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Yup, Zeiss 8R for APS/Super35:

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On article Light L16 packs 16 cameras into a single portable body (385 comments in total)

This is going to be a BIG HIT ... on the iPhone8. Stand alone consumer cameras ... forget it. Well only at that high price, but how many of us will spend that when we already have our smartphones?

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MrTaikitso: Sony are superb at miniaturisation, but need to work on their ergonomics, the one reason I would not choose an RX-100 series and sadly got rid of my NEX. (A-6000 better, but not perfect.) On the RX-100 series, the controls are too small, there is no top right multi-use dial and the case is too slippery. Sony could learn from the Panasonic LX-100, which would be perfect it it had an articulating display.

The quest for the perfect compact continues!

^ You really should give it a try. Here are some pointers, from THE most famous chef:

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OzarkAggie: Sunny Seattle? Nothing like a bit of humor to spice up a camera review.

Weather has changed ... drought up there ... lots of fires

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joelakeland: Great images out of the 1" sensor. If I could only restrain myself from doing a deep dive into enlarged files the image quality is definitely good enough for some casual shooting forays.

I'd order one of these in a heartbeat if only it reached 400 while maintaining 2.8. Okay, I'd take 600mm at F4 even quicker. That said, the G3X seems so slow by comparison given its short commitment to 2.8 on the short end of the lens. Still, that 600mm plus in the vicinity image quality of RX10 II makes it even more attractive than this in some ways.

You show a complete lack of understanding of physics asking for those specs ?!

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Looking forward to samples showing the reduction of skewing due to the much faster sensor reading!

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rrccad: well i guess it's a better alternative than using lifepixel,etc - however with less filter options.

possibly still cheaper to get a used X-T1 and a conversion - but for a 400 USD price premium over a brand new X-T1, it's worth it if you are purchasing a X-T1 for the sole purpose of full spectrum / IR modification.

Since this is basically a full spectrum modification - so you still have to put a 720 / 820/950nm filter on the front to shoot traditional IR.

Why is it better then a converted camera?

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On article Fujifilm announces X-T1 IR for infrared photography (204 comments in total)
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Al Valentino: Fuji cameras are already the best for IR without needing conversion!!! I use a Hoya 72R screw on filter and shoot IR all the time, even handheld if there is plenty of light and using high ISO. This was impossible with my Nikons.

Also, the lens itself is important as many lenses are not IR friendly in that they have hot spots. The fuji 14 and 35mm primes are great, the long 55-200 zoom is also very good, the 18-55 zoom is poor. My favorite IR lens is the old Nikon 28mm f/3.5 on my Fuji XE1. I use a custom WB setting based on pointing the camera at something green,leaves, grass, then the Ir image pops beautifully in the viewfinder.

For the casual IR shooter using a Fuji system a Hoya filter is all you need. The only reason to invest in a dedicated camera or to convert your camera, is to shoot IR handheld since a dedicated/converted IR camera has a similar sensitivity to the near IR spectrum as normal cameras do for light, hence the ability to shoot handheld without maxing out the ISO.

No comparison, especially using a true IR filter. Your camera has an IR blocking filter in that is working against your IR passing filter. It's so much better to use a converted camera.

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CaMeRa QuEsT: Is there a special AF mode for IR focusing? Back in the film days one had to first manually focus on the subject and then move the focusing point to the IR dot on the lens. Would be terrific if it AF itself for IR. Also, how are UV and IR light going to be represented, as false colors or can one switch to B&W rendering?

? Digital AF works on making the image sharp/contrasty on the sensor. It has nothing to do with the wave length of the arriving image. It's actually using the formed image. The IR dot lens system was comparing visible to IR light rays.

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You don't seem to realize that the Arriflex Alexa digital movie camera used to shoot all of the Oscar nominated Best Picture and Best Cinematography awards for the past two years has less then 8 Meg's. When was the last time you blew up your photos to movie theater size?

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Review (1584 comments in total)

Hopefully DpR will do a test of the Black Magic Micro ...

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On article Shooting with the Canon PowerShot G3 X (322 comments in total)

THE test for a camera like this would be shooting school sports. THAT could be a big market for that zoom. Personally I want the Nikon P900 to use as a 83X spotting scope with video capability

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Rosember: Wit vs. total control - guess who is going to win.

Yeah for Wit!

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Why not just go with the new Sony RX100 mkII? How many really need the zoom range of the HX90V?! Does the AF and IS really work well enough at the long end to make it useable for shooting those racing cars, tennis/soccer players? (I really wish DPR would stress test these cameras with sports coverage!)

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RAW files ... Sony knows their market better then you. Sure I'd like my new car to be lower and have more HP but that company isn't dealing with that 1%.

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They must mean 1.6 cm to the front element to get 1:1 with that wide a lens!

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Where is the 240/480/960 resolution listed anywhere?

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Why isn't the 240/480/960 resolution listed anywhere ... like in the video specs?

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On article GoPro unveils Hero+ LCD with touchscreen display (42 comments in total)

The question is battery life ... with the monitor on. I've learned to frame up the camera without one. Take stills with it ... to learn the edges.

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OK, if they have long zooms it means folks will want to shoot sports with them. SO HOW IS THE AUTO FOCUS when shooting sports action?

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