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Nikon D800E - This a fun Camera
Nikon D4 This is a keeper
Nikon D3
Nikon D2X
Nikon F5
Fuji S2
Nikon N60
Nikon N65
Canon F2
Mamiya 645 Af and lenses
Mamiya RB 67

Nikon 851.8
Nikkor AF 28-300 5.6
Nikkor 14 2.8 ED
Nikkor AF-S 17-35 2.8 ED
Nikon 24-70 2.8 ED
Nikkor AF 50mm D 1.4
Nikkor AF 60mm D 2.8 Micro
Nikkor AF 24MM2.8
Nikkor AF2 8-80 5.6
Nikkor AF 75-240 5.6

Q Flash and batteries
SB 800,
SB 29
Alian Bees Studio Flashes and reflectors

Assorted Hoya filters
Manfrotto mono and tripods + heads.
Several 256meg CF Cards and 512mg, 1GB and 4GB cards

Sony point and Shoot
Sony Pro Video Camera


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Ktrphoto: These comments are so depressing. Doesn't anyone just go out and shoot with whatever they have? An old, sluggish, 6Mp DSLR, with a "mere" 10 stops of dynamic range and less-than-instant AF will, when used well, produce better images that most of the D800 examples I have seen on equipment review sites.

The problem for camera manufacturers is that for a few years now most digicams have been good enough for most purposes. So how are they to sell more equipment? Apparently by raising megapixel counts way beyond what most people need or can use, and by improving features that are already better than almost anyone needs.

But hey, I am not complaining. I expect to be able pick up some traded-in "obsolete" cameras that are still marvellous ... and at bargain-basement prices.

With that philosophy then we should all be still using our old 1MP cameras, I mean why not - who actually needs more than 1MP

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Occupy wedding photographers.

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snow14: WOW canon just made my dream camera with this baby,i have the money for it but i don't thing i can justify buying it or can I? I will be thinking so hard about it.
Thanks canon.

Added to the not enough pixel list

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