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On Samsung Galaxy S5 camera review post (82 comments in total)

Heidelberg ... excellent choice of locations! :-)

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On Getting off the ground: Cheap drones for photography article (140 comments in total)

Gh4 used for the aerials:

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What?! Mac's are often the choice for photographers. I've never had any problems uploading to my Macs. Macs come with Image Capture, located in the Utility Folder, under Applications that is a default downloading app.

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On Light Field Cameras - Focusing on the Future article (133 comments in total)

But the Galaxy 5s does something similar with probably better quality and you have it on your phone, not on their web site

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2222 comments in total)
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simon62: Nice little camera but what a waist! The camera body is actually made as if it was a prototype. And they are pround of this! I bet lenses are perfect but the fact that they have no optical or in-shutter stabilization tells me one thing: They can't make one! Shutter is reported to vibrate at around 1/3 of a second.(perhaps they too buy from Copal...) Japanese manufacturers are ages ahead

Some folks like a narrow waist, others like a little meat.

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2222 comments in total)
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Rage Joe: Hmm.

( and why were pretty much the same people who now praise the looks of this T telling how ugly the NEXs were?

The answer: A lot of sheep out there, without eyes )


@Rage When you go to the posh areas in Tokyo you pretty much only see high end German cars. The biggest Leica collectors are Japanese :-)

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On Fujifilm X-T1 Review preview (564 comments in total)
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mamiller: Intriguing camera, very retro-attractive. But 350 shots per battery charge is a show stopper for me. Why is dismal battery life not listed as a con in the review summary? No other camera classified as semi-pro has a rating of less than 750 shots per charge, to my knowledge -- most average even more shots than that.

? I don't get the problem of carrying an extra battery ?

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On Ricoh announces medium-format Pentax 645Z article (157 comments in total)
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RichRMA: This is not a sports camera. Time for Pentax to go mirror-less here.

But. but ... an EVF can be faster than a mirror. Losing the image because of mirror movement is too archaic to contemplate

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Esign: In the (real) heavy industry world where I spend my days, I can see many uses for this camera, in maintenance, safety, education, reporting, documentation, etc. I seem rugged enough, but it has to be proven. Industrial uses kill normal equipment within a day.

As an engineer you should know that the tiny sensor on these cameras can't compete with your Nikon. And you can't have a super fast lens on a camera like this when focus is fixed. At highspeed you need so much more light ... so ... light your subject. The new firmware for the 3+ offers some useful low light help

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Mister J: Go Pro has never let me down, but as with everything tech, if a new entrant is better/cheaper etc, then it'll be competition.

Can't say I like the colour though.

@ HowaboutRAW But color can make the camera stand out when one wants it to blend in. We use black GoPro housings to be stealthy. GoPro finally started to sell black ones.

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Dvlee: Surprisingly, the Panasonic website does not offer any specifications.

Digging around, I learned that it has a sealed battery, USB charger input; built in mic, there does not seem to be an input for external mic.

What I would like to know is the optical specifications; focal length, zoom range, minimum focus distance, close up magnification, zoom and focus controls. The specs given above only say; Ultra wide angle up to 160dgs.

Looking at the video, I found the movements a little disturbing. ;sudden moves, tilted horizons, etc. One would have to learn to move ones head like a videographer. Same applies to using a Go Pro on a helmet mount. At least with a head mount you can take multiple views, hands free, and then edit the transitions out. But keeping horizon straight is a crapshoot because it might be hard to look at the monitor with a 160dg FoV.

The real potential with this camera is being able to squeeze it into tight places where even a Go Pro would not fit.

Remember the GoPro offers three angles of view ... the Sony only two ... and GoPro has the free Cineform software for removing fisheye distortion

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anthony rayner: The main thing I'm interested in is the "jello effect" problems that the CMOS sensors have. During mountain biking I find the the "medium frequency" vibration causes significant jello waves in the background and the sky. The Gopro 2 and 3 are pretty sumilar in this regard. There are a few global shutter CMOS products starting to appear, and theoretically that will stop the issue, or maybe a higher resolution CCD sensor could be good, but these current non-global CMOS's are not very good. They seem to be getting better, and I presume that could be because they are increasing the scan it is possible that the Panasonic handles it better than the GoPro, but just not sure. You'd almost have to shoot them side by side on a mountain bike to know for sure. I looked at the promo and I didn't really see situations that created too much medium frequency vibration (skateboard was probably the closest)...Does anyone know how well this new camera handles the jello effect?

Remember to ALWAYS shoot at a higher frame rate when shooting motion ... 1080/60 ... on a 60 fps time line .... to reduce jello and skewing. Also try using an ND so you get a slower shutter speed ... with the higher frame rate ... so you get more smoothing motion blur.

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Cine Camera Updates from NAB:

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Consider how much storage and processing power you need for 4K :-(

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On Hands-on with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition article (209 comments in total)
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JakJenner: And if you put it underwater, it once again displays a focus problem similar to the 1 and 2 because of the new lens. And once again, third parties have to come up with fixes for this.

Early 3+'s had some focus issues ... which are fixable. ALMOST every minicam that I test has some focus/sharpness issues. GoPro is by far the best in quality control. GoPro User Forum has tons of info and tips

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On Hands-on with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition article (209 comments in total)

The new GoPro 3+ firmware update added a Sharpness setting along with other Pro adjustments:

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On Hands-on with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition article (209 comments in total)
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Shellbo6901: why don't they, and correct me if I'm wrong have a phone case that connects to the gopro? seeing as they have the app already, I'd think that would be the next step for case makers.

? Not sure what you mean ? You can connect to a smart phone over wifi ... but the 3 second delay is silly, and Wifi eats up a LOT of batter power. We typically use the mini HDMI out to set-up the camera. Used 17 on a Nissan commercial last week.

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mgblack74: So Panasonic comes out with a camera that does just about everything a GoPro does except they add a fragile cable that attaches to a Sony Walkman like device to strap to your arm. Or that necessitates 2 points of contact on any board sport. Or is not quad copter friendly at all. But hey, your aunt can film her hat making and your dad can get close ups of his carburetor like its 1983 again. Wicked.

Yeah, but who needs 4K. GoPro shoots all of their videos at 1080/60 ... if there is any motion. If you're doing establishing shots you can shoot at 4K 15 fps. We use 2.7K at 24 fps (GoPro 3+) for dialog with little motion.

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Sangster: It is entertaining watching the Japanese companies salivating at the GoPro's profit margins and trying to copy the success of GoPro.

Meanwhile the chinese have made a nice knock-off. For $125 ... great for kids. Built-in Monitor, HDR, Motion Detection trigger. But labels are backwards ... Tungsten and Daylight reversed. Under Sharpness, Soft and (unuseable) Sharpest are reversed. Manual is useless! Still trying to figure out Car Mode.

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Rbrt: Ultra wide angle lens may show a wide field of view but is not good for details like license plate numbers.

With a GoPro you just go to Narrow Angle of View

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