Roundup (2014) article (122 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: How many different group reviews do we really need? Aren’t the individual reviews enough? What we really need is expert advice on how to get the most out of the cameras we do have or plan to buy. I think we all have enough information to determine what we want to buy. We just need some help figuring out how best to use it.

It's for the holiday buying spree ... get on top of these lists and people will just buy it for their "loved ones."

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Deardorff: We use FILM, not 'analog'. Get it right. You have never in your life gone into a store and bought a sheet of roll of analog for a camera. NEVER.

For a lot of new film users their world is defined by:

... which likes to use Analog. Perhaps not coincidentally they are also located in beautiful Vienna, Austria. If you ever have a chance, stop by one of their stores.

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Does anyone really buy these slow zooms?

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On Canon introduces new $78K 50-1000mm cine lens article (173 comments in total)

We use these lenses on motorcycle/ATV commercials. We also used one on Hanna Montana 3D. 1,000 mm coverage of her from across the arena.

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