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fatdeeman: No thanks, I'll stick to my chimping. Don't see the point in having a digital camera if you take away one of the most revolutionary features.

I didn't chimp with film cameras because I COULDN'T, not because I didn't want to. Is the focus right? Do I need exposure compensation? Did I manage to avoid shake if I'm working at the edge of handholdability? Unlike a professional, I couldn't afford to go through ten rolls of film so being able to inspect shots would have been a blessing.

Pros used to blast through multiple rolls of film and then choose out the best ones on a light panel which is really just a retroactive version of chimping.

As Stephen Johnson once wrote about chimping: "The implied pejorative is shocking to me. If there's any one thing that is revolutionary in the advance of photography represented by this digital age, it is the ability to inspect your work. Ignore such ridicule, and use the tools to their fullest

Pros use to have to shoot Polaroid test shots besides rushing the film to the lab before breaking down the set. Digital has democratized photography.

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They're going backwards, losing it, struggling. So many more exciting products out there. No more reason to use Leica's just to use their lenses ... if you must. I feel sorry for folks that have to buy those bodies. Makes them look a bit foolish. Their number one market is status conscious Japan and now China.

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Have you considered a smaller, lighter, more "stealthy" high end camera? Such as the Sony A7R mkII? Sony should GIVE you one to try. You deserve it! :-)

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makofoto: In comparison, what do the 4K video frame grabs look like, using a higher then usual, for video, shutter speed?

... good enough for "School" use as opposed to Pro magazine covers?

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In comparison, what do the 4K video frame grabs look like, using a higher then usual, for video, shutter speed?

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I would love to see a comparison between these cameras and the Pentax 645Z ...

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DGYu: The lens looks huge.

What part of 600 mm don't you get?! :-) My Nikon P900 is 24/2,000 mm! I use it mainly as a sporting scope:

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And this was in RAW ?!

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Long Zoom ... how about some Sports/Racing photos that stress tests the AF?

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AF up to 120 fps ... Hopefully not just 20

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Earth Art: So this filter only has a scale that goes from max to min? It would be more handy if it had some marking for different stops. Seems like using anything other than min and max settings would be a guessing game for calculating the exposure.

This is partially why I no longer recommend such high levels of ND filtering, at least for landscape work. It is often far better to use a less dense ND filter and take multiple exposures that can then be combined in Photoshop for a longer exposure effect. It is much easier to get the exposure correct and the color quality doesn't suffer as much.

? They can't be calibrated in stops. The amount of polarization depends on varying elements that aren't constant. 99.9% of shooters meter through their filters.

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justmeMN: Another award winning photographer who used a Canon camera. :-)

Technical information

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
Focal Length
24.0 mm

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On Connect post Monument is an intelligent personal photo storage device (19 comments in total)

But ... the idea is that one SHOULD also have off-site storage/protection

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WillWeaverRVA: Yeah, PhotoRumors hit the nail on the head with "another camera nobody asked for." Then again, I'm sure Panasonic is trying really hard to compete with Casio in the red-hot selfie camera market.

My friend's wives love the new smart phone cameras that have the Beautifying slider. Hint, it doesn't add Sharpening.

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Stephen McDonald: What such a camera really needs is an App that processes photos marked as "selfies", to make the subject appear beautiful, although still recognizable. Talk about a hot seller, this would be it.

? Did you not read the article

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I don't understand why it doesn't have a wider faster lens ... that auto
corrects for wide angle distortion on faces?

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In the movie industry we had drop-in Grad Filters for decades. Mainly for long telephotos. They tended to be ineffectual but hopefully this will work with wider lenses. Filters behind a lens will change the back focus by something like a third of it's thickness. This doesn't effect long lenses but definitely will effect wide lenses. It will be interesting to see how this issue of physics will be dealt with. The 30.5 mm internal Tiffen filters for my Cooke 18/100 T3.0 lens were ultra thin.

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noflashplease: What exactly is the point of a brilliant autofocus system without any adequate telephoto options? Sony needed glass and instead they concentrated on gimmicks and gizmos. The A6000 wasn't deficient in terms of autofocus performance. This big issue was always the limited and unimpressive selection of lenses. I can't imagine very many people shooting sports or wildlife with the corny powerzoom 16-50mm!

Or you could just go with FujiFilm and their small 70/200 2.8 equivalent

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Wick Smith: Was it a typo, or does footage after using the Studio look darker and duller than the original?

Only the footage shot in flat lighting looks less "capable."

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On article History Repeating: Olympus PEN-F Review (1093 comments in total)

If the FujiFilm X-M1 can have a APS sized sensor, why not this Olympus?

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